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Police smash car window of man on way home from C4 interview about police racism

Police smash car window of man on way home from C4 interview about police racism

7/4/2020 5:50:00 PM

Police smash car window of man on way home from C4 interview about police racism

Ryan Colaço had been driving home from interview and was wrongly accused of concealing drugs

In the original incident, in Northumberland Park, north London, at 11am on 23 May, Colaço said he was stopped after being “aggressively tailgated” by the Metropolitan police, with officers then running to his car and banging on his window. They later said they had been able to smell cannabis from his car.

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As he queried why he was being stopped, Colaço, 30, was forced into handcuffs, video footage shows. He agreed to leave his car and stood with officers who searched him, while others combed through his BMW and found nothing.“I’ve never in my life ever handled or taken any drug,” he said. “I felt like they were just trying to incriminate me. After the way I’ve been treated over the years, I don’t trust them. They stop you and then find a reason to justify their stop.”

Colaço, whose job involves helping to find locations for films, said he had been searched about 20 times, but did not have a criminal record. He faces the possibility of a court hearing for obstructing a drugs search after he was released under investigation after his arrest as a result of the second incident.

On 29 May, driving home from an interview with Channel 4 after his video of the first incident gained attention on social media, he was stopped again at about 4.30pm, near Cannon Street station in central London.As he questioned why City of London police officers wanted to search him, after they had alleged he was “dashing stuff up in his waistband”, footage shows his window was smashed in.

“There were two officers at first – within minutes I was surrounded,” he said. “It was a very intimidating situation. Clearly nothing was dashed in my waistband. My safety was not taken into consideration when they broke that window. I told him I would come out, but just didn’t want to be put in handcuffs.”

Officers hauled him from his car and forced him to the ground, hitting his head against the floor before he was thrown face-first against a wall, Colaço said, causing him severe headaches. He was handcuffed, drug-tested, taken to the station and strip-searched before spending hours in a cell before being released about 12 hours later, with nothing having been found.

He had to walk a mile at about 5am to retrieve his car, which had been impounded. During the walk, he was approached by officers in a vehicle who pulled over to ask why he was out and about. Colaço then had to wait till 9.30am to be given his car.

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“When the officer drove my car out, I saw there was still glass everywhere,” he said. “I had my head in my hands. They said they won’t clean the glass or pay for the window and my car was trashed too. The fact this all happened as I was coming back from an interview about getting stopped: you couldn’t make it up.”

He eventually drove home and visited Queens hospital in Romford the next day before making complaints to both forces and the police watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct. He said he felt like he was not treated with humanity and that he has since experienced severe paranoia while driving.

“As far as I’m concerned, criminal damage and assault happened to me on that day,” he said. “It was a very traumatic experience and I think about it every single day.”An IOPC spokesperson said: “We are independently investigating an incident following a voluntary referral received on 18 June 2020 from the Met where a man was stopped and searched in his car by MPS officers on 23 May 2020.

“This referral is linked to one we received on 22 June 2020 from City of London police following an incident on 29 May 2020 during which police officers stopped and searched the same man in his car. The referral has been returned to City of London police to investigate.”

Treena Fleming, a Met commander, said: “We expect to be highly scrutinised and if anybody is concerned about a stop-and-search then I want them to come forward and report it to us. I am listening to, and engaging with, members of the community, particularly our young people, to understand the impact that stop-and-search has, so I can help ensure our tactics are respectfully and appropriately used.”

A spokesperson for City of London police said: “On Friday 29 May 2020, at approximately 4.30pm on Cannon Street in the City of London, a man, 30, was arrested for obstructing/resisting a constable in the execution of their duty, after he failed to comply with directions from officers regarding a drugs search. He has since been released under investigation.”

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A policeman needs reasonable grounds for believing, not merely suspecting that at that material time there had been drugs on the person or in the car. Another bleater more interested in filming then doing as he is asked. Tough. Own it. WYP_LeedsNW every time I put this video on twitter it is deleted i wonder if it's because the complaints are about the police driving past two lads which 5mins later rob a car in Horsforth Broadway ring road 1-25am If these was BLACK would have stopped

Cops done their job I met he not we. So instead of coorperating with the police he locked the door and switched on his camera, what was the police supposed to do? Act guilty get treated as guilty. Meanwhile also yesterday 2,000 blacks broke into homes, raped more white girls and murdered several people leaving their bodies in the streets. No interviews of the victims were done by any propaganda media outlets.

This ia clickbait. If he had complied he would have been on his way home in two minutes. I have watched the heavily edited video, interspersed with commentary, on YouTube. If you drive suspiciously, the police have the right to stop you. If you comply you will be on your way home This is very scary. The guy could have been blinded by flying glass. Didn't Cressida Dick introduce 'objective policing' ? Is there an IQ minimum for police?

This is inexcusable! standuptoracism accountability racist No one cares he shouldnt be in england in the first place He must be black. If he was a white man you wouldn't report on it. Oh I see London has a police problem also towards Black people. Help Eugenia Who Lost Mom To Cancer Pay School Fee Whenever didn’t he just get out and let them search the car He makes himself look guilty

Rotherham Report. quelle surprise... Didnt bother watching it, but I'm sure he wasnt co operative and offences were present leading to the officers using force. Usual story. fuck the police FuckSirens Man, you just can’t make this shit up! He's my local dealer, lovely fella. Where am I going to get my crack from now?!

The same has happened to me iv had my car windows smashed by the police iv been held without charge by the police iv been handcuffed and spread out across the bonnet of my car by the police iv been arrested and charged for something iv not done and im white Why? Ironic. Appears that this story will be publicized differently due to his speaking out. One good thing in a sea of frustrating stories. BLM

Black Lives Matter Yeah police smash windows for no reason right? Happens all the time, you’re just sitting there minding your own business and bam they break your window. Why does the media assume everyone is stupid? Maybe next time when they ask him to roll his window down he rolls it all the way down. And maybe next time when they asked for his ID he decides not to be a smart a**.

Someone please protect him. 'Resisting arrest' and how to act after a Police officer puts you under arrest. Guess that wasn't mentioned anywhere in that meeting. Deal with it if you have done nothing wrong metpoliceuk release body & dash cam footage. If he wants to drive the wrong way down a one way street who are these “nazis” to stop him. I am sick of the police trying to enforce the law.

Well that rather proves the point, eh?! Kh9syl This is old. Fix up C4. Very low here Seems deliberate. Effin unreal!! Look the police are employed to protect people. And that is appreciated. But there are certain policemen all over UK who are corrupt/racist. I was beat up as a 16 year old by police!! metpoliceuk

He did rig his car up with cameras properly to capyyre tge whoke incident but who has a driver facing camera in their car right now? You’re getting boring with your anti police pro hate stories. Have you got anything on Brexit for a change 💤 Ryan_Colaco in a perverse way you can be thankful this wasn't in America. Otherwise you may very well be dead Still can't get over why he smashed your window like that. Absolutely disgraceful and disproportionate use of force Lack of emotional intelligence shown is staggering

Resisting Arrest Vietnam & Cambodia will get my tourism dollars over England. I am sick of this sh1t, this guy would have got out of his car peacefully if the cops weren't being so intimidating & hostile. And for what, a f'ing smell? This is precisely why the police are getting flack, I am white however they have given me similar treatment. Tired of it!

We need always peaceful prevention only policing that will fail safe allowing crime never false enforcing ending all courts & encarceratories for big savings to use to prevent crimes only like paying recompense with them that stops charges. All violent policing will end also. My plan is savings to our nation by the stop of the lost value caused by labels given by the judicial branch. Always peaceful prevention only policing will greatly grow the wealth of our nation instead of having great loss where all labelled are worth ~60% less over their lives.

Politicians not acknowledging by changing for what happens in the community around them like on social media like my comments & replies resolving old debates like government never causing suffering & prevention only policing are like automation on agenda breaking oath of office. Really horrible Law enforcement is NOT racist, the media is! It does not serve police officers well to be racist & it will end their career! Stop listening to the liberal media & liberal social media like Twitter

Am I the only one smelling bullshit on this story. It looks so staged both the police and the actor. You don't act that way. They are not there to take your order. And.....? The Guardian and C4 news......Enough said! The motives of the left swinging media laid bare. metpoliceuk showing their true colours. Absolute scum.

Did they find any drugs? Why is everyone crying about p01IcE bRUtAlItY....we can literally see the little scrote disobeying orders for over a minute. Try doing as your told Must be that Cannabis air freshener in his car This is racial harassment by British Police it’s not ok. It’s not ok. EnoughIsEnough BlackLivesMatter

Ryan couldn't believe his luck. Filmed it as well. Many of us have been involved with the law but if it suits to call em institutionally racist, whatever rocks your boat. Should have done what the American lad said; just cooperate and go along with it not invite them to mistrust PlymouthChaz Channel 4. Say no more. Would you put it past them to set this up, put a call in to the police when he left the recording? Nah, me neither.

This guy is a baiter DefundThePolice defund the police. The institution meets the standard (what we would call in economics) 'moral hazard' Perhaps he should have just got out of the car, as instructed, he could have taken the officers collar numbers and made a formal complaint when he got home. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Instead, only shows half (if that) of the story with the heavily edited footage.

Blackman in a BMW. That is all the police needed to harass him. That BMW is why they claimed drugs. Because they think a Blackman can't afford one unless he is selling. He will co tinge to get harassed. This seems newsworthy. You just can’t make shit like this up 🤷🏽‍♀️ Lets hope when all the hysterical surmisers have finished analysing this story we actually get the facts. I'm sick of reading weaponised politicised skewed versions of the WHOLE truth. If the police are out of order 'bang them up'. Let courts prosecute cases ..not the press!

Right its always the cops fault this is how they end up blacklivesmurder Police do what they have to do when people are stopped and questioned This is no coincidence. The police have a vendetta against him 👀 CopsAreTheBest 🤬🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Fuck so americans cant even use london cops as an example of good police work. Fuck.

So he wanted to have court on the side of the road instead of just listening to basic instructions? Yeah, that’s on him. Police did nothing wrong. The fucking irony. Oh word? I thought English cops were better? I guess they’re just as corrupt as ours Stop doing it to yourself. Diversity is so cool and fun believers.

Wrong on all levels. Get a fucking search warrant, asshole. SOME police really think the badge gives them a get out of jail free card. This has to stop!! There are no ‘good apples’. All police fall into 2 categories: crooked cops and cops who turn a blind eye to crooked cops. The police forces in the United States and England are nothing but criminal syndicates with badges. Fuck every single one of them.

So a black man driving a BMW is probable cause in London as well? What else is new, this country is known for being trash now So much for my image of the Brit cops as cheery chaps armed only with nightsticks. Cop culture is a global menace everywhere now. Well what does he expect will happen when he refuses to get out of his car. Moron.

Sure there is more to the story. Did you hear about the black guy that ran over that white protester girl? Tragic Police are all the same. You disobey them, they enact violence. That's all they truly are created to do. The particulars of whether you have to obey them or not are completely irrelevant. They are there to use overwhelming force to make you comply.

HoldLawEnforcementAccountable Demand legislation to hold law enforcement accountable. It’s time for real Justice for all. They totally proved his point. PoliceBrutalityPandemic BLM So, just bc he was on his way from an interview w the fake media, doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong before then. This is just more race baiting! Trump 2020 bishes!!

Think the cops just updated his interview for him!!! 'What officers DIDNT know' PLEASE, obviously they were well aware, and this is just another instance of police retaliation on citizens and journalists. POUND SALT Fascism worldwide. Dark times. Stay sane friends/artists. WTF WHY IS THIS HEADLINE “cops smash window” when i just watched a Black man ripped from the car & thrown to the ground? u downplayed cop violence on Black men by focusing ur attention on cops breaking the car window the Black man owns. ur internal racism shows .

Im almost 100 percent certain that this is not how it happened and it was written for their narrative I have an idea, how about we make this go viral: ExecuteThePolice I say police should be sitting in their police station just like the fire department whenever someone need them then they can come out

At least this happened in the UK because cops there can't use guns often (Not sure how law enforcement is done there). In the U.S., he would've been gunned down without a 2nd thought You don't see the fire department patrolling neighborhood looking for fires do you Nor do you see ambulances patrolling and looking for people that are hurt

thus proving his point ACAB You know UK, you don't have to try and keep up with us Americans. We're doing a pretty good job of screwing things up without you joining in. The toughest part of being black in this country Is finding 100 different ways to avoid being wet in the rain When the forecast is prone to a deluge. Rudel Simon - Poet

This young man had just given an interview about police racism. Driving home he’s stopped again. He’d done nothing worthy of the police behavior. Racism shouldn’t even be on our minds by now. There’s no place for it, no excuse. It should be one strike out, for all police. Only in trumps America Doesn't have to be racist. Abuse of authority/power/position, people are tired of LE treating everyone as a criminal, violating civil/constitutional rights, assaults

another example of 'protecting and serving' Be nice if they made it clear in the headline this happened in England. Once again the media are playing games. Not our country or business Sissy pfanderson 'See what I mean!?' If this is true then it is a horrible miscarriage of justice. But this is not indicative of most police public interactions.

THE POLICE ARE OUT 2 KILL A BLACK MAN ! 💯 THEY ARE HAVING A HARD TIME FINDING THE RIGHT BLACK MAN IC3 2 KILL 💯 mrjamesob please we need you to shine further spotlight on this It doesn’t even have a codified constitution. It’s definitely racist. Why is England still on earth? It's time to retaliate against these racists cops. Show up at their residences and prove to them they will not be safe anywhere anymore

Hell yeah. England is a bunch of white privileged racist. Burn the entire country down. It was built on the back of slaves. I thought racism only existed in the USA 🇺🇸!!! 😂😂😂. You just keep stirring the pot. The world is waking up to this entire “racism” plot. Cameras are rolling and it's still happening.

Nicely edited video, for anyone who hasn’t seen the whole video, just know the numpty earnt it IOPC_Help MetCC metpoliceuk mr Basu, yet another one of your officers victimising an innocent black man. Please investigate I’m ex cop and that little bit of filming concerns me. We weren’t trained to baton the glass like that

Life is a lot easier if you cooperate with the police, and don’t make their hard job harder. The police do a great job and there are people just looking for publicity. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 the police person doing that should be arrested and charged. That poor man in the car. I can’t believe he had to go through that

Wow must be American cops Blah blah blah 😑 'obstructing a drug search' What The Fuck? Cops are that quick to charge you for obstruction there? It's not like he ate the drugs (tampering with evidence). Over it. Move on Cosmic_Twins to serve and protect their political agenda--- the police see a different reality than the blue collar one they swore to uphold.....you're not special....you are paid to protect....do your fucking jobs or resign

Just for context.. What were the lockdown rules about travel at the time? We need to talk about police brutality. In India especially, police are behaving like Thugs and goons. They torture people and if they die, they try to charge the dead Victims with false charges. Recently, after they killed a father and son, somewhat whole nation is condemning.

The irony huh Weird. I thought only America was racist. Good old fashioned American racism.. Trumps America. 🤷‍♂️😂 Most cops are bullies, I guess you need this to survive out there; Just be sure you don’t bully the wrong person or persons Hes suing right!? He better smh Did he resist arrest? Cause that would make sense why what happened, happened.

A kid was punched in the face but no one seems to be talking about that, fuck The next generation I guess. ACAB Great Great Britain brought slavery to America and since most of us Americans descend from Great Britain is it any Wonder we have the same issues with racism? Who cares? Perhaps just produce your driving licence and insurance, as the law requires ? Or provide name and address ? Otherwise that gives police reasonable grounds to suspect further offences ? It’s not rocket science... it’s really not !!

And in true weak AF English cop style it took dude like three tries to bust the window! FOH. 🤦‍♂️ Hardly tearing down history is it. 🙄 The police had reasonable cause if he was fiddling around with stuff, at that point they can detain him to search him/his car. He decided to start negotiations, louder voice and arguing. This is not racism, this is not following orders, resisting and what do you expect?

😲 ACAB You couldn't make this up 🤷🏽‍♂️ Why would the police keep assuming that this man is concealing drugs? Do they think all Black people take drugs? Carry drugs? Sell drugs? If they have never found anything during previous searches, why do they keep stopping him? Seems suspect. All he had to do is comply and it wouldn't have happened

FakeNews G really thought he’d get away with It😂. Sad shit tho The police being knobs has nothing to do with racism but your incessant posting and twisting of things to fabricate racism certainly is both racist and racial supremacist... just not on the side you want to portray. Would you mind actually interviewing some white people? No?

The police should be arrested and charged with malious damage to property and discharged immediately. Bloody 'ell m8 That was horrible!😳🙄☹😕🤯😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 When anyone says racism isn't prevalent in the UK or its police forces I'll show them this. Listen! Obey the rules, don't get cocky, don't state 'your' rules, and all will be fine. Educate yourself...

He must have given them cause to do so. Probably a bad egg. At no point in that article do you point out that there are about 20 different edit cuts in that video. Yes the video looks bad, but without all the original footage it is impossible to judge this objectively. At no point in that article do you point out there are about 20 different edit cuts in that video or explain why the police get so frustrated with the guy. Yes the video looks bad, but without all the original footage it is impossible to judge this objectively.

🤡🤡🙄🙄 More guardian race baiting anti police articles ScumMedia Imagine if broken glass had flown into the guy's eyes. I call that case and point. According to telekinetica he shouldn’t have been driving thru that area. How ironic Wow! So the white supremecists have infiltrated police departments around the world.

Pretty funny 😂 I’d sue until I had all of their pensions. Sending him a message huh? Super bad luck from this fella Ya can't make this stuff up! 😒 Hmm where are all the stories of ''protesters/thugs' who smashed out windows of people's cars or attacked innocents? I know that not really all cops are bastards, but the bastards are really coming out of the woodwork.

Funny how many racist apologists have chimed in on this tweet. 'there are thugs recording' so people filming what they claim is a 'normal and lawful reaction' are now considered thugs... Some people just have that ora about em. Wait. They pulled him over because they could smell weed from within his car while they were tailgating him?

metpoliceuk y’all need to calm the hell down or your going to have a George Floyd scenario on your hands. You want that? NO. So calm your god damn egos down. Assholes That can turn people. Im listening British Police to their American counter-parts Yawn national news? ain't that a b🤐 This is something you'd usually see on The Onion.

Yawn. The police are so dumb. Gotta love how the investigation into the police brutality is being conducted by the same department who perpetrated the original crime 😔😂🤦‍♂️ Police love abusing their nonexistent powers. This man was harassed yesterday then punched in the face. All police forces are the same. Here there cover up things more noncey coppers lying with custody records and palming things off with a local resolution

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this guy wasn't cooperating... Too much of this is happening. It upsets me very much. 😳 When is all of this idiocy going to stop Disgraceful behaviour. These officers should definitely go to jail and be stripped of their job titles and get a fucking criminal record. They should also pay compensation and a fine on top. No excuses for this behaviour. Pissed off to see this.

Next he’ll end up dead like the Ferguson activists that were MURDERED. The sad fact is that the world over the police have got too big for their boots. They have forgotten who they serve. Who can save us? 👇 'But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, ☝️Jesus Christ died for us.' Trust in JESUS is our Savior and JESUS= real GOD= our Healer 💖🥰💖❤💜💖💜💖💜💜💜

What a liberty they should lose there jobs bang out of order .what now comes the lie....spot it stop it. If the officers targeted him specifically because of his interview and public persona, then these cases might have something in common: Why not just get out and do what the police ask you? Isnt that the clip where he refuses to exit the vehicle? It doesnt matter if you are black, white, asian or a martian, if a cop asks you to exit your vehicle then you exit the damn vehicle or they will smash your window in, i dont support racism but just get out the vehicle

help the police, beat yourself up, Chair of the police is very clever, they said it is crystal that people who drink do not know how to social distance. rini6 This all seems to be very one-sided.. That's what happens when you refuse to cooperate with Police! The Scumbag was trying to cause a scene for his silly phone and ignored orders from police to get out of the car!

This is the definition of police harassment. They thought he hid drugs in hus waistband so thst justifies smashing his car window, throwing him to the ground No, it doesnt. You just ask the person to get out of car and pat them down. Thats it!!! Nice to see its not just AmeriKKKa experiencing police brutality! But its also sad to see the problem is world wide. END THE WAR ON DRUGS!!! DEFUND THE POLICE AND IMPLEMENT ALTERNATIVES TO TERRORISTS WITH BADGES AND GUNS!!!

I hope we more of this man’s story. Gee, and we wonder why the Prince left England with his interracial wife and newborn. RehamKhan1 The irony All you fucksticks keep going. The BLM are about black supremacy. They are not interested in equality. The whites with liberal values won’t be spared when they come for you. People are so brainwashed they can’t or don’t want to see this.

Like America, implicit approval of racism starts at the top. Trump’s let it be known he approves the hate of POC so people let their racism flags fly. Same with UK. When the Monarchy did squat about the racist terrorizing of Meghan Markle, they signaled their approval of racism LivingColour Guess they watched it.

A similar thing just happened in Madison, WI, USA, for police defunding protesters arrested on trumped up charges. I guess goons will always prove themselves when their identity is threatened. He could have just opened the door instead of acting like the over entitled little gobshite he is... So defund the police and see what happens.

Great job at proving him right, dirty pigs. All my dealers for the last 17 years have all been black guys and they have mostly driven BMW’s... damn accurate stereotypes. 😭 And people wonder why ACAB is painted on walls. It’s a pathetic shame. And again institutionalracism So, when UK cops demand you get out of the car, they really, really mean it too? Shocking! 😲 (Also, I'm sure it was just a coincidence that TWO cameras were going, and yet neither caught the start of the reason, right?)

I'm sure there's quite a bit more to this story. Who cares it happens in England ACAB You are twice as likely to die in US police custody than in other Western democracies. Stop demonising the police FTP (((Staged))) by the Jews. Why can bleeps not just listen to the police and do as they ask? The British are super good at irony.

This is their secularism and they teach others how to treat every body racistengland You couldn't make this up... Bullshit they didn't know Who cares Cops did it... Every one of these incidents is the same: the police can't find anything that stands up their reason for the stop, so the 'crime' becomes resisting the police.

ashishchauhan Why National Peroxide (500298 bse) is in 'x' group since long and T. O. charges is sooo high Perhaps this is simply the most effective way cops can get vacation time (read: paid administrative leave)? Nah, F that. This is just the same old racism that has been happening since there’s been...cops.

I wish white dickheads would stop going 'oh well *akshuwally* the cops might have had a good reason to behave like racist gangsters wE dOnT kNoW tHe FuLl StOrY' 🙄 Untrue 'Racist police killings' story of BlackLivesMatter casts doubt on everything. Are we living in a web of ideology? these l o w l y POLICE persons probably N O T SHARING the attitude of:

paullewismoney He blocked the road, why ? And all that nonsense: I won't be handcuffed ...... I need to be told Seem like a set up, the bad acting and high-pitched voice !! Reminds of the lyrics from verse 3 of Bob Dylan's Hurricane 1975 'In Paterson that's just the way things go If you're black you might as well not show up on the street 'Less you want to draw the heat'. The status quo remains the same 😢

olive_lewin This shows how serious the problem of racism in society is, he had just completed an interview about the subject only to encounter it again! The guardian wouldn’t have an agenda in relation to this topic whatsoever, paullewismoney The car should be repaired and compensation paid by Metpolice. Period.

A black guy driving a BMW at night through London is, sadly, almost bound to be stopped by the Met! Stephen Lawrence’s brother ,who was a teacher and drove a powerful car, was always being pulled over too.... Just keep stirring it up. What, do we have to keep listening to this until November. No thanks.

paullewismoney Grauniad is a rag paullewismoney The question is really should there be a trial before arrest? Perhaps people should be convicted before they are arrested. And if people protest and do not comply with police they should be left to go about their business. We could trial this in London to see how it works.

Disgraceful behaviour from the police. Imagine, if he wasnt here it would never have happened :O Trials by media saves money and time. Couldn’t make it up, The complaints system will clear him. System is a joke Come on, this is the Guardian, we all know this story is fake. And people are surprised the police are losing the trust of much of the population

jamesdoleman Scumbags nothing more..... nothing less. FFS. Again and again... and yet people still think this is only a problem in the States. Crazy people in the society with uniform should be arrested...The cop deserve to serve her time in jail.. I read the article prior to watching the video. Fuck me that video is truly shocking.

YES. We have racist brutal idiotic cops in the UK also. Dutty. Dutty. Babylon. Until this minority of police who can't see a black person driving a decent car without thinking criminal are reported and damages paid out this will continue. Every encounter like this needs to be filmed & the world shown the reality of racism.

Im. gyk. Hv lot flat murder with ELTE intlaw. Change these and some has null Ft flat take away. Fehervari street 125-157. 1 the video is edited so is not a true record of the incident 2 the officers say they saw him doing something suspicious and he says he was messing with his phone. 3 they repeatedly ask him to exit the car for a search and he refuses 4 if you refuse to get out the window goes in

The police are the real criminals. Softly Softly. Is there a single white man who would voluntarily change places with a black man? I can’t imagine being the target of such physical harassment on an almost weekly basis. And white people wonder why many black people are angry and resentful. Who wouldn’t be? It’s outrageous.

Truly disgraceful!! Truly truly disgraceful. This is deeply worrying. Edited video.guy refused to get out of the car after about 50 warnings about what would happen. A white person would of said hello officer and got out. Black gets their phones on record and wait for the magic to happen by stalling at every opportunity.

Trouble is everyone wants money and feel social media is the way to get some. Idiots with no knowledge of policing commenting on here as per usual following for the guardian's race baiting divisive gutter journalism as per usual. And so You would think that there is enough actual crime happening that the police don’t need to make up reasons to harass law abiding citizens. policebrutalitymustend

Up until they broke the window the officers appeared to be acting fine. Whoever the officer was who smashed the window, they need to explain why - and not just to the driver, people like me need to understand why the sudden escalation. This only the tip of the iceberg because everyone has a camera to record this abuse. It must end!

This nonsense should be stopped! I’m an ex police officer and this doesn’t make nice viewing. I really really really want to believe the police are just doing their job. But every day with incidents like this... You can see they're not. Something needs to change. Guardian caught supporting anti-white race theorists:

simonmaginn Waiting for him no doubt. But who gave the orders? Will racism ever end? They Are Sick. . . . . . . . And The Govt Still Give Them Uniform To Hide Their Sickness. . . . . . Why? Because The Govt Is Sick Too. . . . . . This is the guardian comic, they`re full of lies. Our latest study analyzes the issue of police reform across the political spectrum! Take a look here:

Florida police officers laugh and brag on video about shooting rubber bullets at protesters'Although the language is extreme, and offensive to some, our officers were dealing with the chaos of a developing situation' 😂😂😂😂 more rubber bullets, please. Never ceases to amaze me how cruel and terrible people can be.

Sick moment man spits blood in police officer's eye as she arrests himTemisan Oritsejafor, 41, launched the spit attack on PC Annie Napier as she arrested him for assaulting a neighbour. And why was his mouth all busted? Then were not allow to say anything rasist even if they deserve it! Gotto be jail time

How America's broken autopsy system can mask police violenceA focus on health conditions rather than officers’ actions tells a misleading tale – and in many areas, coroners need no medical training And you can get the same coroner doing the supposed autopsy for both Epstein and George Floyd...hhhhhmmm not suspicious at all. Not America. Only the United States. Remember, there is no such a thing as a country named America. America is a continent, 35 countries, over 980 million people. The United States is just one of those countries. Keep the narrative going that police are bad ! Wow , how despicably sad on your choice of articles !

San Francisco police stop releasing mugshots to prevent racial bias‘Those booked on suspicion of a crime are nonetheless presumed innocent of it,’ says chief William Scott Yea, that will work Absolute nonsense & completely counterintuitive. The media are for protecting criminals. ' You reap what you sow' Think more carefully before you write a headline.

South Korean police apologise for botched serial killer investigationLee Chun-jae, 57, raped and killed women in rural parts of Hwaseong, south of Seoul, over a five-year period from 1986.

Director Kenny Ortega says ‘crooked police officer’ once planted drugs in his hotel room‘I nearly had my life taken away from me when I was 21 years old’