Police probed after black woman punched during arrest

Police probed after black woman punched during arrest

11/24/2020 8:03:00 AM

Police probed after black woman punched during arrest

Eight Met officers are investigated over claims of excessive use of force against a black woman in custody.

'Janet' was pinned to the ground and punched when she was arrested in May.Eight officers are under investigation after a black woman was pinned to the ground and punched during an arrest, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.The woman has told the BBC she feared for her life, and says police subjected her to further violence in custody.

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Two of the officers under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) have been placed on restricted duties.Details into the probe have been made public after a Newsnight investigation.Mobile phone footage of the woman's arrest, which happened on 9 May after officers pulled over a car in south-east London, shows how several police officers physically restrained the young woman - who is a student in her 20s and had been a passenger in the car.

One female officer can be seen repeatedly striking the woman.In a statement the IOPC said: "Eight officers have been served with notices advising them they are subject to investigation, with six officers at misconduct level and two officers at gross misconduct level." headtopics.com

Details of the IOPC probe into the treatment of the woman have been made public after an investigation by BBC Newsnight into the way she was handled during her arrest.Janet - not her real name - told the programme she had been working on an essay and went to get a takeaway, where she met an old friend with whom she ended up driving to a cash machine.

While she was a passenger in the man's car, it was pulled over after officers allegedly noticed he had been driving erratically. The driver has since been convicted of drink-driving.image captionJanet, who wished not to be identified, described the incident as "dehumanising"

Janet told BBC Newsnight she was pulled out of the car by an officer before it had come to a complete stop: "I just remember things turning like they looked a bit radioactive to me because I couldn't... I knew that I was losing consciousness."

She says she told the female police officer who punched her that the officer holding her down was killing her. She says the female officer "smirked" and responded: 'If you can talk, you can breathe."Janet was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a drug search. She says she was lifted up from the street by her handcuffs and her hair braids, causing hair to be ripped out of her scalp, and was carried to the police van. headtopics.com

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media captionMobile phone footage showing the arrest of a woman.Inside Lewisham police station, she was subjected to further violence during a strip search which happened in the presence of male as well as female officers - something against police regulations.

"They didn't even tell me they were going to strip-search me. It literally just happened when in the presence of the male and female officers with my cell door wide open, so people were passing."She claims this was done to "humiliate me more - dehumanise me more".

Once stripped naked, Janet says she was subjected to more violence, during which one police officer punched her repeatedly "very, very, very, very hard - there was a lot of intensity in her".Janet said she resisted as she had recently had surgery on her stomach, and was worried about the pressure they were applying to her while she was on the floor.

'Use of Force'The tactics used in this arrest such as handcuffing, restraint and hitting, are known as Use of Force, and are all measures officers are permitted to take under certain circumstances.However, senior police figures who have seen the video of the detention of the woman told BBC Newsnight the level of force and the number of officers applying it in this case, seem unusual. headtopics.com

BBC Newsnight has obtained Use of Force data from 37 out of the 44 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.During the lockdown months of April and May, 27 out of the 37 police forces saw a rise in Use of Force, compared with the same months in 2019.

The Metropolitan Police - the UK's biggest force - saw a rise of 26% from 25,993 Use of Force incidents recorded in April and May 2019, to 32,705 in the same months in 2020.Home Office figures for England and Wales show black people are approximately six times more likely to be subjected to Use of Force than white people - a disparity that does not apply to other ethnic minorities.

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The woman whose story features in BBC Newsnight's report has not received an apology from the police. All charges against her have been dropped.image copyrightimage captionPolice are required to record each time they use forceThe Metropolitan Police said: "All police officers are fully aware that they will be asked to account for their actions. Officers are not exempt from the law, and nor would we wish to be.

"The Met continues to co-operate with the IOPC's investigation team to ensure that all the facts are established."Eight officers are under investigation in relation to this incident; two of whom have been placed on restricted duties."

The IOPC said: "Use of Force is an essential policing tool and like all police powers must be used properly, proportionately and responsibly."We are examining the circumstances of the woman's arrest and the Use of Force on her."Our investigation is also looking at the woman's subsequent treatment in custody. As part of the investigation, we have already taken a statement from the woman."

It added: "To uphold public confidence in the police complaints system, we are investigating the use of stop-and-search tactics in this incident and whether the actions of those officers were appropriate and proportionate and followed approved police policies. We are also investigating if racial profiling or discrimination played a part in the incident.

"This incident took place in public view late at night and was probably witnessed by passers-by and members of the public. We would ask anybody who was in the area that evening and saw police activity to get in touch with us."Regarding the Use of Force figures, the Home Office told BBC Newsnight: "We are clear that all Use of Force must be reasonable, proportionate and necessary - and no-one should be subject to it based on their race or ethnicity."

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Why mention the person's colour ? How is that relevant ? Almost like you're trying to put your own narrative on the story ! This looks bad for the metpoliceuk again! Two officers have been placed on restricted duties? All charges against 'Janet' have been dropped? BBC headline should read police SAVE woman from death or serious injury after she foolishly decided it was a good idea to get into a car being driven by a person heavily under the influence of drink and drugs. Those are the plain and simple facts of this story. Shame on the BBC.

Try and stop them from talking over you! She says she resisted arrest because she had recently had surgery - makes sense.... NOT! You just know for a fact if the victim was white BBC wouldn’t even report it. Just trying to create racial tension. White People get arrested and hit by police all time never see you report it

Why no probe when it is white person being punched or beaten by the police during arrest. Who do they think they are punching any woman? For all those frothing at the mouth over the inclusion of racial description in this headline, perhaps this from the article helps you to understand why it is significant?

I've never been punched by a police officer. But then whenever I've been stopped I've complied & not resisted arrest. A long, damning, one-sided article has already passed judgement, desperate to end careers. The BBC hasn't changed. but its ok to punch the guy on the ground yesterday White people get arrested too, believe it or not. Why do we not get the same headlines when white people are arrested

If you resist arrest the police will use force. Try cooperating with the police for a more pleasant experience for all concerned. Are the police Being probed for the guy being repeatedly punched in the back of the head in Liverpool the other day? Yep. Thought not. As usual BBC bring race into it to grab headlines, shame you only have 1 side of the story & half the video footage. Liklihood, the driver failed to stop for police knowing he was drunk, not only that she breached lockdown regs, mixing with others, don't mention that 😡

What colour skin do the police officers have? What colour skin does the person who wrote this article have? Skin colour is massively important to the BBC, if they can generate US level race issues to report on and all the violence that comes with it they'll be quids in 🤑 Why did she resist a drugs search?

If it was a white woman the headline would just say woman punched by police. Race baiting!!!! Y bring black in to it .... bloody sick of it all now. Would there be an investigation of she were white? i’m sure she was complying peacefully...... The racists on this timeline showing their arses is quite something

So do they only investigate ppl of colour & ignore white skin crime now? ukhomeoffice WMerciaPolice metpoliceuk WMPolice cheshirepolice MerseyPolice StaffsPolice DerbysPolice gwentpolice NWPolice warkspolice Glos_Police I'm sure she was a utter delight in the entire process and didn't give the police any attitude in any way shape or form...

How about changing the headline to something more factual and less incendiary?: ‘Police investigate claims of excessive force, whilst searching a passenger in car driven by a, now convicted, drunken driver’ Read the article. She wasn’t just punched, she was pinned down by eight officers and beaten up, then she was strip searched in her cell with the door wide open with a numerous officers present. No matter what race she is, she shouldn’t have gone through that.

The fact that the driver has since been convicted of drink driving is just a footnote here whilst BBC stir up racism. I guess she is thinking the BLM groups will run and rescue her or start a mass demonstration for her... I don't condemn violence or any form of abuse when you are on the front line, the police have enough on their hands to keep us safe

More divisive shite by the bbc, when is this corrupt organisation being shut down? 'woman' - that would do it. BBC race-baiting again. Why a “black woman”? Was she resisting arrest? Was she giving lip? Is she playing the race card? Why use black woman,can’t she be just a woman 🤔🤔🤔 Unlike the BBC, I won't claim to know exactly what happened, but I would put good money on knowing who started any confrontation. BBC need to report on the abuse the police have to tolerate

Funny how it’s one sided how many other were attacked who threw first punch etc etc making up stories The only reason you're reporting this is because it was a black women you are trying to make it about race. I bet if it was a white male/female you wouldn't be reporting anything BBC Framed News. Race baiting. They want rioting and looting over here.

Why does her skin colour matter? I've stopped listening and watching the bbc because of their racism Where they probed for kicking the crap out of that poor chap in London the other week... ? And strangling and punching that other chap in Liverpool ? or is skin colour the only factor for these probes ?

So if it was a white woman it would be ok 💤 So if a white woman was punched during an arrest it would be okay? Can you call her black? Isn't she a person of colour? Why do BBC feel the need to mention the lady was black ? Would it be ok to punch if she was white ? Sack all the brutal thugs involved who call them selves police offices! Punching a woman shows the public which side of the law they are really on! Sets precedence for more sadistic & violent brutality & no respect for women & makes a mockery of the uniform.

This is yet another divisive article by BBC. The BBC swamp needs draining, and quickly. DefundTheBBC Race baiting. What a pathetic online world we live in here we go again... Yeah don't probe em for anything else. Not a black woman?! Oh no ! Are they different to white women then ? BBC why are you highlighting race? The headline should read woman assaulted during arrest.

How did you miss 'racism' on the whole report? Racist heading It's been said before the BBC love destroying this country, old Adolf would have loved this lot How did I know that before even looking at the replies it would be all butthurt white men and flag twitter more concerned about white women and what the black woman did rather than anything else. Snowflakes.

POLICE PROBED AFTER A WOMAN WAS PUNCHED ❗️❗️❗️ DOES IT MATTER IF SHE WAS BLACK WHITE OR PURPLE FFS Imagine putting a headline saying white women punched during arrest see how racist do you sound bbc, whats it got to do with her colour. Also she hit the bizzie twice why would she do that the idiot What does the colour or the gender of the person have to do with anything?

If it was white woman, would this be a headline I mean if course no one should be punched but it really is amazing how your head pops up when it’s a non white person being abused. What's the woman being black gotta do with it. I saw a white bloke getting mauled by police and one of the officers happened to be black. That didn't make the news. But would that be considered how this will be. Ya know everyone assuming the officer did it because she's racist?

Offender always chooses the amount of force used by the police. wtf No white is superior to a black and no black is superior to a white, except in piety & good actions Remember one day you will stand infront of God and answer for your actions. So do not stray from righteousness after I am gone -Muhammad God's messenger

What did she do?🤔