Police probe into 'transphobic' tweets unlawful

Former police officer's allegedly transphobic tweets were lawful, High Court rules


Former police officer's allegedly transphobic tweets were lawful, High Court rules

Their response 'disproportionately interfered' with the right to freedom of expression, a court rules.

Image caption Harry Miller claimed police guidelines restricted his freedom of expression The police response to an ex-officer's allegedly transphobic tweets was unlawful, the High Court has ruled. Harry Miller, from Lincolnshire, was contacted by Humberside Police in January last year after a complaint about his tweets . He was told he had not committed a crime, but it would be recorded as a non-crime"hate incident". The court found the force's actions were a"disproportionate interference" on his right to freedom of expression. Mr Miller's solicitor Paul Conrathe said:"It is a strong warning to local police forces not to interfere with people's free speech rights on matters of significant controversy." Mr Miller, 54, also launched a wider challenge against the lawfulness of College of Policing guidelines on hate crimes, which was rejected. These define a hate incident as"any non-crime incident which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender". Mr Justice Julian Knowles rejected Mr Miller's challenge against the guidelines, ruling they"serve legitimate purposes and [are] not disproportionate". Mr Miller posted a number of tweets between November 2018 and January 2019 about transgender issues as part of the debate about reforming the Gender Recognition Act 2004. 'Participant in public debate' In one tweet Mr Miller wrote:"I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don't mis-species me." This tweet among several others which were reported to Humberside Police as being allegedly transphobic. Officers visited Mr Miller's workplace and in a statement said they had"received reports of a number of transphobic comments being posted on social media". Mr Miller's barrister, Ian Wise QC, argued the force's response had sought to"dissuade him from expressing himself on such issues in the future". Mr Justice Knowles said Mr Miller"strongly denies being prejudiced against transgender people" and had regarded himself as a participant in a public debate. The judge said:"The claimants' tweets were lawful and there was not the slightest risk that he would commit a criminal offence by continuing to tweet. "I find the combination of the police visiting the claimant's place of work, and their subsequent statements in relation to the possibility of prosecution, were a disproportionate interference with the claimant's right to freedom of expression because of their potential chilling effect." Mr Miller has appealed against the ruling about the College of Policing guidance and permission has been granted for the case to go straight to the Supreme Court. Follow BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire on Read more: BBC News (UK)

EUVoteLeave23rd He like everyone else IS entitled to his opinion. Legitimising transphobia. Vile. DavidWilletts3 Common sense prevails common sense prevails at last. Excellent news 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 our ancestors died for free speech. Unless it’s threatening violence then any speech should be allowed So again the BBC spins it as a blow to transgender. Why cant transgender people admit when it come to free speech they have the same rights as everybody else. That being so this 1% of the population are intent on curtailing the rights of 80% who all take many different views.

Some semblance of sanity, much needed in the UK. Utterly interesting. An unlawful tweet. A new twist on a potential jail bird. Did common sense just happen? You must be so upset 🙄 'In my police training by 'Mermaids' they told me that some sometimes a male fetus has female bwain..' codscience antiwokepurgenow

UK government to give Ofcom power to police what is posted on the internetThe UK government will give Ofcom new regulatory powers to police what is posted on the internet, it has said. The decision was made as part of a new “online harms“ plan that ministers say will Does this include political ads? Oh good, another strong decision from a bunch of politicians who haven’t the first clue how the internet works. What could possibly go wrong...? fascists

The police allow Extinction Rebellion to dig up the lawns outside the Home Office and stand aside to allow trespass, vandalism and damage to property. The police are more concerned with so called hate crime on the internet and shutting down free speech. The police are corrupt. Over this the police are left wanting... time for the police to stop judge people's thinking and calling them non crimes. Get on with policing crime. At last we have some free speech and the judge was 100% correct.

I think Humberbeat should watch this video Great news. Now get back to investigating actual crimes! So they were tweets. Not ‘allegedly’ anything. 🤦🏻‍♂️🇬🇧 RoundLike yup screw the weirdos. and that includes you snowflakes at the 🇨🇳 BBC. They can’t police what the vast majority think but don’t post 🤔

How long have I been saying if your born a man you’ll die a man. DRs can only change the outside appearance they cannot change your genes. Brilliant.....times are finally changing

NSW police put children as young as nine, many of them Indigenous under surveillanceWatchdog finds Suspect Target Management Plan often involves ‘intrusive’ policing tactics and ‘harassment’

We now live in a world full of obic’s and ism’s, it’s virtually impossible not to upset someone Good one...thank you Judge...common sense at last... Nice of the BBC to change the headline, even judge thought the Police were Orwellian! Because he is a ex police officer it's ok but Joe blogs would be jailed

Bought two tyres for a loading shovel of this chap many years ago No matter who you are - you don’t have the right to abuse others without consequences. Abuse of others is not ok. People have the right and the freedom to be who are without being abused. Now do KateScottow Hurray!!!!! Now, maybe drop your PC agenda Bbc. Free speech is allowed, even if you don't like what some of us are saying.

Brilliant. The judge rightly said 'Nobody has a RIGHT to be offended by anything'. So pack it in Al you leftie twats who are falsely offended by every little thing purely for effect.

Woman dies in hospital days after police in hazmat suits descended on homeGreater Manchester Police and paramedics rushed to the address in Moston, Manchester, and donned full body hazmat suits before going inside the building Or it's a forensic suit but that is not an impressive headline as the current one! Sepsis?

Here's a common strategy: push your difference hard at the populace, day and night, when they react - push harder, and cry 'hate crime'. In time your difference will trump the rights of most people. It's a Marxist playbook that is succeeding, until now. mybeliefsarenothatecrimes Because the “trans” feeling is a beliefe and guess what? People are allowed to disagree with a belief! 🤦‍♂️

Only the BBC could serve up an expert who predicts problems arising from this court ruling. Everyone else celebrates it. Well done sir 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 High Court is wrong. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to abuse. Ruling should be challenged. Miller 1. Humberside Police 0. 😂 Big brother tactics..

Common sense at last if poofs dont want get called poofs. dont act like poofs. simple at the end of the day.

First facial recognition deployment by London police results in no arrestsCampaigners call controversial technology 'shocking waste of police time and public money' Police are so useless just like their 'scientific' practices But provided them with lots of data from innocent people I guess people wanted for crimes don't walk past a bunch of coppers with a big camera. Ground breaking!

At last a judge with common sense Brilliant 👍👍👍👍👍❣️❣️ Respect SensibleCourt We should be encouraging police to deal with crime! Not thin skinned hurty feelings. Common sense prevails, there is a big step between freedom of speech and hate crime speech. good for him well done 👏🏻👏🏻 He said, 'I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don't mis-species me.' No wonder the Woke crowd (including the BBC), is FAILING. Cant wait for the dissolution of thebbc

It’ll be overturned. The tide has turned long since.🏳️‍🌈🙏👍🤷‍♂️👬 jonny7272 No wonder crime is up if this bullshite is what is going off in our justice system and police force Usual incompetence by police but no-one will accept responsibility. A win for common sense.Go woke go broke BBC.

French police raid publisher of writer accused of paedophiliaOfficers look for unpublished work by Gabriel Matzneff, who is under investigation for rape Good. At this stage it's a bit more than accusations. The author defines himself as a paedophile and wrote books about it. Accused? The guy's entire opus is a series of diaries chronicling his abuse of teenage girls in France and preteen boys in the Philippines.

So it's not 'Allegedly' Transphobic then, he's factually 'None' Transphobic! The courts cleared him! Non-crimes is all our police are good for....they seem to find the manpower to deal with that....real crimes and real criminals they struggle with.... Transphobia is despicable and those who make such remarks are disappointing human beings. I agree that Freedom of expression is an important freedom.

Thank god for that, sanity prevails...absolutely disgusting of the police to intimidate this man in his own home. Finally a stand against our nation becoming soft on feelings.... That must iritate the BBC and all its radical lefties Mint espionage2017 Should have never gone to court. What a waste of time and money.

What do you know... Tweets are not violence. Come back common sense! We've missed you so!

Dutch letter bomber demands ransom in Bitcoin 'or else', police sayA blackmailer who sent two letter bombs which exploded at postal sorting offices in the Netherlands on Wednesday has demanded ransom in Bitcoin or else more will be sent, police sources say.

At last someone with some common sense. So now the taxpayer will have to pick up the tab for the police court costs because of their unlawful action. So now the police will be prosecuted for their unlawful actions? Seem to me an equitable, and eminently sensible outcome. Hopefully the force in question will have learned a valuable lesson, and others will have noted the judgement ... time will tell.

This what happens when we have over 200 Mp's pushing the Fabian society marxist PC agenda. The same society that created the Labour party. He's explaining here what happened. So the college of police guidance of unlawful. Two. Just two. Reassuring to see our courts displaying some common sense for a change. Well played.👍

They weren’t “allegedly transphobic” where they? Muppets.

Great court case If they were unlawful then 90% of NylaRoseBeast feed would be locked up BBC is a fascist regime unto its self. The call to white straight men’s genocide is endless. Hitler planted the seeds of genocide , in articles he wrote in papers while living in Vienna! BBC will be the most complicit in the genocide in 20 years.

I'm sure the new Leader of the Labour party will want to something to correct this when/if ever they get in back in power. the judiciary sees common sense. surprising but welcome. Not transphobic, not threatening, no direct harassment toward anyone, no crime but STILL being considered a hate crime. Common sense at last This country is becoming petty and pathetic People need to put on their grown up pants and just get on with life Let’s live happily together !!!

Humberside Police accepted the court's decision! In a statement said: 'The mere recording of the incident by Humberside Police as a hate incident has been ruled as not unlawful and in accordance with the College of Policing (CoP) guidance. MCunninghamCoP? CollegeofPolice ? 3 - 1 = that's how many genders there are

RoundLike Doesn't mean he's not an obnoxious asshole though does it !! Just that he has freedom of speech rights as we all do. He just abuses them with his bigotry. Common sense. This nonsense should never have got this far. Hopefully now ,the little old lady may get a visit to investigate her burglary, without the excuse that they can’t spare an officer!!! Don’t tell her to hold her breath though!!!!

Fck me! Sense from the judiciary?! 🤯 This truly a fantastic ruling. Being able to express a view is vital in a democracy. Particularly when the counter view has no base in fact. Debate is more important than peoples feelings. Its also the only way to bridge division. Doubleplusgood! Wow. A judge demonstrates commonsense. At last. freespeech is not limited to wokes.

All these phobias are bullshit. We are not scared of them. We just don't like them. Sense My commiserations to the BBC....I know this verdict must have been hard for you to take.

RobertNorbury2 The fact the police turned up at his place of work is disgraceful. Someone high up should be sacked for this. In modern Britain - Stalin's Britain - where your mere words can lead to arrest - this is a result for Freedom of Speech. It has such gravity one might wish to quote Miller vs The Met. should you ever be harassed by the thought police or accused of a HateCrime.

About time some common sense prevails.All this society is doing is confusing our children AngloExile so not allegedly!!! Nor transphobic !!! Acording to his defence lawyer, “he never expressed hatred towards the transgender community' but Mr Miller 'has simply questioned the belief that trans women are women”. Yeah I’m not buying it chief.

Dixon of Dock Green will be turning in his grave. Really? Holbornlolz Genders - 2. Mental health issues - Numerous. Awesome news! A good use of public funds? In the public interest? This is how left field we’re going. Ridiculous.

A victory for common sense and free speech. Does this ruling mean that the thought police are no longer able to carry out thoughtpolice activities on the next unsuspecting targets. Or will they just make sure they pick on people that are less willing/able to defend themselves next time transphobia No freespeech in uk

This lefty love triangles coming unstuck’ it started with their loved ones protesting about LGB-C3PO-XR3 being taught in schools’ now their other lovers the police are getting pissed off with there privileged little temper tantrums 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We call it, the first amendment 🇺🇸👍

So there's no such thing as a hate crime anymore? Disgraceful! Try and get the Police to investigate a burglary or car theft and they are not remotely interested. It’s a cliche, but this really is political correctness gone mad and the police have lost their way and will continue to lose the respect of the public with this!

Big win CountDankulaTV The police should be impartial to everything, flying flags show they are capable of favourable biases towards that ideology ukhomeoffice UKPolice

Are you Dave Thompson DaveThompsonCC now going to release your desk bound PCs from trawling the internet and get them back on the beat. Freedom of opinion within Twitter's own signed up to rules and of course the law, but what of his attitude to anyone he considers not fitting in with his opinions whilst carrying out his public service duties? That would have been one of my concerns.

Congratulations on this verdict Sir! Hoo-bloody-ray ..... at long last some common sense emerges !!! 👏 About dam time the law was interpreted properly, Now lets get these ppl that are abusing young children with puberty blocking drugs under the age of 18. even more so under 11 So what happens next, BBC seen as you appear to know everything.

There are men and there woman that's it I dont recognise anything else . If someone wants to chop bits off and call themselves something else up to them. Still male or female end of.This was a pathetic waste of time and money and someone needs to be brought to account. Not surprised under the tories obs hate is now acceptable. I suppose I’m now allowed to hate all these gammon headed thugs liking this judgement.

That it even came to the courts is a disgrace. Imagine a country so immersed in clownworld that it would prosecute someone for something they have said. What's that saying? 'I do not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it'. Free speech is vital to a civilised society.

One ignorant g0bsh1te. Why does the matter concern him so much? Obv a bully & homophobe & transphobe. Will take him having a gay or trans grandchild to show just how ignorant he is. I agree with the court's decision. To destroy someone's career for tweeting an opinion, an opinion that they are entitled to, is a form of fascism.

BrexitStewart 👍H ! You'd think Humberbeat / CCLeeFreeman would make a statement ..... 🤐 A small victory for common sense. Makes a nice change. B-b-but they’re a minority?! 🤔🤔🤔 Repeat after me: Hate speech is free speech! No step on snek What a waste of time & money..! This is what happens when the Police have a massive pro LBGTQ bias

What an amazing use of public, police and judiciary resources.... Holbornlolz But that fact it went to court in the first place is fuckin stupid!! No need for any of it. Hurray!! Today, sanity won. The political activists who have taken over our public institutions know perfectly well they are acting illegally, however the also know that: a: The process is the punishment b: Most people WILL be intimidated c: There will be no punishment or repercussion for themselves

Did the police really get in a lather over the following tweet by Harry? In one tweet he wrote: 'I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don't mis-species me.' Why are the police trying to control our thoughts and create law where it doesn't exist. The real story is somewhat buried (in the headline anyway) that the police guidelines on hate crime are lawful. A small step but no real victory for common sense here yet.

Probably hunting for muck on the judge now, aren’t you, BBC? Finally some common sense from our High Court. Hopefully Humberbeat police will return to investigating actual crimes now. First things first: These are NOT women....they are dudes dressed up like chicks. My vulnerable daughter has a LD 22q befriended a trans who turned her against her family, gave her an STD with her penis? & passed her around sexually to other trans-men, coerced her into prostitution, forcibly removed from my home, & we are getting done for assault

Well done tell Twitter to be careful censoring twitter There was a young bloke called Annie who happened to be............ Oh yeah, right, back to the tweet in question. Really pleased it worked out for him, common sense prevails. Lawful but inappropriate? Why wasn't the gratuitous mention of the Labour Party edited out of the BBC 1 O'Clock News headline story?

A sensible ruling. I was beginning to think these were a thing of the past. Common sense quite frankly. That is not the ruling. The ruling was that the police's decision to visit his workplace and imply criminal charges could be brought chilled his right to free speech. Hurray for free speech and common sense..you cannot sensor how people should feel over any situ

A police officer can't hold bigoted views against innocent people. How is anyone supposed to trust an officer like that? Victory for common sense

My concern is that the state police will now focus their attention on those they perceive to have ‘non-crime, Islamaphobic hate incidents’, by criticising Islam for female subjugation, homophobia, persecution of apostates and its barbaric, animal slaughter practices. Were they 'transphobic' or just comments that offended some come on BBC..im offended by your constant negative remarks about men but you still have right to say them.

This case demonstrates how plain daft certain police decision-making has become. emmajaned0lan Amazing news. Thank God Harry took the totalitarian police to court. Perhaps humberbeat will concentrate on actual crimes from now on.. Breaking News. 100,000 police layoffs expected now that High Court deals stunning blow to 'Internet Policing'

I've read them Of course they were! Waste of courts time Sanity prevails. censorship can be a hate crime Another hard day of work out there, detectives

Your police are just as much morons as our Canadian police. Something seems to have infected the West one would almost think it were a conspiracy of some kind. Holbornlolz SkyNews in melt down. He (or us) are under no legal obligation to play along... You have to read this headline a few times to believe your eyes.

Do you agree with this judgment Common sense prevails for once! 🙌🏻 If an expression of an opinion is a hate crime what, would the left argue, motivates actual crimes of rape and murder? The outcome of this case will certainly be of concern to the BBC who seem to want to be the champions for the minority of people who do not agree with the two gender only majority

Sanity at last in a world gone mad Holbornlolz Can I sue Facebook now for past bans ? Holbornlolz Comments below about the fightback beginning, about common sense coming to the fore.Not as long as the ACPO keep laying down what they think the law 'really means' and recommend that these 'hate crimes' continue to be recorded and investigated. Time to rein in the bobbies perhaps

If i had a £ for every gender I'd have £2 and a lot of counterfeits . Holbornlolz Excellent. I do not believe trans women are women. They are men. Come at me, Humberside Police! Sense at last from the court’s. Few hundred thousand of our £s wasted just to determine telling the truth and sharing opinions are not crimes. FFS.

Police have so much time on their hands when it suits. How come.? knifecrime The irony being that he and his Fair Cop campaign use ECHR clauses 8 9 10 + 11 as the basis for argument just as the government - and many of his most vocal « anti-woke » supporters - advocate withdrawal from the Court and the Convention.

I recognise that person! He was called Jenny though when I knew her. Bet you’re devastated now....arrest the accusers for wasting police time and trying to abuse the law like this The police ceased to be impartial when they decided to participate in LGBT events. Sound, sensible, logical decision. Some fast-track policy twat wrote the internal police guidance and surprise, surprise, unimaginative front-line drones implemented it. 'should be out catching burglars' ? We await some authoritative statement from the Police Service.

UKlPVoter .....sexual orientation or transgender identity. UKlPVoter how many falsely recorded hate crimes has there been The term 'hate crime' can be used to describe a range of criminal behaviour where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victim's disability, race, religion.........

Good on him Damn right. This will split the room: Which do you think the police should spend their time dealing with? 1. Tweets 2. Crime Does this mean people are allowed to have an opinion again without the permanently offended suppressing them. And not (the entirely bogus word) 'transphobic', either. What a waste of tax payers money. Typical lefty police forces .. Boris needs to draw them some red lines if they cant use a crayon themselves

Another waste of money by Humberbeat Lawfully proving that he's a prick who posts genuinely hack comments online while thinking he's funny. What a massive success. And this cost how much? Hey, radical idea..costs comes out of who suggested it was a good idea to play I'm woker than you....bunchofwokers

So he will be back on twitter then?

Good, they're not the thought police and we don't live in a totalitarian society yet. BernardBrights1 It took a High Court to rule that 'transphobic tweets' are lawful? This is just total idiocy Agree with court ruling however still think Harry Miller is a t*at.... ...and the Police wonder why no one trusts them! - Start Policing real crime and stop Policing speech.

I’ve been following this. So pleased for him and our freedom to think. 👏🏼👏🏼 So were they lawful or unlawful? Has the 12 year old editing the website had to go home again? Good. There is a difference between a description and a definition. Tweet says lawful, article says unlawful. Which is it? It is unfortunate that such common sense needs to be fought for, but very important for our society that this has happened. The precedent of 'thought policing' is dangerous and should be fought peaceably at every opportunity.

Holbornlolz Remember tax payers, there is a shortage of police. Not too many police dicking about trying to dictate what people can tweet. Nope, definitely not the latter.

People are homeless and we’re wasting time and money on court fees because people are choosing to be offended for other people. Ridiculous. I was always taught sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me! The erosion of free speech in the last 50 years is shocking Holbornlolz So, just to confirm... can we say chick with a d**k or not?!?

Only 2 genders Good.... common sense prevails... They're coming for you! No one is safe from the thought crime bullies!! Free Speech is BACK baby! Is that a win for common sense finally Calling a spade a spade shouldn't be a crime. No matter what you chop off or add on if you're born a man, or a woman, you'll die a man or a woman.

Holbornlolz Police tripping themselves up when they want to target the general public lolz

Gina Miller/ Harry Miller. Both of you are the real stars. Holbornlolz At least there's someone in a position of authority who isn't a tw*t. He was simply targeted because he ran the fair cop website so they wanted to paint him in a way he is not. The fightback is happening

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