Police officer shoots protester in Hong Kong

Hong Kong policeman shoots protester during roadblock


Hong Kong policeman shoots protester during roadblock

The officer then fired two more rounds, although it's not clear whether they hit anyone.

Footage shown live on Facebook showed the officer drawing his gun before grappling with a man at a roadblock.

As the grapple continues, the officers fires another two rounds - although it's not clear from the footage whether the bullets hit anyone.

The shootings happened as protesters tried to block a junction at Sai Wan Ho on the north-east of the island.

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An unarmed protestor was shot by HK police while he wasn’t facing any life threatening situation. hkPoliceBrutalitiy HKPoliceMurderer StandwithHK 酷い!、力でねじ伏せられるわけがない!、歴史が物語っているではないか!、しかし中央政府は静観視か、民主主義なら政府は袋だたきだ! What a disgrace, this is the commie Chinese govt for you, how many other incidents like this have taken place? In fact when are the people of the UK going to start protesting for democracy? Let the people of HK be a guide on how to balance the wrongs that are taken place here?

allornothing721 HongKongPolice pointed the gun to the heart!!!!! They shoot, they murder, they are well-paid by hongkonger. Who they are? they are the HongKongpolice , and they got no consequence. see evil protesters in hongkong burn citizen i don't understand why i can't see evil protesters burning citizen in hongkong 's video in honhkong from bbc website

This is murder He was going to shoot the guy in white originally, that’s murder if he shot. HKPoliceBrutality hkpoliceforce is not right and just. SHAME! HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceBrutality HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct HongKongPoliceTerrorism

Experts hired by Hong Kong say city's police watchdog is unequippedThe embarrassing report by an international panel comes as furious protests erupted in Hong Kong on Sunday. The city has been rocked by five months of increasingly violent demonstrations.

The protester did not thing , but the police want to murder him. StandwithHK free_johnny1 bebichhichihk In detail it should read 'HongKongPolice shoots live rounds to unarmed people without warning, hkpolicebrutality He just want to take the gun from police. He is unarmed. so the police should fight with him whiteout using the gun.

This is the consequence of hate speech, and we suffer from it. A rioter who came out to block roads, trash streets, endanger public safety on a Monday morning is labelled as “protestor” ... and an ordinary citizen who’s not ok with rioters smashing train station is labelled as “pro-Beijing”... what is your basis for his political position?

It's 100% murder~! The Police can use the stick / pepper spray to defend himself ~! But he didn't~! He shoot the live round to the student who dont get any weapon on his hands!! PoliceState PoliceBrutality antichinazi BoycottChina Most of these protestors are not genuine protesting they enjoying causing havoc

Shooting without prior warning is already UNACCEPTABLE. Moving the patient without the need to do so is even MORE unacceptable. The Police are murdering our citizens! HK Police shot the real gun. Lots of civilians around there.

Bolivian police join anti-government protesters' on streets after re-election of Evo MoralesSeveral units declare mutinies and join demonstrators demanding president resigns Clarifying that the people protesting against Mr. Evo Morales evoespueblo, has been and is pacific. The confrontations started when evoespueblo asked his followers MAS to siege the cities protesting against electoral fraude. Violance started Monday 10/28 thanks to Evo's command Dictator MORALES!!! Fuerza Bolivia 🇧🇴 NOMASDICTADORES

The protester wasn’t even making roadblock while he got shot😷 it a purely murdered! HKPoliceTerrorist PoliceBrutality HKprotesters The HK police are murdering civilians! The can't control themsevles! It is terrorism by the HK police Besides him, a lot of horrible things happened today. HongKongProtests StandwithHK

that's insane!!! HKPoliceTerrorists kidnapped a citizen. A young man got shot when he approached the police officer with bare hands SOSHK HKPoliceBrutality HongKongProtests Yet you all ignored and supported this violence: The unnamed man was doused in a flammable liquid after getting into a dispute with protesters in Ma On Shan. Is this freedom/free speech you are asking for? Shut up or burn you if you disagree with us?

Wong41805454 The correct title shd be : HK policeman ( true rioters) shoots unarmed protesters unnecessarily and cold-bloodedly I don’t like CCP and support protests initially. But now those idiot teenagers totally ruined this event when they start cooking stories, discriminating innocent people, damaging infrastructures, using violence, betray their own country. Those idiots have no job no family to feed

I think the common sense is you never touch police’s gun. Especially police was stabbed and throat cut by rioter(protester? Who knows) couple days ago These murderers must be brought to justice.

Gang hurl rocks and reverse car into police officer during high-speed chaseShocking dash-cam footage from the patrol car showed the Audi's brake lights illuminate before two men wearing balaclavas jump out and throw rocks at the officer's vehicle Diversity at its best again. Times like this it makes me want our police to carry guns

HKPolice has no regulations on weapon use, no control of emotions, and no abidance by law. They are the true riots. When will the BBC and other news outlets stop calling them protesters and acknowledge they are rioters, protesters don't set people on fire!! Visit traffic policeman has extendable batonon but he does not use it. instead, he rather shoots people with nothing on hands

ttttt_katie Not first time for HKPolice PoliceState FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct HongKongPolice is threatening the safety of Hong Kong citizens SOSHK savehk from HKPoliceMurderer to be honest i think they've done well to get this far-it's good to talk. BBC pls look at the news from a neutral point of view Don't disappoint your audience, especially the journalism students.😡😡😡😡😡

With real bullet shooting case AGAIN, can the world still believe that HongKong can be business as usual? HKPoliceState

89-year-old Holocaust survivor given police protection after receiving death threatsAn 89-year-old Holocaust survivor has been given police protection after receiving death threats in one of the more depressing stories of recent times. Liliana Segre, an Auschwitz survivor and protectourvets too... SpّringDay1000Days saَtchat Cَaturday BٍerlinWall30 TٌhankYouGameFreak StِarshipProtectMonstaX7 LoِrdMayorsShow CHِECRY SaّturdayThoughts

The protesters were unarmed! There is no reason for the police to shoot live rounds!! TiananmenSquareMassacre This is HongKong THROW THE OFFICER IN JAIL Calling the protesters “cockroach” for months, now they show their murderous intention Live rounds were shot by Hong Kong police in multiple locations. They aimed to kill people tiananmen2019

Totally unnecessary to shoot!!! HongKongPolice = murderers HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState Due to roadlock, hkpolice shoots the people! HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceBrutality No tools, No weapon, No warning at all. yeah shoot the man with bearly hand.

Bolivian police 'mutiny' in opposition to Evo MoralesGroups of officers in major cities join protests over disputed presidential election result 2 years ago Evo Morales called for a plebiscite to allow him to overcome the limit of 3 consecutive mandates. The bolivian people said NO and he used a loophole in the constitution to be able to run for a 4th time. He's an illegitimate president and MUST STEP DOWN. ckaratnytsky Can't claim any on the ground knowledge in Bolivia itself for the past 18months but... I mean... police lead protesters against left wing government? Even us anarchists are suspicious of that.... It’s going well for another one of jeremycorbyn’s mates I see! Literally always backs the wrong horse.

And the riot police still try to search and move him despite he has lost conciousness already. Take note USA, another term with Russian elected meddling for their preferred fake POTUS will cause disastrous chaos . Full story in linking tweets of the riotpolice shooting an unarmed young man who was not attacked to anyone. Then how police keep inhumane searching & moving the unconscious patient who got shot in serious injured. hkpolicemurder HKPoliceTerrorists

HK is having its own version of June4th, just that it happens every day now..HongKongPoliceTerrorism HKPolice 8964 Terrible, shocking! Please help Hong Kong Citizen. soshk The kid didn’t have any response hksos hongkongpoliceterrorism Surely that should read “unarmed” protester 😡😡 they turned around and shoot those boy.

Please sanction Carrie Lam, Head of police, and any persons responsible! People of Hong Kong literally have no where to turn for justice!

Bolivian police in La Paz join 'mutiny' against Evo MoralesOfficers in country’s main city join colleagues across Bolivia in declaring support for protests GhostRecon Wildlands is a great game. Bolivia Why the 'quotes'? What do you call it when armed members of the state turn against the democractically elected government and constitutional order? Bolivian police know when to support their homes and friends. If Hong Kong and Iraq were like this imagine how powerless their governments would be. Well China would intervene but you get the point...

Policeman pulls gun someone runs and try to take his gun and shoots him what do you think was going to happen If he felt he had to then so be it ! And the HKPoliceTerrorists crashed to a crowd with motorcycle this morning too!! gengarhocute It is TiananmenSquareMassacre 2019 version! When police is murdering us. Who can we call?

And HKPolice drove to murder HongKongers. Please add this to your headline 'protester who tried to grab the gun'. Thank you Bit different to our cops. Please can you get up and move or we will be forced to carry you. All 6 of us. Ffs CNMB,bbc,u’d better go to hell with your protesters,hoping for England happens same events for real.

Actually they are not HongKongPolice , they are HongKongPoliceTerrorist . HongKongPoliceKillsCitizen We need please.hkpoliceforce is attempting to kill every of us. SOSHK HKPoliceMurderer PoliceViolence Horrible HKPolice has just rushed into a church and arrested some teenagers. They did not have any warrant before they enter the church. HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState

Many hkpoliceforce pointed their guns with live round to Hongkongers today without any hesitation. Seems they got permission to do that life threatening acts from HK govt or CCP. HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorists it’s a massacre! it's so clear the boy has no weapon on hand. not threatening life of the police or anybody else. there is no reason to shoot. and another police claimed that 3lives rounds are too little. HongKongPolice just gone crazy

tckj725 It’s a massacre. The police can shoot anyone now. And have no consequences EriHkN 香港人過慣以前自由法治的生活,淪落到大陸腦殘生活一定沒辦法接受的,大陸人造反被鎮壓就散了,香港人已經沒辦法了,所以我的預測是會不斷的反抗不斷的被消滅直到走的走消失的消失,非常慘烈,所以希望用大罷工逼政府獨立調查。全港無限期大罷工,包括股市,最多二星期會看到結果:成立獨立調查委員會 There are no reason to shot‼️ HongKongPolice Clearly, HongKongPolice intended to KILL HongKongProtesters 😡😡 Please SAVE HongKong 🙏🙏 PleaseFollowToSpreadTheWords HongKongProtests HongKongPoliceState ShameOnHongKongPolice

HongKong HongKongProtesters StandWithHongKong SOSHK What will that do, just inspire protestors to protest even louder. That was not to smart. I hope the poor sole is alright, as one can be that has been shot ! two to three thugs attacked this police together. it was No problem for the police to shoot one thug because he was in danger.

shooting a person without weapon or attacking, is war crime. Roadblock with no weapons, and then he got live round shot in his body. This should not happen in a civilised society, not to say Hong Kong is an international city. No, Hong Kong has fell to the CCP’s fascist hands. Help us! SOSHK This clip clearly shows the protester who got shot was unarmed. HKPolice is out of control.

HK police are murderers. chinazi StandWithHongKong TheMOZ2019 Murderers!!!! HKpolice even said three live ammunition isn’t enough. HK is a police state. Police is aiming to kill as many as hongkongers today. Hong Kong Police is aim to kill now. hongkongpolicebrutality HongKongProtesters

GG_thecat He is a young man. 21 yr old. UNARMED. StandWithHongKong PoliceBrutality WTH? NHKWORLD_News NHKWORLD_News SkyNews latimes BBCWorld el_pais Lawrence MaddowBlog latimes It’s crazy! Shame on Hong Kong Police! HKPoliceBrutality hongkongprotests antichinazi The critical point is protesters don't have weapons. This is a murder and there is no excuse for HongKongPolice. SOSHK StandwithHK HongKongPoliceTerrorism

1. The traffic cop grap a protestor who just walk by and then pull out gun. 2. The other protestor walk up to him and try to push the gun away from pointing at him. 3. The traffic cop shot him in the stomach. It is the murder! Hong Kong police had an intention to shot the youth protesters. HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState

Mirderer insanity at its best GroovyHKLover They just dress like a HongKongProtesters. HKPoliceTerrorism was shot to them without any reason. Is time to pass HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct as soon as possible. Updated : after laparotomy, the boy current safe. Thanks for Hong Kong Medic.

Co253816671 This is how the police treated the boy got shot with live rounds. They don’t even try to save his life - they just want him to die... And the police also says “3 bullets are not enough”. HongKong police are murderers, not protecting people’s lives Seems that the police intends to kill The full version of video:

Reports have said that there were two protesters who got shot. One is severely wounded. The video shows the protesters did not have any weapon with them! The police can use batons or just back up/ fall back in these scenes. But they pulled the trigger. HongKongPoliceTerrorism Take a look at this video. The HKPoliceTerrorists first grabbed a young man as hostage, and then shot another guy when the protestors didn’t touch him at all. No threats to his life, but he still shot. He’s s a terrorist intended to KILL!

eden_chanhoyin They are armless students and the HKpolice used the “lowest” weapons to attack the protesters. 2 shot to one boy. HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceTerrorism PoliceBrutality HongKong HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct RaptorBuzz Is it arrest or execution? Any police in the civilized world would gun down a unarmed man in order to arrest?☠

Dear world, please help Hong Kong. SOSHK StandWithHongKong This is a murder. HK police are terrorists. How can UK still be idle on helping HongKong? The UK has the legal and moral responsibility to save these kids from being shot! This is not what was promised in the declaration! DominicRaab BorisJohnson TomTugendhat

Hongkong is dying.... Can the world put humanright and justice over economic intertest? ccp can do anything to takeover the world

I have never seen a world so tolerant of these weaponised paramilitary forces HongKongPolice CCP are killing all pro-democracy citizens Hong Kong police can do what they want firing real gun to murder young protester!!! HongKongProtests BoycottChina summerhaho The student is suffering from liver and kidney rupture, BP low, life sign critical, still under operation. hongkongpolicebrutality HongKongPoliceTerrorism StandWithHongKong

In the video, the kid (white jacket) is not setting roadblocks n have no weapons.The HKpolice hold gun n strangle his neck. Another kid approach with no weapon got shot! They are unarmed ! HongKongPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceState hongkongpolicebrutality This is typical government . They don't do whats asked of them and when people protest they get shot beaten gassed and jailed 😕

if this exact thing had happened in the UK.the police would be called 'a hero'.he'd have been praised.and the UK press and citizens will be saying 'he was just doing his job'.finditwronginyourbackyard hypocrites it's crazy Then brutally drag him up while he’s bleeding and unconscious too. enckeranger Who should we call if HongKongPolice are murderers? SOSHK HongKongProtests HongKongPoliceTerrorism

Rip0T70MaD CCP police lose control now. hongkongpolice just do whatever they want. They don’t care if that person is a protester, journalist, pedestrian, or resident. hongkong is in great danger and our lives are at stake. Excessive use of weaponry and dehumanization by HongKong police have contributed to this tragedy. It is obvious that the use of live ammo is unnecessary.

RaptorBuzz The cop suddenly draw his gun when NO ONE attempt to attack him. White-clad guy approach him WITHOUT gear/violent acts but the cop still POINT HIS GUN TO HIS CHEST. The wounded guys were UNARMED & just trying to save the brothers. HKPolice = MUDERER They are not HKpolice . They are murderer! They only want to kill ! HKPoliceMurderer HKPoliceTerrorist

apparently the injured youngs were trying to protect the bystander and crowd behind from that emotionally unstable hkpolice weilded his gun without a reason. Hong Kong-style law enforcement has expired and law enforcement methods are being brought into line with international standards. When will the UK stand up for these Hong Kong people who are suffering?

The HK police aim to kill again and again, I do believe that they have killed many protester and illegally disposed the corpse like throwing down a building. RaptorBuzz HKPolice are totally out of control! Guns with live round everywhere this morning in HongKong! HK is totally massacre!

RaptorBuzz Human bowling Tell me is this PoliceState?!? 🤬🤬🤬 What’s the point of shooting him? Appearently he doesn’t have any weapon!! HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists crazy police state PoliceTerrorism SOSHK 😭😭😭 At the same time in Kwun Tong, police blocked ambulance from reaching the patient. Riot police don’t value our lives, they just want to kill us all.

The police shot because apparently the protester in black wanted to take his gun and if it happened it would be the police who get shot. I believe in any country under this circumstance the police have the right to open fire if they are armed. Hail_Paimon I think the action of the protester could be stopped without shooting him in such a short distance. Obviously, HKpolice couldn't do their job in a proper way. It seems to me that they are killing rather than controlling/stopping the protest.

HongKongPolice are murderers. Their decision to shoot live rounds can never be justified. They are not in any life threatening situations and it shows they are out of control. SOSHK StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong HongKongPolice shot multiple live rounds at the chest of an unarmed protestor who was posting no threat to anyone whatsoever HongKongProtests HKPF HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists

They are not police, they are MURDERER. Those boys are innocent. Devilcops is threatening them, while they didn’t thing. HKPoliceBrutality SOSHK HKPoliceMurderer

唔識翻譯做英文😭 From Apple Daily News shiroihamusan And see how HongKongPolice react to this protestor! A police said that 3 rounds of live shot are not enough Hong Kong Police = Murderers The boy got shot was unarmed. He approached to the police firing 3 live rounds to him just to save another protester being held by that police. Then the police fired on him. 3 LIVE ROUNDS.

Slaughter in the city... Absolutely terrible and that’s why HongKongPolice need to be disbanded. They are Taliban and Al-Qaeda alike terrorist group Hello UK! Do you do that back in the colonial days? No you did not. You UK ppl don’t slaughter HK ppl, but Chinazism does. Admit it, the Sino British Joint Declaration is DEAD

This is murder!!! Pure murder!!! Hong Kong Police is lossing control! OMG, it is horrible and unacceptable! SOSHK ilovehkgers the protesters were unarmed! how come the hongkong police shoot live rounds in short distance without warning!!!! they are murderers!!!! hkprotests

You missed sth: HKPolice shot UNARMED protesters and fired at ppl around them for NO REASON. One of the protesters was shot in the chest and fell unconscious. These HongKongRioters in uniforms are killing HongKong citizens. He was with bare hands, hkpolice are totally psychopath!!!! Shoot someone with any weapon is the lowest force they use HKPoliceMurderer

This is what they called 'minimum force'? By using a gun? HKprotests HKPoliceState StandWithHongKong Murderers that don't get executed: HKpolice HKPoliceTerrorism SOSHK HKprotests Standwi87591738 They are insane. How come the psychopaths could be the police? HKPoliceTerrorism SOSHK They’re murderer! The city British left in 1997 is now totally ruined by CCP.

Triads seem to be getting empathy from thick Brits Please help Hong Kong . Hong Long people desperately need help from everyone.antichinazi chinazi hkpolicebrutality HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceAbuseUseofForce SandyKum404 He shot him right in the torso! That’s MURDER! shiroihamusan He is just setting up road block and unarmed. Totally unnecessary to shoot!!! HongKongPolice = murderers HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState

BeLightinHK HongKongPolice are insane! They fire live rounds and aim to kill all unarmed protestors! the polices just what to kill him,he do not attack any police ,but they shot him HongKongProtests hongkong And after shooting the unarmed protester, how could Hk police transfer the wounded (an irresponsible patient ) without any medical examination ?! Hk is truly under humanitarian crisis now!

The protester was bare-handed and was not threatening anyone. There were many civilians around in the street. It is absolutely irresponsible to fire live rounds. He is not HKpolice. He is HKPoliceMurderer trying to kill innocent people. HKPoliceState Tiananmen2019 SOSHK BeLightinHK terrible, The traffic police was holding the one in white, and his friend try to save him, then the police shot multiple times insanely This is Hong Kong, can't imagine why an international city turn into a warzone like this He was shot at the chest, and immediately became unconscious😢

HKPoliceTerrorists previously mentioned to press that they will use gun only if they are in a life threatening situ. In this video, the traffic officer (yeah, not even a riot police) held the man in white, hostage style, and pointed gun at one in black with no threat. shiroihamusan Today it is a motorbike, tomorrow it will be a TANK, again. SOSHK HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists

11Nov Clip recorded this morning Judge urself if it is appropriate usage of live rounds or a murder. Either way, HongKongPolice won’t hold accountable for it as Hong Kong is PoliceState Source: Cubic Producer

Crazy drive that aim to attack instead of arrest. It is Hong Kong terrorists but government never condemn what they did PoliceState Good job HK police. You try to take a gun from the cop and you get what you deserve, plain and simple. This is true in any countries Point-blank shooting unarmed protester is MURDER. Where is the less lethal weapon? His pepper spray and baton?

There’s no immediate emergency to shoot the protestors! The officer’s life wasn’t at risk yet he decided to shoot. This is Police misconduct! HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState Please put some pressure on your government to help us StandWithHongKong sorry really cannot like this post. don't know what to say neither.......

Yfreeeeeeehk SOSHK please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭 HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceTerrorists They are not police, they are MURDERER. Those boys are innocent. Devilcops is threatening them, while they didn’t thing. GunControlNow HKPoliceBrutality SOSHK amnesty Hong Kong police shoot without warning! HKPoliceTerrorism HongKongProtests StandWithHongKong

Shame of hk police This is nothing compared to what's happening in Chile... 20 people dead, hundreds shot in the face lost at least one eye, some others tortured and missing... When are you gonna show that? He was not in danger, the police took out the gun first and ran forward, he set up the situation for him to open fire!

Yfreeeeeeehk Shooting armless protesters, shame on HKpolice America, cancel the USA-HK policy act plz. SOSHK The boy did nothing! Hong Kong Police is insane. Murderer! How does the british general public feels? Indifferent?...Hong Kong is pandemonium on earth now. Chinese government right now: Kill by using motorbike, are they real police?


That is very bad please. Looks plan to shot! The HK terrorists tried to snatch the revolver from the police, served him right. He would have been shot dead with lesser provocation in the US. HongKongTerrorists

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