Police must prioritise reducing violence on women

Police must prioritise reducing violence on women, watchdog says

9/17/2021 8:30:00 AM

Police must prioritise reducing violence on women, watchdog says

Reducing violence against women should have the same priority as countering terrorism, a watchdog says.

image captionPolice were criticised for their handling of a vigil for murder victim Sarah Everard in March this yearZoe Billingham, HM Inspector of Constabulary, said chiefs had to "get a grip"."When you look at the hierarchy of priorities within police forces, very often violence against women and girls doesn't actually feature as the top three," she said.

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"Given the scale of the epidemic, it's vital that it does."When HMICFRS carried out fieldwork with four forces - Avon and Somerset, Cheshire, Surrey and Humberside - it asked them to each identify 10 serious local offenders who posed an ongoing risk to women.

Of the 40 individuals identified, 34 had not actually been flagged within the force's intelligence systems as being prolifically dangerous individuals.Refuge, a charity providing support for women and children experiencing domestic violence, said for too long there had been a failure to implement recommendations that would improve how violence against women and girls (VAWG) is tackled. headtopics.com

Ruth Davison, Refuge CEO, said: "This must change. The report rightly calls for 'radical action' and we hope that the home secretary, who has commissioned this report, will look at the recommendations carefully and respond accordingly."

Assistant Commissioner Louisa Rolfe, the National Police Chiefs' Council leader on violence, said forces were already working on the watchdog's recommendations.But she added: "Without investment and support of partners, our commitment and effort won't be enough. The combination of significant backlogs in the criminal justice system... presents a real challenge. The longer the criminal justice process for a victim, the more likely they are to drop out."

Responding to the report, Home Secretary Priti Patel said tackling VAWG was a top priority for the government.She said: "Our VAWG Strategy, which commits to radically changing how we end abuse using a whole system approach, focuses on working with key agencies including police, healthcare and education.

"We have already taken essential action including introducing a national police lead for tackling VAWG and making Relationship Education compulsory in all primary schools."The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners said the way police responded to violence against and girls had improved in recent years, but consistency and improvements were still needed. headtopics.com

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Sophie Linden, London's deputy mayor for policing and crime and joint victims' lead for the APCC, added: "The numbers of cases closed without a suspect being charged - either because of evidential difficulties or because the victim does not support a prosecution - shows that too many victims are still being let down."

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Ummmm... Shouldn't MEN prioritise reducing/ELIMINATING violence on women? After all, it's mostly men who perpetrate that shit! Starting within the police force! It is society that must prioritize this, not police. Police simply enforce the rules, whatever the rules are. It won't happen, the Police are more interested in supplying Tea to protestors sitting in the middle of the M25, or arresting you for an offensive tweet. You can report all sorts of real crimes and they ignore them.

How about violence against anyone? Surly the problem isn’t with the police for me the problem is after the police do their job (and they do) the perpetrators go to court where a slap on the wrist is given this country as no deterrent for crime No extra funding for doing what they should be doing anyway. They need to overhaul their recruitment and promotion practices. Stop employing and promoting the very misogynistic bullying thugs that you should be investigating!

Start policing and stop attacking women? The BBC tell us; the folk we have imported a lot of; have a serious issue with women; so its likely to increase as approved by Gov; now I guess want funding from tax payer to stop it. Typical. magic money tree saves all. They’ll do that as soon as they finish checking you’re using the right pronouns on line.

They need to start cracking down on violent protests, the peace was seem to get manhandled and the violent ones are left to do what they want. Is the plan to work on their colleagues first or the general public?

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Yes agree. But males 18-34 are still the main victims of person on person violence.

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