Police 'in absolute shock over massive party'

Police 'in absolute shock over massive party'

3/29/2020 5:43:00 PM

Police 'in absolute shock over massive party'

More than 20 adults and children defied social distancing rules with karaoke in Derby, police say.

Image captionDerbyshire Police posted a photo of the buffet on Twitter, which prompted lots of online commentsPolice have been left"in absolute shock" after finding 25 adults and children having a"massive party".Everyone was dispersed and the hosts"dealt with" after social-distancing rules were breached in Derby.

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earlier in the week when it released drone footage of people in pairs rambling in the Peak District.However, the force has said it is merely applying the legislation the government has passed.Group 1 Officers have just attended an address in absolute shock to find 25 adults and children having a massive party with speakers and karaoke. Everyone dispersed and hosts dealt with.

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K mr Seriously WTF are these people stupid? People seem not to have any common sense knowledge 😔 Terrible yes but I think the coverage of Boris and Matt Hancock , Prince Charles , Tom Hanks , Idris Elba etc all apparently unaware they have covid 19 until testing positive because they have access to Chloroquine and we don’t sends the wrong message

gj1023 The buffet looks crap Idiots Liock them up Fine the lot. Put the fines into community support fund Pathetic people no respect 😡 BLOODY IDIOTS!!!! People like these will cause the “lockdown” to be extended. Let’s hope they don’t know anyone who has caught this awful virus. They should be prosecuted for breaking the law.

For god sake !!!! Testing corona . Everyone of them should be tagged and confined to their houses. They have put others lives at risk. patel4witham force this to make an example of them to others that this is not acceptable I hope they all die. Every one of them. And I’m not even joking. It just shows how people this self-isolating, staying at home were a welcome opp to celebrate & party. Itd social distancing not socializing and partying. Think and consider! Save lives.. do your part for urself and ur family's safety.

Inconsiderate arseholes. It shows we live in a sick society. People decide not to watch the news because, it’s too depressing but that’s where you get some education from especially, this time that we’re in crisis. We really need to move with time to save lives. Send all of them to jail. Idiots! When I was growing up the police used to raid parties looking for drugs. Today, the police just raid parties.

Wankers 👊 No wonder the supermarkets are empty !! Natural selection awaits 1984. Should give them a hefty fine straight away,or arrest them. No excuses. Because I have to be politically correct, non discriminatory, non-prejudice etc....I cannot call people selfish, self-centred, brain cell deficient, moronic, scum of the Earth or anything else derogatory ..so I won’t. I will be mindful, kind, and the rest.. Pigs!

And this is exactly why inbreeding is illegal Selfish, Disgusting,Shameful behaviour. That’s proper Eastern European buffet. These people need putting out of their misery. So selfish. Total disregard for anything but them Selves. What a complete bunch of idiots Who drinks that type of beer with peaches and egg mayo. 🤮🤮🤢

No fines handed out? And they wonder we people break the rules. Why aren't they all in jail? Guess who? Guess who?Guess who?all that lovely ham Guess people won’t learn until they have their relatives drop dead around them. What idiots Not everyone in Derby is like that, thank you. hannahh_1995 looks like a bit of a Denise buffet to me 😂

What‘s up with the unpeeled oranges and the apricot chicken combi? Was this some bizarre cult gathering? Is that a bottle of Smirnoff next to the scrambled egg? It’s all a con this lockdown, 28,000 people died last winter of the Flu. We didn’t hear a thing about that There are riots in Wuhan. Perhaps if people were privy to the truth they might take it more seriously. Or does the CPC control our media too?

Probably stockpiling and realised they bought too much. So they threw a party. 🤣 Serves em right! If any of these people had kids there they should be reported to children's services. Irresponsible. I've not seen my mum now for two weeks,as she's in lockdown in a care home. She was taken to hospital last night with breathing difficulties and i still can't see her. Throw the book at them f-uking retards 😠

Why? There seems to be a more ‘massive’ collection of people flouting the law in the name of Allah🤨 eastern europeans ? if so send them back home . Ignorant and selfish! Was it a polish early easter holiday keep them altogether in a detention centre, until this is over, then fine them for breaking the rules and a bill for the detention

Headlines again by the BBC. Stirring things up again. This is just not the norm. Indolent crazies🤮 Jail them all until this is over Big hefty fine. Selfish Twts!! This is nuts people who cannot go out because of illness are running out of food. Selfish, Maximum punishment required. More twats Rola Cola as well, panic buyers screwed these guys

I'd like to know where they shopped for all that. All our shops are still empty Hope that the bastards all catch it and are then denied treatment the selfish twats Stasi just butthurt they weren't invited. Such selfish people. Unsurprising, then, that Derbyshire has the highest number of cases according to thetimes on Saturday

Wow Some may find this amusing but it's idiots such as these that will mean we all stay in lockdown longer. Idiots they should go jail Cameron1Stuart was this your party? 🤦‍♂️😂😂 Now we know who’s been bulk buying Some people seem to think this corona virus is nothing to worry about - don't they understand it can kill you!!Corona virus doesn't care if yr young or old once it gets U yr in big trouble & U could die & not just U but everyone that U have been in contact with!!

The reason we’re going to be looking at autumn before we’re going to be out off lockdown nice one dickheads 😡 Why have they been dispersed? They should’ve been made to stay together for 14 days!!!!! IDIOTS!!😡 it will be these sort of people who stock pile! pricks This is an old photo. A lie to bolster the reputation of Derbyshire police .

Lock down now.Fine each and every one a SIGNIFICANT amount and put them all in quarantine.Selfish idiots!That's what the German police are doing in similar circumstances...and they are having to pay for using quarantine facilities too. All the way from Poland. Or not maybe STUPIDITY; shameful! get there names whoever and wherever they are doing this and when they get ill leave them....simple

The biggest pandemic after the Coronavirus is stupidity! Just maybe after this is over we might start working on our schools and colleges and funding them to promote advanced education for our children! Selfish pricks Probably trying to eat all the food they stockpiled. Absolute morons Nothing will happen because they are foreign no doubt

Wouldn't put it past Derbyshire police to 'stage' a buffet table (and mix of food looks wrong) in order to justify over zealous policing in peak district Omg Unfortunately these people have no brains! If one has the virus,25 could be infected, by end of week these idiots could have infected 200!hope police took names and address to check that they are now on self isolating!

NHS doctor 55 died today from Covid19! I blame BorisJohnson 😡 NHS lack PPE because of his incompetence! Germany is testing 80 000 a day,UK - 8000! covidiot Johnson criminal negligence is the reason for low testing in UK, STILL refusing to work with EU! 🤬😡 Why not shame them in public? Why are their faces blurred?

Name and shame

Police should fire BATON ROUNDS at coronavirus curfew breakers says ex-police chiefPOLICE officers should be allowed to fire baton rounds and use tasers against people who defy the Government's coronavirus lockdown according to a former senior officer. Shut up. I time they probably will. Remember the part they played in the miner`s strike. Legalised thuggery. The first signs of a totalitarian State!!

Manchester: two men arrested after spitting and coughing at policeSeparate incidents took place as police were responding to calls amid coronavirus pandemic Bravo Stop it Jamie Garragher 😂 OK, This: GettinSick: AVodkaMartini? Should HaveOrdered ForT Entire🏡 Renovation: Oh, WasWorkin MyAssOff: HadTime toHeal, ClearUp…

Police want you to report your neighbours if they breach coronavirus lockdownSeveral police websites have created online forms for people to fill in after a surge in 101 calls since Boris Johnson announced his strict measures I just don’t get the mentality of people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Don’t do it folks. We aren’t a stasi state just yet.

Fake police try to fine driver for 'unnecessary travel' in coronavirus lockdownThe two men were posing as police officers when they pulled the carer over and tried to fine her £60 Risking jail for that 🤦‍♂️

Israeli house demolitions and police raids on Palestinian towns ‘threaten public health’ as coronavirus spreadIsrael has enforced some of the strictest measures to stem the spread of Covid-19 – but how can Palestinians and Arab citizens stick to quarantine rules when their houses are being demolished and they are homeless. Bel Trew in East Jerusalem on an already illegal policy that is now endangering lives Fuckzionism

Coronavirus: Derbyshire police dye Buxton 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter gatheringsGood weather was attracting groups to the Bahama-blue pool despite government warnings to stay at home. Just give them some Indian stick.... Make it smell of shit, that'll keep people away. Need to go see that