Police impose conditions ahead of anti-racism demo

6/12/2020 11:22:00 PM

Police impose conditions ahead of planned protests

Police impose conditions ahead of planned protests

Restrictions come after last week's Black Lives Matter protests saw some scenes of violence and arrests.

Media captionThousands of protesters gathered in UK cities on Saturday - in London, missiles were thrown and a police horse boltedThe new conditions,set out on the Met's website, apply to Black Lives Matter, and to left and right-wing groups that have notified the force of their intention to demonstrate on Saturday.

Restrictions include a specific route for Black Lives Matter demonstrators between Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, where they will be permitted to assemble until 17:00.Similar regulations applied to right-wing groups require them to assemble in Parliament Square and some parts of Whitehall, again until 17:00.

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A bit late now the horse has bolted... instead of standing around allowing these far left groups take over a peaceful protest & run smock vadalising, rioting & beating cops maybe they should of dealt with the vile scum there & then... Decent people will not even be there, only scum will turn up to cause trouble, and they already know what trouble they will cause. Get firemans hoses and blast them all with boiling hot water!

Was watching the bbc news channel last weekend and they never reported any trouble they said it was peaceful....disgraceful bbc But if large gatherings goes against the lockdown rules, why are protest marches even allowed yet for anytime, not just up to 5pm, or is COVID-19 only infectious after 5pm? I think the 17:00 hours deadline is a good idea , after that any trouble makers remaining will be seen as just that and not part of the peaceful protests.

Just a reminder that there will be an outbreak of abject stupidity in London today. MuslamicLaw Antifa thugs will be exempt of course BLM do not matter quite so much on a wet Friday afternoon. Strange how they only really matter when the suns out. When did 27 injured police officers equate to being ‘on the whole peaceful’

Oh I see. This weekends are planned protests. Last 10 days protests were not planned. Give it a rest your such an embarrassment.

Chicago police face being fired if they kneel with Black Lives Matter protestersMayor Lori Lightfoot said she would not dignify comments with her response Get the unions involved Free speech has no boundaries Good.

Right c’mon The British police let’s see some discipline today and anyone breaking the law arrest and use force. The country is watching maybe a few squaddies who are highly trained in combat and martial arts.. 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️ I hope they’ve realised from all the negative press this week that they’re earning more enemies than supporters with their loutish behaviour; mainly from whites. If they want understanding/equality/respect, it’s earnt, attacking police, vandalism, looting etc... is the wrong way

But will the police carry out the new rules? No....no chance. Why are they not arrested for not social distancing or breaking lockdown I can’t meet with my family but they can meet with hundreds !! Well done IDOTIC twats speading cov 19 all black life matter but so do all the old NHS people shielding with underlying illness think about it .how SELFISH you are grow up do something sensible stay at home

Far left gonna take a beating today, can’t wait BorisJohnson is a racist. He now stands accused of provoking trouble at the protest by building tension in the police and those protesting.... He is culpable Who are the far right groups attending or extreme far right as sadiq khan calls them as i can't see anything. Or is it just a few veterans getting together sick of seeing monuments honouring dead service men and women being defaced?

Best riot control EVER Why didn’t they do this last weekend ? Seems discriminatory treatment ! They were content to have no restrictions when it was BLM .... what does that say to rest of country ? pritipatel

Black deaths in police custody: the tip of an iceberg of racist treatmentBlack people account for 8% of deaths in custody, while making up only 3% of the population. But this is only the end point of a system that disproportionately suspects, arrests, convicts and imprisons BAME people F A K E N E W S Some of them are doing it for their own benefits too. Looting and burning of public properties in America or elsewhere cannot be justified. Strict action must me taken against those goons. In the name of Floyd they are looting iphones, Rolex, Playstations, nikes and what not.

They will not be stuck too by marchers, already proved a law unto themselves All the leftie extreme last week, that’s fine. this week right wing about to start suddenly police get tough. How transparent The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy – everything. -George Orwell.

Boris says we cannot edit or censor our past .All we ask is that you tell the truth, if you know what that means Condition 1: Piss off Condition 2: piss off again! Condition 3: to late you are nicked! Just dont take the horses Eveyone else is there through choice at this,, Riot Conditions should have been imposed on day 1 of the protest: 10-4 in one location. Period.

Note how the left wing Nazi extremists are claiming that violence and destruction of property and disregard for democracy is the right side to be on.They are to BLM what the SS was to Hitler...!!! No doubt the Fuhrer would approve! AllLivesMatter AllLivesMatters GenuineRacism Hypocrisy piersmorgan ITV BBC SkyNews SkySportsNews All Genuine Non-Racist people who want to know the truth about BLM - Please watch this video...

As a black man, joining the police in the 80s made me question my sanityLeroy Logan was shocked by the racism he encountered in the Metropolitan police. Things improved after the Stephen Lawrence inquiry – but sometimes it feels as if the bad old days are back So - things are a hell of a lot better than they were. Great...progress! 👏👏 Didn’t stop you from joining. Funny that writing for a paper who’s founder was part of the slave trade ! Unbelievable!

Hello: there’s a Pandemic going on. PANDEMIC! Anyone? 🤷‍♂️ I'm confused. Why aren't any of the police wearing masks - for their colleagues' sake and the health of protestors they could be in contact with? MetPoliceEvents metpoliceuk Banned BLM from UK, named a terrorist organisation, sent back to US where the white race baiting movement came from. That's if common sense prevailed but it's no longer common.

Anyone remember VE day? “Right wing” in this article means what? Normal british people? A bronze statue of a turbaned Sikh soldier, unveiled less than a week ago in the West Midlands to commemorate soldiers from undivided India who fought in WWI, has been vandalised. It is the first full statue of a South Asian First World War soldier in the UK. BRITAIN racism BLM

The Empire Strikes Back. A bronze statue of a turbaned Sikh soldier, unveiled less than a week ago in the West Midlands to commemorate soldiers from undivided India who fought in WWI, has been vandalised. It is the first full statue of a South Asian First World War soldier in the UK. How more racism BLM

BLM is a communist protest group and should be at least described as far-left, if not extreme-left.

Mothers of black Americans killed by police speak out: ‘Nothing's changed’For years, these women marched demanding for justice – what’s different now, they say, is a generation hungry for change what do you mean? the english have been so busy toppling statues and burning 5g masts that something s got to give

I hope the protesters can breath CS gas, the BLM message has been lost and certainly now that I have been on their website and read their agenda, I say good. It’s been ripped out of the black panther movement. You don’t fight bad with evil This should help to reduce the amount of injured police officers during 'mostly peaceful' riots

FTP FTP Note how the right wing extremists have been designated Whitehall and parliament square! They are to bojo what the black n tans were to churchill...!!! No doubt priti vacant will be out applauding them! Going to protect the Mandela statue. What a f*cking surprise. Support the terrorist and cover up Churchill. Absolutely disgusting.

No throwing bikes at horse back police? In fact during previous protests e.g. against capitalism I recall that several stores in central London were boarded up, not just a few statutes. Therefore it is disingenuous to claim that BLM protests should require more heavy-handed policing. Socialists have nothing to offer. They contributed nothing in the fight against covid, only political opportunism. They have now summoned a mob onto the streets, not to fight injustice but to exploit it. Marxist socialism, National socialism or any form of socialism only destroys

The metpoliceuk don’t impose f**k all, all they do is watch instead of removing and arresting!

Black Lives Matter: Elderly protester suffers brain injury after being shoved to the ground by US police officersMartin Gugino's lawyer said the 75-year-old is looking forward to healing and determining what his 'new normal' might look like. More shite from sky Fact he was out there tells me he was already brain dead White lives matter

Oh, so now you want to do your job once we volunteer to do it for you. Yet will totally FAIL to enforce them. Black and white men with savvy are now wise to this. People - we are all being played by BLM (the org - google them). They are a Marxist group, playing on Black grievance to whip up a race war. The goal - revolution and abolishion of the police.

Protests should be peaceful and effective policing is a cornerstone of democracy. However, the police should not be allowed to take a different approach to these BLM protests to that taken toward other demonstrations e.g. Brexit, climate change, capitalism, ant-war, etc. Police should impose tear gas and water cannon on this scum

Fine everyone breaking the social distancing rules. SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS LAST WEEK Asking mobs to finish at 5 please or preferably not come at all . That time is passed, we will find tomorrow that dealing with folk bent on trouble with timidness wont work. The time for toughness is long overdue, but with this govt folk know they can do what they like

Funnily enough I find Boris Johnson absurd and wrong, so perhaps they can board him up as well. Dozens of arrests and 27 injured police officers last week!! You call that 'on the whole peaceful'? You are playing a very dangerous game here BBC with your agenda. What country in the world is more welcoming than Britain? Serious question?

Suffolk police stop black couple for 'looking suspicious' and accuse them of 'jumping on the bandwagon' of anti-racist protestsA black couple was reportedly stopped by police for driving a car on the road, and told they “look suspicious.” Yesterday, my parents were stopped and questioned in their own driveway for “driving a God hates nothing that He has made. Honour every lawful authority and do not neglect the higher powers, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and remember that the Magistrate is here to help you.

Yes Hey BBC look at these Right Wingers terrorising Poole with their anti liberal lefty violent demonstration It's about time the establishment started to stand its ground and enforce law and order BBC Great work, stand up to these thugs, and it would be nice for once for the BBC to actually report the events in an unbiased fashion, not too much to ask.

Should have done that last weekend If I was them I would just cancel now that would be funny Hope it’s better than last week and left the running shoes at home. 'All the BLM people over here at these times, all the racists over here at these times. That way everyone is happy...'

Here is a link to the page to Declare that you don't need a BBC licence. It's perfectly legal, you can watch anything you like apart from live broadcasts. Save yourself 157.00, & you get to choose what you watch, Is social distancing one of the conditions? I should think so too, last weekends behaviour was atrocious.

It's nature, genetic cleansing let those who are are that stupid die out it's called evolution. Folk should stay out of London tomorrow, if they get caught up in trouble they've been well warned.... This is going to go well then... There shouldn’t be any conditions,because there shouldn’t be any protests. Do these halfwits realise covid is still a danger

What liberal propaganda. Liberals use the word 'impose' here like it's a bad thing. What's bad would be the terrorism, treason, anarchy, etc. in the streets. “Security forces plan crackdown on peaceful protests”. If you were reporting any other country.

MediaScum The metpolice have policed these protests with discrimination.. tomorrow will be the same.. tougher tactics will be used on any group which is white or perceived as right wing This is the best thing to happen out of all this hate! SilentMajority should have happened a week ago! 🙄🙄 Good.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Thousands of protesters gathered in UK cities on Saturday - in London, missiles were thrown and a police horse bolted The new conditions, set out on the Met's website , apply to Black Lives Matter, and to left and right-wing groups that have notified the force of their intention to demonstrate on Saturday.US charges Gambian man with torturing political prisoners as part of d Those comments come as police across the US have been seen in the kneeling position, otherwise known as ‘taking the knee’, with crowds demonstrating against systemic racism and police violence.was found dead in a cell in Devon .Growing up, we didn’t feel as if the police were there to protect us.

Restrictions include a specific route for Black Lives Matter demonstrators between Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square, where they will be permitted to assemble until 17:00. Similar regulations applied to right-wing groups require them to assemble in Parliament Square and some parts of Whitehall, again until 17:00.” According to Fox32, members dismissed from the union would lose contractual benefits and protections but would be able to continue working as a cop in Chicago. "Policing demonstrations is complex and challenging, not least during a global health crisis," Commander Javid added. That is not to say there haven’t been prosecutions – but the evidence has never been sufficient to persuade a jury that a police officer should be responsible. "We will continue to police any protests with the aim of keeping people safe and preventing crime and disorder. He compared his actions to those officers who have knelt with demonstrators, and said only politics separated them." A Black Lives Matter demonstration took place in central London on Friday evening with leaders of the march urging those in attendance to keep the demonstration"peaceful" and not to join any anti-racism rallies planned for the weekend. At the time, many police officers were very militaristic.

Image copyright Image caption Protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in London on Friday evening Hundreds of campaigners surrounded Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square after walking from Hyde Park, as around two dozen police officers watched on. I want to see what happens on the department level,” said Mr Catanzara. Juries are loth to convict police officers generally, but the tendency is especially stark in these cases. 'Absurd and shameful' Earlier, a statue of war-time leader Winston Churchill in Parliament Square was boarded up to protect it from potential damage. The move was branded"absurd and shameful" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. More about:. Mr Johnson said the former prime minister had expressed opinions which were"unacceptable to us today" but remained a hero for saving the country from"fascist and racist tyranny". Well-known examples include Rashan Charles, who died after being chased and restrained; Edson Da Costa, who died of cardiorespiratory arrest after being stopped by police; and . Protesters daubed"was a racist" on Churchill's statue last weekend. Initially, they didn’t really want me, as a black police officer, to express my individuality.