Police 'fighting losing battle' with campers

People reminded lockdown rules do not allow overnight camping at beauty spots

5/23/2020 1:08:00 AM

People reminded lockdown rules do not allow overnight camping at beauty spots

Overnight stays away from home remain banned despite the easing of the lockdown rules, police warn.

Image copyrightImage captionOfficers said that with their"engagement, explanation and education" the visitors had moved onIn nearby Perranporth, residents took to social media to share pictures of campervans in a clifftop car park and of tents on the beach early in the morning. Campers have also been asked to move on in North Devon.

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Truro and Falmouth MP Cherilyn Mackrory said she had spoken to the Prime Minister's Office, as well as local police."Earlier today it was brought to my attention that there were a number of caravans and campervans that were parked up and stayed overnight last night on the north coast - particularly in Perranporth," she said.

"Let me be clear, this is not on."Image copyrightBrad MearsImage captionPictures of tents on Perranporth beach were posted online on Thursday morning along with a picture of a bench that had been destroyed in a beach fireImage copyrightRob Joules

Image captionNorth Devon resident Rob Joules tweeted that he had been out near Croyde trying to move on campers who stayed overnightBrad Mears, who lives in Perranporth, said people had been camping on the beach and in the dunes all week.He said he had seen campers using a cave as a toilet and the remains of a bench from a nearby pub were visible in the remnants of a fire.

"It is not good. My mum is petrified of getting [coronavirus]," he said."Everyone has been so good down here and now I don't know."Mrs Mackrory said the behaviour of those who chose to break the rules regarding overnight stays was"irresponsible and dangerous" and"risks the health and wellbeing of our coastal communities with a second peak of Covid-19".

In Dorset on Thursday, police patrolling Sandbanks beach near Poole said they had spoken to a group of people from London who had camped overnight in a gazebo.Image copyrightDorset PoliceImage captionDorset Police found a group of people sleeping in a gazebo on Sandbanks beach near Poole

Councillor Laura Miller, who represents the area of Dorset that includes Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, said people had been sleeping in their cars and urinating in gardens.And on Thursday night, the coastguard and police were called out after a man from London pitched two tents"around one foot" from the cliff edge, she said, adding that it was"so dangerous".

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We're continuing to ask would-be visitors to Think Twice about coming to Dorset at this time. However, the good... Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Anyone thinking about the poor souls cleaning up the human faeces after toilets being shut, now all the rubbish being left by idiotic public too lazy to use a bin? still unbelievable in real terms there is no vaccine available. everyone dies, why did we start lockdown? CalderValleySRT What rules? Blame DominicCumins I mean nobody’s going to follow any roles now are they?

Except Dominic Cummings, he's excempt. Then the fines clearly aren't high enough. Lockdown officially over, it appears you can do as you like. Ofc they are! There's three types of British people. You've got your Knuckle draggers, who are too thick to understand basic instructions. The entitled, who think it doesn't concern them, so they'll do what they want anyway and then there are those that understand the difference.

Let their tyres down Think this is a totally busted flush - lockdown rules have been thrown away by every member of the cabinet Just drive up and down the motorway like Cummings... Nothing to see here. Presumably unless it’s for the sake of your child? And I bet these people are all outraged at Dominic Cummings!!!🙈😂

Unless you work in government Start fining them then! Not stupid little amounts either, make it worth while. Typical of this country, constantly too afraid to do things right. But if your Dominic Cummings you can travel 250 miles with covid symptoms to spread it. The hypocrisy is unbelievable piersmorgan BorisJohnson 10DowningStreet

Or driving hundreds of miles away while symptomatic. Thanks to Boris letting Cummings do whatever he likes, the rest of the population will follow suit. And good luck to them all. People are so unbelievably self centred and stupid!! I thought overnight camping unless on a campsite was illegal anyway. Everyone please share. Do not insure your car with e-sure. They will rip you off. 26 quid to change 6 letters on your policy. Just 6 letters! Criminal. BBCWatchdog TopGearEditor WhichUK askesure I will share this everyday on all platforms. Don’t insure with e-sure robbers

morlocks Unless your name is s Dominic Cummings I’m sorry but this is going too far they are all isolated from one another what’s the issue Unless you are a top government aide Maybe the police should start arresting the scientists advising the government as they are thick as mince Good, people are taking control again

Can't imagine that here in Spain... or the campers being seen for a while afterwards 😳 Yes its dangerous with all those members of the public walking through your campervan How do the gypsies cope Though while Covis is not defeated it is the thin end of the wedge gallivanting about That’s an headline and “Cummings” isn’t come on BBC news up your game

£1000 fines - no arguments perhaps the police should give up on issuing fines and instead the govt should retract the furlough pay of those breaking the lockdown rules. Still can’t understand why my wife and I can’t stay in our static with it’s own toilet and shower facility, we see less people there than at home it’s pathetic scaremongering

Give people an inch & they take a mile! Of course not, but you can visit your elderly parents when you have the virus.....No? The problem is people can see the inequality and vagueness of above in the system and are using there own common sense. People mostly will obey the rules if there’s a good explanation for them. If the only explanations are transparent rationalisations then people will get bloody minded.

MPs going living in their second homes.... No difference really And the harm is....? Most rules are illogical bollocks. The premise seems to be ‘not everybody is able to, so you can’t either’ rather than to stop an activity that might spread the virus. Rules like that are controlling the spread of envy, not covid19

What a dreadful world it is right now. What's the problem in going to a country spot on your own in a motorhome or camper vehicle and stopping overnight with nobody else? Nothing. You're on your own, there's nobody in sight to infect. No excuses! Slap them with instant penalty tickets! Just stick a fine on them, simple Everyone knows the rules

Leave people to get on with there lives Not even in Durham? The government the police and councils have to realise you cannot lockdown people and control them like puppets by keeping their freedom from them, I'm with the defiant ones on this, what's the best idk if you are on a field in your own motorhome or 2 berth camper? No risk at all

Let's open up campsites, with social distancing. The police should focus on real crimes. Ridiculous to try and stop overnight stays that harm no one 'Everybody hates a tourist.' - Jarvis Cocker You can’t lockdown people forever even if it’s well meant we’re not made to be in jail and let’s face it they don’t see the that anyone has a right to do so

These clowns would be turning lights on in the Blitz. COVIDIDIOTS What does beauty spots offer in a pendemic, I don't think beauty is an essential service When did the government specify that camping wasn’t allowed? Last I heard they said you were allowed to be outdoors as much as possible. What difference does it make if it’s day time or night time?

Everybody go camping Cummings can disobey rules so can we 👍🥳 Well now the police know how I feel playing warzone.. Rules are for the guidance of wise men&the obedience of fools.Stop social distancing,not law,only way to revive the country & livelihoods& live life. We aren't all going to die but need to live. Lock up vulnerable& scared & remaining millions free to live.

‘Dominic Cummings rages at inconsiderate campers ignoring lockdown rules’. That should do it! And these people will be the first to complain when a 2nd wave of Covid hits us...sod all common sense just selfish. Common sense Britain? Don't make me laugh 😂 The majority of Britains are low life imbeciles who don't give a toss for anyone except themselves. They think the world owes them everything. It's ME ME ME.

They should try playing Modern Warfare What’s the problem? Us plebs are just “doing a Dominic”. Here comes the second wave. Not very fair on us who are trying our best to stay home What if you broke down there and had to wait until morning for someone to come help you Walk round with torches and dogs at 3 am and send them packing or they'll be arrested

Fine the tight arses £100 that will make them go. That's why they go a camper van! Unless you're the Chief Adviser of the Prime Minister, of course. Get kuensberg onto it, she'll have it sorted by the morning. Are they all going to be named and shamed and the beeb will call for them to resign from their jobs?

Why is government allowed to do it as 1of the lead advisers to BorisJohnson Does not apply to Cummings... Thick cun ts Nothing a JCB and a can do attitude couldn’t solve. Yeah its forbidden that we find peace in Nature, we all know you want us worshipping machines instead! ExtinctionRebellion But seemingly do allow the PMs advisor to stay a few nights, whilst exhibiting symptoms with his elderly parents who live over 250 miles away. 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

I have the same problem in Call of Duty. I bet none of these people will send their kids back to school but will happily mix with others on a packed beach after their night camping in beauty spots. Brain dead Perhaps if Public Servants obeyed the lockdown everyone else would. I am just saying,Cummings and certain celebrities who have gone to second homes, it is one rule for everyone.

Good.... errr flatten curve (done).... errr R number (can be anything) ...... meglo boffins (yup).... think the public are now pissed off. They do allow u to drive 250 miles to give ur kids to ur parents though. Tim Willcocks Papers Intro: 'Er, let's go.., er, denies, erm, by officers. Er, firms.. Er, it says.. Er, pushing... Er, it says.... Er, let's all... Er, finally, er,so called.. Er, this summer. Er, nothing.. Welcome to er, you both. Er, Yasmin, er, erm, what do you make of it?'

Unless your an MP or government official then you can do what you want... what's the problem? they're in their own tent/motorhome. let people live their lives again, ffs! 😡 leave them to the elements. The wheels are fast falling off this lock down thing, considering the PMs own adviser can do whatever the hell he wants while us plebs have to stay in our homes dithering with fear.

Set their hair on fire perhaps? Unless your Dominic Cummings Not even in your parents garden? But if your a Cabinet Minister or the PMs adviser you can do whatever you want It's insane to stop people camping if they follow social distancing and basically use common sense. I work at Amazon with one thousand other people and we manage it really well.

Unless your name is Dominic What about road trips to Durham? Heard they were cool with it at No10 👌 It seems that from Cummings actions the guidance doesn’t need to be followed if you don’t want to and like for him there should be no comeback on their actions It's a'right fur these buggers though eh. If people are acting like it’s a summer holiday and they’re happy to head off to the coast with the family then send them all back to work

Shameful that BBC did not include Cummings story in headlines. Another nail in the coffin. any good camp sites in durham Use your cumming sense classicdom Such an arbitrary difference Lockdown rules allow to Boris's SPADs too! We all know individual families in individual campers in separate, designated camping spots, metres apart are a fucking COVID DEATH TRAP! Or is it... keep the senseless drip-feed of fear going, or else justification for encroaching techo-Fascism might be trickier to enforce?

People reminded lockdown rules are irrational People are twats Is it true the Lock down is over? Asking for a friend SophiaLipschul1 And to European ppl too follow Rules, We would all likew to go out & camp , yet you will Give or Get COVID-19 I dont want to C u Die alone or suffer Pls Go Home But you can visit your parents in the Land of the Prince Bishops while having COVID-19 if your mates with Boris yeah.

SophiaLipschul1 to Am ppl Please remember you are on Lock down, Do Not Stay overnight at Camp grounds if you do you will get a ticket of 1000.00 dollars , do U have that money 2 pay ? Pls go home & In0Shelter follow Rules Don’t care who you are or what you do, have a bit of common sense, that’s the sense that doesn’t seem to be very common at the moment! Travelling 100 miles for a day out at this point in time is taking the piss!

Do not camp overnight at a 'beauty spot'. 😂😂😂 Simples. 😂😂😂 But it’s the governments fault... rates of infection and deaths will never be a realistic built on the strategy if people don’t comply to guidelines... simple. Sick of people preaching about what should be done. People should just behave... simple...

Unless you work for Number 10 and are an anonymous source of info for Laura K, apparently. but it doesn’t apply to Cummings Unless you are Dominic Cummings in which case do as you please. I mean, why do some humans need to go exactly by the letter of the Government? I don’t mean rebelling against it, I mean if they say go to the pub, I won’t go. If they say you can sleep at your mates I won’t. If they say you can fly to China for free I won’t. SAVE YOURSELF.

Why? People of the traveling community are exempt? Loads of them in Essex at the moment. It's complete pandemonium. I wonder how some civilized people behave with such immaturity? If these kind of lackadaisical attitude continues, in spite of paying heavy price specially in economic front due to lock-down we wont achieve what we want to! Thanks COVIDIOTS

British common sense bet they have stacks of toilet rolls 🙈 The selfishness of people is getting out of hand. Why can’t people just be patient for bit more longer iso of risking a second wave that will be even worse than the 1st wave?😖 Unless they are in Durham. Unless you're driving 260 miles to stay in your parent's outhouse while you're presenting with Covid-19 symptoms

Won't be taking this down for a while. We will know who you are, you can't blend in. Please stay away. Our services struggle through the summer we won't cope with Covid-19. But I can drive 260 miles to see my parents even though I have COVID19 right? BorisJohnson Johnson Cummings Bullshit People reminded lockdown rules do not apply to Tory MP's and overnight drivers of hundreds of miles... SacktheSap

Ramping up the camping? Police losing in all ways due to stupid rules that aren’t enforced Or travelling to Durham to visit parents. But visiting parent in Durham is fine Amiright bbclaurak ? Do you like to go camping ? We don’t live in North Korea. Unless you’re with Dominic Cummings Write it properly please, People reminded not to be dicks

They did allow us to drive from London to Durham while we have symptoms though, yeah? 🧐 Unless you're a Conservative party advisor Not trips to Durham so bollocks to them, I’m off camping.

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