Police 'considering' complaints that No 10 Christmas parties broke Covid rules

BREAKING: Police ‘considering’ complaints that No 10 Christmas parties broke Covid rules

12/4/2021 6:26:00 PM

BREAKING: Police ‘considering’ complaints that No 10 Christmas parties broke Covid rules

The Met have confirmed they are considering complaints from Labour that Boris Johnson and his No 10 staff held Christmas parties in breach of Covid regulations.

Labour backbenchers Neil Coyle and Barry Gardiner have each written toScotland Yardasking officers to investigate reports that two parties were held at a time when gatherings were banned.Mr Johnson has not denied the events took place but said no rules were broken – although he has repeatedly refused to explain how that could be the case.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said that while it did not routinely investigate ‘retrospective’ breaches of the Covid rules, it was considering the correspondence it had received.On Wednesday, the Daily Mirror reported the Prime Minister gave a speech at a packed leaving-do for a senior aide last November when the country was in the midst of the second lockdown.

The newspaper said members of his No 10 team then held their own festive party in the days before Christmas, while London was under Tier 3 restrictions.At both parties there were said to be 40 or 50 people crammed ‘cheek by jowl’ into a medium-sized room in No 10, with a source calling it a ‘Covid nightmare’. headtopics.com

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In his letter to the police, Mr Coyle said: ‘The sense of outrage from constituents is palpable that they followed the rules while those responsible for devising and enforcing them were breaching them at the top of government.‘The Prime Minister has been questioned on this and has replied that “no Covid rules were broken” but from reading the guidance I believe even holding these events was a breach of the rules at the time.’.

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Get on witH work why all the fuss how many people could be accused of doing something wrong last year L E IS 555 9 Is ANYONE really bothered about this apart from the intention to bash Boris and the Conservative party ❓🙄 But if they get charged, who pays? It's the Taxpayer. So you can't win.....even if they got a fine of 100k it would still be the taxpayer who pays. nowin

So sleaze row and ppe scandals are over already ? Why do you think Johnson is saying have Christmas? He knows he fcked up. No way will anyone abide by any other lock down in the future.~ They had to sign in and out of Downing Street,so where is the book with their names on it.?~ The police should be out catching the burglars, abusers, rapists and murderers in my opinion. They seem to be being used and abused for everything they do at the moment. If Parliament cannot control it's own MPs itself how on earth can police control us?

Very considerate of them So, labour must be investigated too. They both did the same thing during the same period. The Police assisted any breaches as they let them all in so my guess is that they will be forced to say 'nothing to see here'

No 10 Christmas party claims ‘incredibly insulting’ – Covid bereaved familiesBoris Johnson said any events held at No 10 were “in accordance with the rules”. We've been making sacrifices they've been living their lives! Insult to the dead c19 Hey 10DowningStreet carrielbjohnson Conservatives tell BorisJohnson to have anyone fined for having parties refunded.

Shouldn't be too hard to find some reliable witnesses Ducking too right And we all know nothing will happen hypocrite It will be interesting to know if any police officers knew about the party before it became public knowledge. Muhammad Qasim is Imam Al-Mahdi! In times of confusions, trials and mistrust, the entire Muslim Ummah needs some reassurance and commiseration. Muhammad Qasim’s Dreams bring us such hope and the help of Allah that has been promised by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Apologise to 145k people would be a start, or at least their families. NO CONSIDERING - Boris admitted in the House of Commons by stating that no rules were broken. THEY WERE BY HAVING A PARTY!!! Act now and finally get these MPs for not just breaking their own rules BUT for lying too!!! Then sackings and resignations.

The won’t do a damn thing lol Considering? If I had, as Prime Minister, suggested a safety precaution the whole country should follow and then lead by example, (o really, a party) I would not be able to raise my head for shame. Number of people who lost loved ones on the same day from Covid,unable to see them

Met ‘considers’ complaints No 10 Xmas parties breached Covid rulesTwo Labour MPs have urged Scotland Yard to investigate reported violations of Covid regulations by Downing Street staff. They best do more than bloody consider.

Maybe the police should have been a little more concerned about that little lad who was reported to them and ended up having his head smashed against a hard surface so hard he died? These people need to get their priorities sorted? Consider this if the public did this the police would be in --Moby Dick will shelf the case

Poor guy, Boris will just have to go full Hitler, pass a law that gives the PM the right to over rule any leftie court judgement. Let’s face it , he is doing a sterling job breaking every rule of our ‘unwritten’ constitution. Dick by name, Dick by nature will turn a blind eye as usual.... Peppa pig would never have done this

More chance of me becoythe next pope than anything happening because of this 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡 Nothings gonna come of it. Corrupt cressida. Corrupt met. Corrupt government. Complicit media. All known about for years. But we couldn't have the jam maker could we? It was safe. No one caught Covid. Nothing to investigate. Honestly 😤

So govt has to resign immediately and let Kier lead the country and mess it up

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Gosh what a waste of taxpayers monies plus police need to concentrate on main issues.These people who complained-fail to understand why after one year They'll do feck all! AllinItTogether

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COVID 19: Boris Johnson rejects chance to address No 10 Christmas party allegations as Labour call for investigation into the matterOn Tuesday, the Mirror claimed the PM made a speech at a leaving do on 27 November - when the country was in the second lockdown - and allowed a festive party to proceed on 18 December when London was in the grips of Tier 3 restrictions. this is worth your time Yeap! We got drunk orderly! Hahaha 🤣 give me a break! ⚡️🐍🧜🏻‍♀️ Usual Sky followers trying to hang a guy who wasn’t even in the building at the time of this so called non proven party that was a year ago. If this was January then I would ask for him to go also