PM’s wife apologises for 'lapse of judgement' after partying with pals during lockdown

Carrie Johnson has apologised after pictures emerged of her breaking lockdown rules at a West End club

1/16/2022 2:32:00 AM

Carrie Johnson has apologised after pictures emerged of her breaking lockdown rules at a West End club

The Prime Minister's wife has apologised after pictures emerged of Mrs Johnson breaking lockdown rules at a West End club.

Restrictions in place at the time also banned people from meeting in groups of more than six except for education, work, weddings and funerals with the PM himself stating "you should keep your distance from anyone you don't live with".Read more:

Boris 'launches Operation Save Big Dog and will scrap Plan B' as he bids to stay in No10Reports say a Government plan is gearing up to save Mr Johnson's job, with the Independent claiming it is being referred to as "Operation Save Big Dog".

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JugglingJelly Again, they don’t seem to realise “sorry you caught me” doesn’t cut it. 45albannach I'm sick to the back teeth of the Johnsons and their corrupt scams. Just get rid of them now. And make them take their decorations with them. JohnsonOut Oh now she is sorry too They really are thick as 🐷💩

Wow do not think the rules apply to them where is the home secretary with her call the police and tell if know it going on may be her phone not working So... apologise for breaking the law and all is well 🤔🤔 disgusting people, disgusting government. And witch hunt continues. Remember when it was revealed that a friend of hers spent Christmas with them, which was against the rules because friend wasn't in their bubble - Their 'excuse' was that the friend was there to provide them with childcare. I always thought it odd. Childcare on Christmas day?

I thought breaking the Rules had penalties attached to it? Or was it a mere Apology? People that breached the Rule were fined? Get rid of them all.

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I'm so sorry I was caught is not an apology. More to come. Fuck the apologies in lapse of concentration! They have corrupted and hurt every U.K. family on the sacrifice’s they have made, and ultimately those who have died in their hands! They just don’t give a shit about rules and laws! It’s a den of vipers and drunk’s!

Oh I’ve been caught out, sorry but surely the rules don’t apply to me, don’t you know who I am CarrieAntoinette It is a 'lapse of judgement' if it happened once but the Johnson family broke the rules over and over again-The contempt they display towards ordinary people who kept within the guidelines is palpable.

A lapse?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh Carrie love - if you had an iota of judgement you wouldn’t be a Johnson It’s just constant isn’t it…break the rules - lie - give half arsed apology - rinse and repeat. Can’t believe the Tories and especially Boris are still in charge 😭 Was there not another party to celebrate Cummings getting binned?

What now? So she's apologised. What if those people caught breaking the rules had apologised? The ones who are currently paying fines who got caught? If we can just apologise and get let off, then we do not have rule of law. The sense of entitlement is astonishing.😡 What is really starting to annoy me is the fact all this information has been sitting on someone's computer for a very long time.. Tories were never the right party to have in control during a health crisis.

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Just a reminder that we stuck to the rules, to protect the NHS. Too many people were busy trying to work out how to get away with it instead of just not doing it. there's a shock Well, well, well. Apologies really aren't worth that much with this lot. Detest her as much as her husband. 🤷🏾‍♂️ So many lapses of judgment. No, not breaking rules, they were set by her husbands government. Being photographed / caught out doing it. I must not, must not, must not be caught out... again.

Yes we know it’s wrong but come on, a hug 16 months ago? Lapse of fucking judgement?

Kanye admits he punched autograph seeker in West HollywoodKanye West, 44, said he was outside the Soho Warehouse at 3 a.m. on Thursday when a man who had been tailing him in recent days for autographs allegedly provoked him. Cry me a river 😭! NOBODY makes you do anything, you only have yourself to blame! I don't believe for one minute that she's kept their children from seeing him, at all.

It just keeps geting from bad to worst carriejohnson kay burley and beth rigby suspended from their job at sky for similar thing 🤷🏽 FYI Breaking the LAW. Not just 'rules'. Wonder where shevoickedctgat habit up from? 100plus Ha someone has been compiling a vendetta against them, careful stockpiling images of lockdown breaches to expose.

That's cool and all but why does the same lap in judgement cost the rest of us a small fortune? ChildOfAlba Distraction/taking the pxxx now - £1billion giving to private healthcare no guaranteed healthcare and that police bill that is going to seriously affect everyone's lives - get rid of tories now/yesterday - they are stripping the country/people of everything!

Carrie Johnson was a civil at the time of the Parties , when they took the place ( she shouldn't be there ) , also if one can convince me otherwise if this was a business meeting ....... can one trust the people in power representing our country while intoxicated .... explain Hahaha,i just cant conceive how anyone can accept this.Are we all still nieve to think after the 20th time that it was just another lapse in judgement.Fucking bs,humans love to ignore what’s in plain fucking sight. No one will ever understand the mental impact the parties havehad

Didn't she just give birth? O.o tory_uh torypartygate. The gift that keeps giving.

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Pooey the 16th and Carrie Antoinette are just laughing at the little people Talk is cheap Too much drama with Boris and co. Country has enough fatigue with everything else going on without his shenanigans.. And yet we're meant to believe that they had to travel in between 10 Downing Street and Chequers to keep her away from all the staff so she wouldn't get covid. Looks like she wasn't that worried.

Got a new BOJO revelation to report? Call the Sue Grey line now .... be patient it may be engaged. Stanley, Boris and Carrie Johnson just flout the rules and these are the ones we know about. anyone on street who says they havent broken lockdown rules at one point is a liar. anyone. 100% Enough with the sorries, you did it and couldn’t give toss about any one else except when you get caught,then the crocodile tears come out.

mrplannings ToryScum

Kanye West storms off in anger after allegedly punching out a fanDramatic footage of the aftermath shows West, 44, screaming, 'Get away from me' at a woman trying to calm him down while the unidentified fan lies on the floor, clutching his head in pain.

What utter tosh. You’re telling me these people posed for a photo knowing it was against the rules and then it mysteriously emerges at this precise moment. Whoever is behind this needs to take a walk and grow up. She doesn't have any judgment to lapse from. And there's much more to apologise for. tory_uh What?! Carrie, Carrie Joh… oh, okay never mind… We’ll just sit here and eat cake. ToryScum CarrieAntoinette ToryCovidCatastrophe ToryLies ToryParty JohnsonOut GTTO

britain melania Ah I remember that. It was the Chablis night. Worked my ass off all day to chill her wine. didn’t meet the temperature she wanted. She made me feel like a failure. I’m just an everyday fridge trying to make everyone happy. I worried I was going to be sold for scrap that night 😞

Kanye West allegedly punches man after being filmed shouting outside LA members clubKanye West allegedly punches fan after being filmed shouting and swearing at man outside LA members club

The Telegraph , Carrie Johnson can be seen hugging friend Anna Pinder, outside at a private members' club in London's in September 2020. The snap was taken when Government guidance stated members of the public should stay two metres apart from those in other households or one metre with extra precautions in place, such as wearing masks. Restrictions in place at the time also banned people from meeting in groups of more than six except for education, work, weddings and funerals with the PM himself stating "you should keep your distance from anyone you don't live with". A spokesman for Mrs Johnson said on Saturday: "Mrs Johnson was one of a group of six seated outside celebrating a friend’s engagement. Mrs Johnson regrets the momentary lapse in judgment in briefly hugging her friend for a photograph." It is the latest Conservative Covid breach to be revealed, as the Boris Johnson faces calls to resign amid a string of No 10 lockdown breaching parties, held during 2020. Read more: When were they not partying? No10 accused of holding 'wine-time Fridays' throughout Covid Read more: Boris 'launches Operation Save Big Dog and will scrap Plan B' as he bids to stay in No10 Earlier this week the PM was forced to apologising to the Queen after it emerged a No10 do was held on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral, which took place under Covid measures. Mr Johnson also had to say sorry to MPs in the House of Commons after admitting he attended a drinks do in the Downing Street garden - though he insisted he believed it was a work event. Reports say a Government plan is gearing up to save Mr Johnson's job, with the Independent claiming it is being referred to as "Operation Save Big Dog". Read more: The plan will work out who should lose their jobs after Sue Gray's investigation into Government staff parties during Covid restrictions is completed. It will also emphasise what Mr Johnson has achieved in his time as PM, the Independent said. Supportive ministers will be lined up to carry out interviews backing Mr Johnson, it is claimed and should come as Plan B is rolled back. It comes after deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner, reportedly wrote a letter to Cabinet Secretay, Simon Case, demanding "urgent" answers in response to claims No 10 staff were asked to delete evidence of illegal Downing Street parties. According to The Independent, staff were told to "clean up" their phones of anything that could be deemed as evidence of a party. The letter formally asks Mr Case whether both the Cabinet Office and Downing Street had referred themselves to the Information Comissioner’s Office. Ms Rayner wrote: "The British Civil Service is known around the world for upholding the highest standards and, as you are of course aware, the Civil Service Code is designed to ensure that officials can conduct their work without fear or favour. "I am concerned that in order to move on from this raft of scandals that junior staff may lose their jobs in order to protect politicians or their appointees." Read more: Who is Sue Gray, the woman in charge of No 10 Christmas parties probe Sir Keir, who this week called on Mr Johnson to resign – and was joined in doing so by a handful of Conservative backbenchers and several Scottish Tories – said on Saturday: "Rather than concentrating on getting through the pandemic and bringing down waiting lists, this self-indulgent Tory party is instead having a fight about a leader who they should have known from the start is not fit for office." He added: "Boris Johnson is too preoccupied defending his rule-breaking and as day follows night when it comes to the National Health Service you can never trust the Tories." "We are witnessing the broken spectacle of a Prime Minister mired in deceit and deception, unable to lead."