PM 'responding to treatment' in intensive care

Boris Johnson's condition is 'stable', No 10 says, as he continues to receive hospital treatment for coronavirus.

4/8/2020 3:12:00 PM

Boris Johnson “remains clinically stable and is responding to treatment”, says No 10 He remains in intensive care, receiving standard oxygen treatment and is breathing without any other assistance

Boris Johnson's condition is 'stable', No 10 says, as he continues to receive hospital treatment for coronavirus.

Ahead of a spell of sunny weather forecast in some parts of the UK later this week, Mr Argar urged people to stay at home"however lovely the weather this Easter weekend"."If we are, as the statistics appear to show, making a little bit of progress, now's the time to hold to it," he told BBC Breakfast.

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Regarding a review of lockdown measures, he said:"We need to start seeing the numbers coming down and that's when you're in the negative."That's when you have a sense when that's sustained over a period of time, that you can see it coming out of that. We're not there yet and I don't exactly know when we will be."

According tothe government's coronavirus legislation,the health secretary must review the need for restrictions at least once every 21 days, with the first review to be carried out by 16 April.Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:"I think we're nowhere near lifting the lockdown.

"We think the peak - which is the worst part of the virus - is still probably a week and a half away."At Tuesday's coronavirus briefing in Downing Street, Mr Raab was asked about whether his role deputising for Mr Johnson gave him full prime ministerial responsibility.

The foreign secretary said he was standing in for the prime minister"whenever necessary" - including leading the daily meetings of the coronavirus"war cabinet".Mr Raab said decisions would be made by"collective cabinet responsibility - so that is the same as before".

"But we've got very clear directions, very clear instructions from the prime minister, and we're focused with total unity and total resolve on implementing them so that when he's back, I hope in very short order, we will have made the progress that he would expect and that the country would expect," Mr Raab added.

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionThe foreign secretary says Boris Johnson is a"fighter" and"will pull through"Meanwhile, the first patients have been admitted to theNHS Nightingale Hospital in east London- a temporary facility set up at the ExCel conference centre.

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The admissions come two weeks after the hospital with a planned capacity of 4,000 was formally announced - although an NHS spokesperson stressed limits had not been reached at other sites in London.The second NHS Nightingale Hospital, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, is to be opened on Friday, Downing Street said. It will have capacity for up to 2,000 patients if needed.

The prime minister's official spokesman added a third Nightingale Hospital was expected to open in"the next week or so" in Manchester.Image copyrightPA MediaImage captionA photo of the Queen and quotes from her Sunday speech are shown at Piccadilly Circus

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bbclaurak Big respect to wonderful Boris I hope this makes him think badly of the way his party deprived the NHS over vital funding and that cameron, may, osborne, hammond and Co are holding their heads in shame at the number of people that have died Get well soon Prime Minister! The BBC are shit fake news

Where are the drug dealers? You killed innocent people. Where is the money you worked for? Money made by drug addict Please donate money to the poor.please do not selling the drugs. You can never be happy with this money. ...and remains mentally unstable. 加油💪 bbclaurak DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ARE TELLING US THE TRUTH ABOUT BORIS I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT THEY ONLY EVER TELL US WHAT THEY THINK WE NEED TO KNOW

PM_Pictorial PM_Pictorial Now try to get him mentally stable! That needs a much bigger effort ;-) BBC has pup reporter talking utter bollox outside St T's. BBCPolitics Not essential to be outside the hospital is it. BBCScotlandNews I see Boris is getting god bless you but no one else is he is not the special one god bless all should be for all

So BBC has become a mouthpiece of Her Majesty Why is he in an ICU bed then? Well, he now has the time to reflect upon his own reckless disregard of basic pandemic hygiene, which put his and the life of his fiancée and the child in danger. Responding to treatment? It's probably Hydroxychloroquine Come on Boris and cast out disgusting people from UK

bbclaurak Boris the bed Blocker!! If that's the case why isn't he in HDU, free up his ICU bed for someone who needs it. bbclaurak 'Remains clinically stable' is also a euphemism for 'still dead'. Might want to rephrase. Short & to the point from N10,Not the BBC and V Derbyshire news bulletins they go ON&ON&ON about Boris ,give it a break BBC theirs 4000 in the bloody boat.

BBCLookEast No one would normally be put in ICU if they were breathing without assistance. So it seems BorisJohnson is in there as a precautionary measure. Just hope he doesn't deprive some desperate soul of a bed. I think Johnson is on a ventilator. Why lie? Can't trust the BBC foreign media probably know more.

Whao great news.. Boris will be healed completely Get well soon Boris. Take care. X He needs to go shake some more hands You guys got a WhatsApp or something? Have a very interesting audio clip you might want to hear 👀 He is going to win the war against this Chinese virus.. China is always fake Good man I am looking forward to him doing a video tweet direct from the hospital in his Paddington Jim jams

God is with you and your nation is with you, Boris. We need you more than ever , fight with everything you have. My prayers are with you!!🙏 Not sure anyone is all that bothered. What’s the definition of stable Sky news starts he is on holiday ? bbclaurak Come on Boris - we are all pulling for you old chap!!

bbclaurak I sincerely hope that he recovers fully, but, as with all other sufferers it may take weeks/months for him to recover. Naming an official Deputy PM is essential for political stability meantime Just take it on the chin 😂🤷‍♂️ Hydroxychloroquine treatment? Political spin here. In ICU you are not in a good way & struggling to stay alive. Thats why you are there.

Stay healthy Boris! 💙💙 No breathing assistance wouldn't be in icu Get well soon Boris bbclaurak The new StrongAndStable to deflect from DitherAndDelay? bbclaurak These constant updates are a real distraction from the business in hand. Instead let us have updates on the real situation throughout the country as it relates to the situation inside hospitals and especially care homes.focus

I read people here who've lost all humanity possible. You may like his politics or not, he was a fool ignoring COVID danger and sadly he's paying for it. But he's a person, a human being. I wouldn't like any of the detractors here as a friend... Is 'clinically stable' different to 'stable'? bbclaurak All symapthies to Bojo. Poor bloke; his top team are so poor that he needs to keep working even when in intensive care. Give the man a few days off.

May God Bless him🙏 Oh, what a hero! You've got this bojox Ian_Wafula Quick recovery P.M. Great news Bojo. Get well soon ! BBCScotlandNews In other words, he’s been cocooned in a safe environment for his protection surrounded by medical professionals. Denying needy patients of their expertise and a deserving patient (like the nurse who died after being refused admission 4 times) a bed. Shameful

God bless him get well soon boris bbclaurak They all do until they don't. Like how they had to add the word 'clinically' Research shows increased ICU length of stay is associated with higher 1-year mortality for both mechanically ventilated and non-mechanically ventilated patients. Define “clinically stable”

BBCScotlandNews Boris Broadcasting Corporation Why is he on ITU then? A waste of ITU bed. He should be on the medical ward. bbclaurak Thank you God. So... he doesn't need to be in intensive care and is just occupying a bed then. Good to know. bbclaurak I’ll be playing Ode to Joy every time there is an announcement on Johnson’s health. Expect to be joyful. Lots of joy. Oh yes.

Really don't want him to die but could you keep him for a couple years 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Get well soon Boris !Speedy good recover ! Clapping for you ! The longer you stay in ICU the worse the outcome.

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care and Dominic Raab takes over PM duties - follow liveFollow here for the latest updates Is this a picture of the covid19 team clearing the route for boris? 🤔 It is a terrible disease, I hope everyone who has it recovers. Boris Johnson should, however, be pleased that he is part of his herd immunity program. Is there any immunity and, if so, how long does it last? Would having had other viruses provide some protection? Again adding sensationalist photos with headlines. I love but not this shameful, tabloid style image selection.

Boris Johnson in intensive care - all we know as PM battles coronavirusThe Prime Minister was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London after his breathing worsened. He had been admitted on Sunday night due to 'persistent' Covid-19 symptoms Sending prayers and positive thoughts Prompt rétablissement Boris my bro come on we need you to lead us during this pandemic period,God bless you. Hope to see you and hear again on daily pandemic update.

Boris Johnson in intensive care with coronavirus as Raab takes on PM duties - follow liveBoris Johnson latest: - PM is in intensive care with coronavirus as Dominic Raab takes on his duties - PM has received oxygen but is not on ventilator Follow our live updates on the PM across the day: 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 I can't believe he pissed himself to death

Reality of what Boris Johnson faces in ICU laid bare as PM battles coronavirusThe Prime Minister was moved to intensive care at St Thomas' Hospital in London the day after he was admitted to hospital with Covid-19 There are reports that he's passed away?! oh, praying for recovery... hi going die like others

Politicians across spectrum wish Boris Johnson a speedy recoverySupport comes amid calls for prime minister to take break until coronavirus symptoms clear searching for one intact brain in that photo .......... I’ll have a large watermelon smile on my face when he’s fit and well! I don’t care.

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as UK death toll rises to 5,373 - follow liveBoris Johnson moved to intensive care - follow live updates BREAKING :-Prime Minister BorisJohnson has been moved to intensive care after his CoronaVirusUpdate symptoms.... This is not good news. If the worst comes to the worse it could be the end of our great country forever. He is on the verge of becoming our best PM of recent years. Let's hope he pulls through because i Fear for our country. We must defeat this virus and we must adhere to Brexit Just completed a project on fiverr If you need any type of banner design click