PM: Brexit divisions make allegations 'inevitable'

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Boris Johnson says he's facing accusations about his personal conduct because he is viewed as the person who is 'helping to deliver Brexit'

Boris Johnson has said he is facing accusations about his personal conduct because he is viewed as the person who is"helping to deliver Brexit".

He also continued to deny allegations he squeezed a female journalist's thigh at a lunch 20 years ago.Journalist Charlotte Edwardes,accused Mr Johnson of touching her thigh, and that of another woman, at a lunch in 1999 at the offices of the Spectator magazine. It is alleged Ms Arcuri received favourable treatment due to her friendship with Mr Johnson, but the PM has said there was"no interest to declare".Asked about stories regarding his personal conduct on the third day of the Conservative conference in Manchester, the prime minister told BBC Breakfast:"I've said pretty much what I have to say on all those things.


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Not because he's a Perv then?

BBCPolitics boblister_poole Andrew Marr: I was a fool to grope a colleague... but I was suffering from exhaustion. That’s A New Excuse! - Telegraph

Morgan1Blue Yes this is correct

Totally true

I'm on your side Boris. I don't care if you live like the Marquis de Sade, I JUST WANT BREXIT DONE!

Exactly correct.

A truth that everybody, on both side, knows to be true except for BBC journalists

Nigelsmate You are guilty

The nail that stands proud...

Absolutely true! The remain faction are throwing everything they can at borisjohnson because he is going to deliver the will of the people but not the will of Parliament, who think they know better! Go, go BorisJohnson 🙏🏼💪🏼👍🏼

But the Tories say everyone wants to ‘get Brexit done’ so this must be fake news.

I must remember this tweet, it's the first factual piece of news tweeted by the about BorisJohnson since he became PM.

Yes, BBC News ... and while we're all sorry to shatter your bias, lefty remain delusions, Boris is absolutely right - he is indeed 'helping to deliver Brexit.' Clearly, you have a major problem with that. Try reporting a thing called 'truth' for a change - it'll ease your pain.

Meanwhile, there's a washing machine salesman laughing up his sleeve. Boris is right, its a nasty, dirty little war being waged against Brexit & thus himself. If he was on the backbenches, do you think he'd now be a victim of False Memory Syndrome ?

👥👥👥 🤔🤔 🙂 Post factum ce urmeaza ? .

He’s right unfortunately. It happens to anyone who goes against the liberal elite establishment and MSM. It’s just a fact of life these days. It’s a curse that ordinary people in the country are exposed to all the time. Some of us recognise it for what it is. Others get sucked in

He couldnt help deliver papers, let alone brexit.

He's right and we can all see it.

How do you become so far removed from reality? So deluded? So self-obsessed?

Yes - MANY remoaners are sore losers! Let that sink in. Are you one of them? You should be ashamed if you are. It’s not British. Would you want to replay an FA Cup Final? No - you accept losing with dignity. That’s the British way. sorelosers acceptance BritishIndependance

Damn right. A typical remain tactic. To dig dirt & try & discredit Boris to obstruct Brexit. Bunch of sore losers these remoaners. The funny thing is, it’s galvanising public support behind Boris to get Brexit done! Quite right too! We support you Boris! BritishIndependance

And hes right.

BorisJohnson if it's getting that difficult put it back to the people if they vote yes again make it happen if not realize they made a mistake and let it go .. stubbornness is all good and well at times but not when 4 countries (more?) are relying on you to shape their futures.

Is this guy the tRump twin that was given away at birth for being the ugliest one? 😳

No Boris. It's because the BBC reporters don't know their a**e from their elbows. Doesn't that woman realise she's a laughing stock? She suddenly comes up with this feeble quote after 20 years? I wouldn't trust her memory if it's that bad! Dimwit!

BBCPolitics What has brexit got to do with you not able to keep your willy in your pants Boris or should we call it a johnson?

Erm nope, it's because he's a dirty pervert and a lot of other unsavoury things....

More than possible considering the way Parliament is behaving these days, embarrassed to say I am English at the moment. Shambles.

Literally 😂😂

The_RealTruth18 more gutter behaviour from our EU-funded and EU-lackey media I think the BBC have a limited shelf-life,personally,Channel 4 too,and The Guardian

And he's right

And hes absolutely bang on

The gentleman is correct

IStandWithBoris PeoplesPrimeMinister BorisJohnson BrexitBritain keep up the good work your doing .your very much appreciated 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧

That’s right isn’t it BBCMarxistActivists BBCBias PeoplesPrimeMinister

More Trump populist 'poor me it's a witch hunt' bullshit. You'd have to have the IQ of a scotch egg to buy into this nonsense.

suchan104 Agree...this incessant trashing and smearing of Boris is all to do with stopping him delivering Brexit by Oct 31st

FOXYROX9 We know,that's why we BackBoris.


True. It’s only because the country FINALLY has a leader and the europhile hoc don’t like it. Unfortunately for them however, Boris has the nations support and after we brexit in 30 days, a GE will give him a majority in Parliament and this liberal crap is out

RogerAnslow Either that or it's a MASSIVE coincidence. 🤔

True. And FakeNewsBBC is pushing the attack thanks to GeorgeSoros

Double Standards?

No Boris....that’s not the reason.

no truer words spoken..

Absolutely. Boris nails it. The more you try and bring him down, the more support he gets. 👍👊

Says BBC News who raise the question every 30 minutes throughout the day.

No it’s because he’s a disgusting human being. Sorry but there it is.

He’s right.

FOXYROX9 All true the Lefties are squealing like pigs! Be it itvpeston broad and FakeNews! Anna_Soubry EmilyThornberry joswinson DavidLammy They are all squealing there hate,bile,division, at 17.4 M Brexiteers who actually believe in Democracy but the above shit on Democracy!!

GermaineMick Tell us something we don't know.

Yes. He’s right.

This is absolutely True.


rangerslad123 And don’t you know it

BBCBreakfast we have stoped watching you as of this week from being loyal viewers for over 20 years.... biased I think is the word!!! I’m not saying whether he has or hadn’t done this but shit if everything cane out there would be no parliamentary figures left!!

Hear Hear

rangerslad123 He's Absolutely Right and the Biased BBC are one of the main Culprits.

Legend of a man the only MP in this country with the balls to push forward. Brexit 31st can't wait.

rangerslad123 So you wait 20 years , just before Conservative conference and days before Brexit 🤔 Bull shit

sedgleysue Wow BBC Actually presenting the real news Not what they have made up

Coupdtat4 Boris I don’t care about your private life as long as you get us out

Gropy Johnson ?

And he's right.

susan222555 100%

Shagger always leching

There are 2 types of people in the World. The cunts and the rest of us. Boris is playing for the rest of us.

Once again another person who holds the power to make or break a career think he can abuse and will most probably get away with it.


Really? You couldn't deliver as foreign sec, why do you think we believe you can deliver now?

He’s right l

Surely it's just coincidence that 20 years after allegedly having her leg squeezed she's just remembered how upset she is.

He is SO right.

Absolutely right BorisJohnson

And in other news the Pope is a catholic

art_connoiseur Trumps brother says what?

He's not wrong!

jeanniejuno He's correct.

BorisJohnsonLies repeated lies, girlfriends, favours ... Notfitforoffice

How very Trumpian of him

2 bloody right! 20 years to say something and when she does, goes straight to the press, wake up and smell the coffee!! Its not rocket science!!

Brexit Baby 🇬🇧

He wants to deliver Brexit at any cost, even proroguing Parliament illegally. Let's face it, it'll be the end of them if they don't deliver. Let's stop Brexit, please

No, it's because he is a liar and he keeps doing bad things

And he’d be right, but then the assembled media already knew that.

If they can't say anything nice they shouldn't say anything at all.

Yep yep yep

Rubbish He’s blamed because he’s engineering a no deal in order to appease his disaster capitalist masters whilst impoverishing the rest of us It’s on the record that his own fathers philandering drove his mother to a breakdown Like father like son Dirty old man

And he's not wrong is he!

He is being judged on his conduct shown to others. How can a man that hopes to lead the nation set an example that falls below the minimum expected? If he did not want to be judged, scruitanised, then he should have stayed at home. His employment history prior to politics

Smear campaign by’s been escalating since he became PM and actually showed some steel and turned the tables on the EU.

Yes, and the dangerous paranoiac Trump says he's facing impeachment because he's the saviour of the American people. Stop thinking we're so stupid that we can't smell red herring.

Either that or lots of people jumping on the bandwagon!

As always he's 100% correct, he's facing an absolute witch hunt for trying to achieve what the majority voted for in the referendum! Keep going Boris you can do it 😊 xx

What utter twaddle. Boris Johnson has been given a free pass by the media for the last 20 years. now that the media are starting to ask awkward questions he doesn’t like it. liarliar

Come off it BBC News .Years spent on getting stories about Johnson but suddenly as if by magic as whole new set appear about when he was mayor years ago right on time when he’s PM trying to deliver Brexit. It’s almost as if the media don’t want it to happen. Shocked 😨

No , he is wrong . Many of us question him because it seems all through his life he does not tell the full truth , treats women as toys etc etc . For me Brexit has nothing to do with it . I am looking as honestly as I can at his character .

He is right about that. Every interviewer that I have seen have questioned him about an allegation from 20 years ago. He has replied over and over but they will not let it go. He must be hurting their egos and righteousness. He could claim harassment but he is bigger than that.

No - he's facing accusations about his personal conduct because of his appalling personal conduct.


You have the backing of millions Boris

No, think you'll find they pointed out your obvious failings many, many times before. You just weren't PM then. Mainly because the idea of someone with your character becoming it was laughable. I freely admit were not laughing now.

No because he’s a pathological liar that goes wherever wind blows and makes him richer!

To pretend this is anything but political is a bit nieve.

Totally agree, keep going Boris let's get Brexit across the line

BBCPolitics Just get it done, not matter what MP gets in/is in They are all crap

no it's because he a liar and someone who is happy to cheat on his partners. Says all you need to know about the man really

Talk about delusional!

Straight from the Trump playbook.

No he’s facing questions over serious allegations and with his track record rightly so.

By constitutional dissolution? I miss impartiality in the news media...

BBCPolitics I'd love to be that deluded, pig headed & consistency ignorant of the facts,as Boris is. On second thoughts. No


He is right. It's why you the BBC attack him on a personal level. Where is the story about how popular he has become, because of his stance on Brexit. Scrap the biased BBC. ditchtvlicence

SlapStickJournalism BackBoris OutOct31

BorisJohnson can't deny he sexually assaults women

No it’s because his behaviour is unacceptable.

Everyone knows this, from both sides Clearly CharlotteEdwardes needed the job at the Sunday Times and had little else to recommend her beyond this story But it is the Media I blame, for running so strongly on a blatant politically motivated story


I wonder who keeps publicising these ancient accusations? Oh... BBCfakenews

Stephen05292771 BorisJohnson Freeze out the Bosch Broadcasting Corp. We don’t watch it. BoycottBBC. boycottEU

From the moment he lied and got sacked from his very first job his personal conduct has been a litany of gaffs, and dishonesty. That’s why he’s facing accusations. Only an Eton privileged, rich, white man with connections could reach PM with that skill set.

Stephen05292771 True, it won’t work, Remaineers will get excited and everyone else will ignore it.

Literally. This isn't news. This is.

We all know that, and his popularity is soaring...

Well said Boris. Your street cred is rising daily.

He dosent like the true

The revolting liberal left will say and do anything to discredit Johnson.

BBCPolitics Your accountability for your personal actions is limited to a defence based on the fact that your party instigated a referendum, abstaining accountability, then delayed for 3+ years by false restricted negotiations that were never acceptable. Only believable by complete idiots:-

Absolutely true.

BBCPolitics do bullingdon members get away from going to prison because they haven't the balls to do the time they can only do the crime

And he is correct on this point, the astonishing thing is organisations like think we can’t see this! backboris backbrexit

Did Trump tell him to say that?

Err no! It’s because of his sleazy behaviour.

People need to remember that BorisJohnson has voted against Brexit 3 times but is still seen as the “saviour” of Brexit....weird!

No. It's because hes an ego maniacal misogynist who thinks hes gods gift and can do what the hell he wants with absolutely no consequences.

BBCPolitics Not really. He is a prominent person and his behavior is being questioned because part of his job is to act with integrity and tell the truth. He has real issues from the prorogation to his fidelity and if he told the truth about either. It’s trust.

BBCPolitics I’m desperately trying not to consider the timing of many of the accusations. Any serious accusation of misconduct should be taken seriously. Perhaps this would be occurring even if BREXIT was not consuming all our lives at the moment. But, I sort of get his point of view.....

What is interesting is that it has taken 10 years for this alleged incident to become public?

Delivering Brexit and crashing out with no deal are 2 different things

BORIS TOUCHED MY THIGH 20YRS AGO Meanwhile in Rochdale & Rotherham young girls got raped & abused as Labour turned a blind eye

BBCPolitics How johnsonbot brings whatever accusation or criticism back to his nauseating and misleading slogan in one seamless segway.

No it's because his personal conduct is below the standards expected of the head of government.

Shock horror -Man who lied to Queen continues to lie to people. These Tax avoiders and their chins are so desperate for no deal Brexit they'd offer up their grannies at this point

True...I mean seriously!


BBCPolitics Nope! BorisJohnson is facing accusations about his personal conduct because his conduct has so regularly been bloody awful and unbecoming of the top job in the country. He’s a bloody halfwit!!

Or is his conduct just poor.

Why do the bbc keep giving grieve so much airtime he’s a has been and arrogance is his mantra

Spot on PM you must be doing something right with all this venom being directed at you keep going we 17.4m and rising are behind you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👏🏻🤔🤔

He’s Trump’s twin

No, I think more accurately, it is fair to say he faces those allegations because he’s a twat.

Again, impersonating Donald Trump.

boris are you lying...again.

Helping deliver more mistrust in our political system.

Donald trump tactics you must be so proud

Oh boy, u sound like Trump, man this is funny, who is the nutter here?🧐🤩🤪


He's facing accusations because he's a privileged nob who is arguably preventing Brexit by creating an artificially polarised debate between remain and MAGA-leave Most people would happily leave the EU with a EFTA/EEA-type deal, but that doesn't suit the Tories or their backers.

What we all know to be true. The political establishment are desperate to destroy Brexit & will lie & scheme to bring down Boris. Suspect it will get worse as independence gets closer.

BBCPolitics Now I have heard everything. Don’t let him get away with this nonsense.

thats the public opinion as well

It’s called scrapping the barrel in desperation by the remainers....absolutely disgraceful....

What other reason would there be, this young lady was so traumatised it took her 20 years to come to terms with it, total hogwash, it's just more remainer rubbish aided and abetted by the biased BBC and Sky.

He had control of the timing of these stories, he could have been open and honest at the time...

Accusations made based on his lack of moral judgement which has already been proven & to which he has confessed. He is time wasting to deliver Brexit by throwing in a Dead Cat or two. By upsetting everyone he isn't likely to get an extension - is he.

Really? Come on guys. He tells lies like people throw confetti at a wedding. will not challenge that assumption as the Torypropagandamachine will go into overdrive to protect him.

Correct again......

BBCPolitics Humbug

Once Brexit is complete what excuse will Disgraced, fired , lying slug BorisJohnson use then? ConservativeConference2019 Yellowhammer

Nothing to do with Brexit...... he is just trying to deflect the issues as being anti Brexit and then not answering the question..... sad thing is some people believe him 🤥

Got to agree there.

Not everything is brexit related

alistairpge The Girlfriend of WhatsHisName has had 20 years to go public with the allegation that Boris touched her thigh, her timing to me clearly indicates political motivation to Frustrate October departure Brexit WTO with a end goal to cancel the 2016 Referendum Result.

Is this the Boris Johnson who is a known liar, racist, serial philanderer - and is backed by disaster capitalists demanding a no deal? ohhhhhhkayy BBC - thanks you for the 'news'.

BBCPolitics So like most sexual predators, he thinks he is the victim loathsome

alistairpge He's got that right.

He's correct.

No. He is viewed as an arch liar. Someone who will say anything to further his own ambition. Someone soon to be a pariah!

BBCPolitics It a question of trust. Nothing to do with Brexit, he is now PM and hence able to spend your and mine money without conflict of interest. He also has been afforded power and needs to demonstrate he can use that responsibly.

what about upgrading the NHS, so that one gets ops appointment next week rather that next year? just asking

Well of course he is - else why wait 20 years to bring it up? Everyone can see this for what it is.

If the allegations are true that he behaved in a inappropriate manner now then surely his behaviour was inappropriate when the incident happened and should have been dealt with then and not now.

As long as someone manages to coherently decipher that, then I'm willing to try and understand. The truth is that it will be impossible to do that and there's a reason for this. The accusations are there because they have a base and history to back them.


So why has it taken 20 years for these so called journalists to raise this issue - wasn’t he famous enough as Mayor of London , or an MP , or leading the Brexit campaign. - only when he becomes PM does it come out coincidentally at the same time as Brexit will be delivered ?

Bollocks ... he is facing these accuasations because he is a lying cheating toerag who deserves to be called to account for his abominable behaviour !

What will they try next I wonder !

Not because he is the vilest (human*) ever to hold high office in the UK then. (*citation needed)

BBCPolitics Yet again the bbc letting boris Johnson put a spin on it,shameful disgusting BBC, stop paying the tv licence fee for this rubbish

'touched a female journalist's thigh' He did this!!!! Not just 'touch' as you are putting it. 'My inner thigh was squeezed so high up.'

Wonder would there be as much stair up if it was a female PM done the same..say Maggie. These people need to grow up and stop trying to throw banana skins under Boris. Who's doing his best..go on Boris

It raises serious question marks about the integrity of the fanatical Remainer Peston . Charlotte Edwards must have asked him for advice.......what a surprise, it comes out 1 month before Brexit


Rubbish. Unfortunately he's facing accusations due to his awful personal conduct.

BBCPolitics No, it's precisely the OPPOSITE. He is a non person who is NOT 'trying to deliver' Brexit. He PLANS for it just to 'arrive' on October 31st under its own steam!

The only thing clutching anything is you at straws

No, it is because he is an unscrupulous liar !

He's being accused because his personal conduct is inappropriate.

All shyster remainers must be held to account for their treachery.

Car crash of an interview with an interrogator whose previous experience has mainly been taking Premier League football managers to task....

BBCPolitics Jeez.What does he see when he looks in the mirror?

He is using always the same excuse to cover up all his mistakes, bad behaviour isn't it Boris

we're definitely over the target now................ BBC you have far more important matters that you should be reporting on here's 2 just for starters Crowdstrike EUDefenceUnion

No it's because he is a liar, who seems unable to control himself around good looking women.

He's possibly correct brexit

His getting like Trump. 'They don't mind you grabbing hold of their bits and pieces'?

And he can get away with it because we do not have interviewers who are up to the job of holding him firmly accountable, as Eddie Mair did so brilliantly.

Diversion. A typical Tory tactic.

No, its because his personal conduct is appalling.

BBCPolitics Agreed. I believe it’s nonsense.

He shouldn't worry as any sensible person will see this claim for what it is. Whether his adversaries like it or not the public like him and see this type of antic as proof of the deviousness and illegitimacy of retainers actions. They are doing him a favour by being so stupid.

No it's because he is an abuser

No you swindling cnt. You're facing accusations about your criminal AND personal conduct because your conduct is reprehensible. You think playing the victim makes you look like a strong man BorisJohnson? 🤣🤪

He's right. Remoaners have tried court cases, protests etc... and now going for personal attacks. I'm worried if this don't work violence be next. As remain have few nutters in its group.

BBCPolitics In this coming election his misogyny should be front and central, suspect women in this country will quickly learn to despise this man 😊😎

How cruel people can be ~ they should review their own life instead of judging others

BBCPolitics Well of course, it’s obvious the media and politicians are trying to make this a metoo moment, pretty degrading to UK politics to be honest.

Really. You can't see through the idiotic non-logic of that claim. Try doing some actual reporting BBC.

BBCPolitics Nothing to do with facts then? 😂😎

Absolute tosh and he knows it and the journalists interviewing him know it.

He is sounding more like Trump by the day!

Haha. You should change this to 'he is facing prison for stealing money from taxpayers to pay a prostitute £100million'

It s because his personal behaviour is below that of the standards of most decent individuals.

8 times defeated in the House of Commons. What exactly has Boris delivered?

malfouru48 Good gracious, the BBC reporting something factual. It will nonetheless give the loser Remainiacs something to grasp and moan about. Let's face it they need to grasp any straw they get. Democracy will prevail and we shall have Brexit...with or without a deal.

He's the Brittish version of Trump yet somehow has a crappier hair.

Hes not wrong

BBCPolitics Bullshit. He’s faced accusations about his personal conduct throughout his entire career. This isn’t anything new.

BBCPolitics Oh its time to play the victimisation card now then....its actually because his personal conduct is abysmal.

Dredging up flaky accusations from 20 years ago at a time of political convenience isn’t fishy at all.

BBCPolitics Not because he’s a sleaze bag then?

He’s right they are only going after him cos he’s trying 2 get brexit done but it won’t work these treacherous remainers who will do anything 2 stay can do one

Leavers couldn't give a toss about His behaviour, His morals, His lying, His Xenophobia, His cheating, His Philandering, His spending public money, His 'Disaster Capitalist' Chum So long as he give's them their festering pile of BREXIT

BorisJohnson no its because your a sex pest or are we going to have a trump moment boris fake news fake news we hear you cry.


MauricePascoe He’s right! People can see it’s a bunch of hypocritical remainers trying anything! Leavers can see the bollocks for what it is. Why after 20 years does this woman feel the need to complain now!!

Wait, this man is still PM? Did he not just illegally lie to the Queen - have I missed something

BBCPolitics The problem with if the accusations are true or not is that he has lied so many times the immediate default response is not to believe a word he says, so he's kind of dug his own ditch so to speak.

Nope it’s because he has the morals of an alley cat (sorry all alley cats out there) and is a singularly unpleasant and condescending individual who is not up to being PM! I used to be a Tory member and canvass for them but I can’t support BJ and his cabal

ALLEDGED BORIS TOUCHED MY THIGH 20YRS AGO? Meanwhile, in Rochdale & Rotherham labour strongholds young girls got raped & abused as Labour lefties turned a blind eye

Exactly right. And the biased BBC are at the front of the queue always when theres an opportunity to smear his name. They fear Johnson because he is the closest we have come to leaving the BBCs buddies at the EU. The BBC bias is nothing short of scandalous.


What, is any criticism about the Dear Führer now verboten, because he will whip up the Brexit hate mob against anyone who dares?

Really? Amazing.

BBCPolitics All choreographed to derail the Tory conference, which it hasn’t - obviously the media Sly News, BBC, LBC etc. are following it like sheep, but the public can see that it is just a cynical move to fling mud!

No-one ever criticised Boris Johnson’s personal conduct before David Cameron organised that referendum

BBCPolitics No, Boris Johnson is facing accusations about his personal conduct because he is viewed as a dangerous buffoon.

BBCPolitics Mini Trump

Love you Boris .... womenforboris 😍

Amazing the hatred and dirt digging against this man who at least is fighting for this countrys rights ..not a word of the curry loving Major who seems to like dictatorships like the EU

20 year old news comes to light now. How ironic. Hes been an Mp for years, no accusation, hes been lord mayor of London, no accusation, he becomes Prime Minister and 31 days till we leave the EU and the accusations fly all over. How timely.

BBCPolitics No. He is facing accusations about his personal conduct, because there are allegations that he has acted inappropriately. We already know he acted unlawfully. Please can we focus on what Boris does, not the dizzy spin. Thank you.

“Deliver brexit” the new “Strong and stable” Boris Johnson is a moron

He is correct, when they attack you personally they have no arguments left and are desperate, chin up and plough on Boris ! Only thirty days of this shit left

However sleazy, foul-mouthed, rascist, dishonest, scurrilous BorisJohnson is, Brexiteers will overlook it because Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit. Nothing else matters to them.

BBCPolitics borisjohnson right on point as always.

If you’re gonna get mad at me every time I do something stupid, then I guess I’ll just have to stop doing stupid things.” – Homer Simpson

You are copying Trump in everything you do, from portraying yourself as friend of the people to using inflammatory language to steal votes from Farage.


BBCPolitics Precisely. They did exactly the same with Judge Kavanaugh, making obviously false accusations after many years. The establishment is totally corrupt and has no scruples at all.

Smear campaign by remain camp, they will stop at nothing to stop brexit, accept face the public in a general election, scared so many of them will lose their seats, many should be facing by-elections anyway, chickens.

Totally agree. The press (especially ) pick and choose news stories based on their own agenda. How many times have you been sued? Why not run a story on that? jessphillips stating on camera that she would knife Corbyn in the front, how about that?

These politicians think they know how to spin ANY story. I think they think they very much smarter than those who pay their salaries.

BBCPolitics He is facing the accusations because he has form...

a man allegedly touching a girls thigh compared to treason or terrorist sympathisers. Hmm its a tuffy

Lovely couple 🥵

BBCPolitics Maybe he should phone his chum Trump for some expert advice on how to deflect, distract & deceive.

BBCPolitics Maybe if you weren’t a compulsive liar it would also help but what do I know? 😅

BBCPolitics Exactly - the children of remain are throwing their toys out the pram. FFS Boris GetBrexitDone and put these remainers to bed - we're all tired now.

BBCPolitics his personal conduct is shocking, compromised and corrupted but yeah, sure, go off because he's the victim here.

You don't even want Brexit. It's all about getting in power and staying there with bullshit

BBCPolitics So she's a liar who just made up the story because she sees him as the man helping to deliver Brexit. Really?

Call me picky but as a 62 yr old widow who has lost £48k state pension I would prefer to not have a PM who may have lavished £126k taxpayer’s money on his latest squeeze. Not everything is Brexit related. Boris Johnson. Jennifer Arcuri. NeverFitToGovern

BBCPolitics 100% agree BorisJohnson MSM and Remoaners think “destroy Johnson destroy Brexit” They could not be more wrong. This is just diversion as MSM can’t can’t be arsed to give CPC19 the same coverage as the other two conferences. When in fact by proportion they should have more.

Open your eyes Doris . Talk about blinkered.cookooland

He is absolutely correct. American TDS has entered the UK. Morphing into Boris Derangement Syndrome. Our Remain Establishment and Media must be really threatened by him judging by their reaction.

BBCPolitics No, it’s because he’s a garbage human being.

Let’s be clear It is because he’s a shit

Liar.. it’s because you have no morals, principles or ethics

Choose the greater time again. Can't think of a single person who thinks Boris is helping to deliver Brexit. Vs Corruptly giving tax payers' money to someone you are having an affair with is not your private life.

People are trying to avoid a No Deal crash out , boris is clueless and without a plan. Anything to avert this catastrophe is welcomed by anyone with a functioning brain. remain RevokeA50 NotMyPM NotMyPrimeMinister HouseOfCommons gammon unicorns

BBCPolitics That's what he'd like people to believe.

BBCPolitics Boris is the best. 🥳🇬🇧❤️

Keep going. The more the MSM and the surrender mob attack, the higher Boris goes in the polls.

It’s true

Strange that all these accusations crop up now, not years ago when they are alleged to have happened. ConspiracyTheories

Hes right

It’s what the leftist do, they can’t win of their own accord so they smear you.

True dat!

Awful man. getjohnsongone

No, it’s because you are a reprobate-simple.

The only thing he's helping to deliver is a No Deal brexit

Boris Johnson is facing a bunch of 'holier than thou' hypocrites in their 'glass houses throwing stones'.

Or Boris Johnson is facing accusations about his personal conduct because he is likely to have used public funds to buy himself a shag.

Helping to deliver for the undertaker industry!

Only trying to deliver a no deal brexit because it benefits his chums. They have alot of money riding on no deal.

Make smoke

Yep but dont worry BorisJohnson they’re fooling nobody

remoaners are so desperate..

Where’s the lie?

So with shutting parliament now Irish border checks he will break the law and is hell bent on a no deal

If he conducted himself properly there would be no accusations

Helping to deliver Brexit BorisJohnson

He’s 100% correct!

Keep going Boris October 31st is in sight Brexit

C h a r l o t t e EDWARDES o n e HUNDRED p e r c e n t T R U U U t h f u l b e c a u s e N O W O M A N can e v e r P E D D L E S e x u a l A S S A U L T C O N S P I R A C Y T h e o r i e s ?

And he’s right of course. Why would anyone who may or may not have had their leg touched 20 years ago accuse Boris Johnson of it now? It’s total desperation. Do you think we were all born yesterday?

Absolutely agree

One person made an unprovable accusation and, once again , the media ran with it to destroy the democratic vote. How about you mention the accuser’s links to Peston and Rudd? Extremely important links. You have history for doing this kind of thing.

The more the media throw at Boris the more support he gets. Keep it up BBC

So nothing to do with 'Bonking Boris' (as The Sun once called him) having had a string of affairs, often whilst being married, over the last 20 years - most of which preceded any talk about Brexit?

Come on Boris you have form...never lie to liars,

He's facing accusations about his personal conduct......... because......... wait for it........... his personal conduct is SHIT

Only remaniacs care.

It’s true!

DesMchlmcgnn's account has been withheld in Turkey in response to a legal demand. Learn more.

BBCPolitics Oh come on BBC it's whether allegations are true and how they reflect on his character that matters. He is the pm, he wanted to be the pm, of course he should come under close examination because we already know he is a serial liar & philanderer.

The same accusations made to Trump. All of them came to nothing. It's almost as if the Far Left and the Media have copied and pasted the Trump BS, deleted Trumps name and inserted Boris.

Agreed. I dont give a F*** about his private life or leg touching 20 years ago because I'm a grown up. Can and will he deliver on a promise to get us out of the EU? Thats all that matters. If he doesn't he and Tories are toast.

Thousand of white girls being groomed by Asian gangs, from the BBC nothing. A white man alleged to have put a hand on a white womans' thigh, twenty years ago. Mass hysteria reporting from the BBC.

God bless you Great Britain, you have your very own Trump! We have become kindred spirits. We both desperately need Divine intervention to save our Countries.

So on the one hand he’s saying we all (even remainers) now want to deliver Brexit BUT says he’s facing accusations because he’s viewed as the person who wants to deliver Brexit. Why would we want him to face accusations on his conduct if we all just wanted him to deliver Brexit?

No. He's facing accusations about his personal conduct because he's a sleazeball and unfit for office. NotMyPM

Delusional beyond belief

No it's because you're a tosser. Would also like to see evidence of the progress you're making with the deal?

I agree with Boris. GetBrexitDone

What total bollocks!

Or is it because he is in fact an alleged sex offender?

Bring your deal and proposal how we will leave the EU back to the people Boris Johnson! We don’t trust you. If you sell the country to the rest of the world with awful business agreements, the people will suffer the consequences, you won’t be there to sort it out. PeoplesVote

True, they don't have much left, so they have gone personal...

He is the person who caused Brexit. Fixed it...

Pure Trump

Did someone put a bowl on his head and cut round it?

I am sure he is right.

Don't doubt allegations, however timing does appear suspect.....


That's all the other blame, he sounds like Trump.

Ah the old trump move 🙄

Or perhaps he's facing accusations about his personal conduct because of his personal conduct? 🤷‍♂️

100% true......remainiacs getting desperate.

Basically calling the woman accusing him of touching her a liar. Classy.

Nope, it’s because of his personal conduct.

Stop it just stop it

I don’t see him helping much!

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