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Players could be FINED if they move items supplied by sponsors

Players could be FINED if they move items supplied by sponsors

6/18/2021 10:02:00 AM

Players could be FINED if they move items supplied by sponsors

Juventus and Portugal superstar and icon, Cristiano Ronaldo angrily removes sponsored Coca-Cola bottles from table before his press conference starts. The fitness fanatic said 'Agua!' as he protested soft drinks in favour of promoting water.

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I’m with Ronald all the way now watch and see him return all the sponsorship money and gifts he’s received from sponsors he disapproves of. Finally 😂😂😂 Imagine if players refused to take the pitch bec they were fined for moving items. Maybe because they are Atheletes wich means they are super healthy, the sport is sponsored by very unhealthy products. Why dont they get sponsorship from healthy places because they dont pay as much as the unhealthy ones.

🤣 Impose a huge fine to all those divas trying to pull stunts at press conferences ... tired of this drama lately by athletes...spoilt! The better. They got to appreciate the role of sponsors who contribute greatly in making them what they are. The FIFA family eh!? We want the best for the fans, can't have the super League it's just about money. But don't move some sponsors produce or make us or the sponsors go into quarantine or we'll move the final to Hungary. But we love the fans (wallets)

People have the right to decide what were used to promote using their presence. (Coke and Alcohol) Yeah, try scaring Ronaldo with fines😂 Happy for them to take the knee? That’s an objection just like objecting to diabetes in a bottle drink

Uefa warns of fines for moving bottlesUefa warns teams at Euro 2020 that they could face fines if their players move drinks provided by sponsors at news conferences, as Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba have done in recent days. Ronaldo will pay As night follows day

That’s who pays them …. Buy that mineral water. You can sell it high 😂 If sponsors weren’t there even football would have no future to be a famous in world its sponsors pushing events & making efforts things happen 《UEFA's Euro 2020 tournament director Martin Kallen added that players were contractually obliged 'through their federation of the tournament regulations to follow'》

Think they can afford a fine! There is no right to put something on table if players feel uneasy for that. It's preferential behavior to give punishment of players. This is becoming ridiculous. Those drinks should remain their own choice for quenching thirst! Fuck off. Stop advertising this cola shit poisoning our children....congratulations Ronaldo Cristiano

That's the whitest thing I can imagine

UEFA asks Euro 2020 teams to stop removing sponsor bottlesThe trend of removing sponsor bottles at European Championship news conferences was started by Cristiano Ronaldo

No one is above the law! I’m sure multimillionaire ball kicker Ronaldo will be concerned by that fact. He wouldn’t notice. Pointless. Are players asked if they want to sponsor these items? Has there been any discussion with them? What do the players Union say about it. I would not tolerate any crap being associated with me without my permission.

Let’s all support capitalism So what ? capitalism must prevail. Having a son changes you.

Coca-Cola’s Ronaldo fiasco highlights risk to brands in social media ageStars like the Portugal captain, with 550m followers, are beyond the control of sport sponsors 🙄😂😂😂😂 a una michelada no le hubiera hecho el feo ebbingcasa Coke is a woke racist company and the people are over their 💩. Go woke go broke. Duck coke

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Police to crack down on drones flown dangerouslyAnyone flouting the rules faces having their drone confiscated, being fined or even imprisonment. Crack up surely Does that include the DerbysPolice for using a drone to shame people for having the audacity exercise their GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO A BREATH OF FRESH AIR under an ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN? 🖕🏻 Derbyshire I agree with this. Had a neighbor arbitrarily flying around scoping out homes for burglary!

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