Platinum Jubilee medal designed for emergency service staff

Platinum Jubilee medal designed for emergency service staff

9/25/2021 6:15:00 PM

Platinum Jubilee medal designed for emergency service staff

The medal, to mark the Queen's 70-year reign, will also be given to members of the armed forces.

image captionThe medals feature the Latin inscription "Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fid Def" - Elizabeth II, By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the FaithAbout 400,000 medals commemorating the Queen's 70-year reign will be given out to frontline workers.

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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said the medals, for the Platinum Jubilee, was a fitting tribute to emergency workers and other recipients.The medals will be awarded to living recipients of the Victoria and George Crosses and also members of the prison services and Armed Forces.

Worcestershire Medal Service said the commission has helped create jobs.image source,PA Mediaimage captionCulture Secretary Nadine Dorries said the medals would be people who had "served us throughout the years"Ms Dorries saw the coin-shaped pieces of metal called "blanks" being stamped with the design by Timothy Noad from the College of Arms when she visited the firm's Birmingham workshop.

"We've been through such a lot as a nation, it's been a really torrid time everyone's been through over the past 20 months," she said."I think looking forward, 2022 is going to be a year when everyone can put that behind us and we can celebrate the Commonwealth Games, Festival UK, the Queen's Jubilee and the extended bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee."

image source,image captionPhil McDermott designed the medal's ribbonPhil McDermott, head of the firm making the medals, said the order was a welcome boost."It means a lot of job security for people, we're actually creating jobs as well, which is a terrific story having come through the pandemic," he said.

He submitted a few ribbon designs and felt fortunate one had been picked.He said the chosen design was "a nod" to the Coronation medal but also had silver and blue stripes for the Queen's Silver and Golden Jubilees and red for her diamond one.

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No pay rise though. In fact, a real terms pay cut. Nothing but shiny trinkets. Pathetic. Patronising and insulting. A decent pay rise might be much better! Another government minister attempting to troll the idiots amongst us. Does anyone actually fall for this nonsense ? Made of platinum, or platitudes? Can it power a motor vehicle?

FGS just give them a living wage What's the resale value? Would it cover a week's NHS parking? BRITAIN WAKE UP&protect ouřNHSuk🙏💙from greedy political Interests! PLEASE³ Appreciate our NHS Blessing! With America's health service;People Thére choosing between homelessness or health! Patient's money dictates extend of the service they receive&the poor left to suffer&die!


Platinum Jubilee medal design revealed ahead of Queen's 70-year reign celebrationsThe medal will be given to George and Victoria Cross recipients and serving members of the Armed Forces and emergency services, among others, to thank them for their public service. Will supermarkets or utility companies accept these as payment 🤔... Give them a REAL payrise NOT a fekkin medal 😡😡

Would rather have a decent pay rise I imagine 🙄 Sticker charts for adults. Way to go. Can you run a car on it? Sadly Carers dedication isa low class Mentality to the NHS!! Pay them what they deserve. Medals don't pay increasing food and energy bills. 🤬🤬🤬 How much is this costing us ? Enough to give them a well deserved payrise ? You are a bloody joke Conservatives ! ToriesOut MedalsDontPayTheBills

I work for the NHS. Many medical professionals are leaving, particularly nurses, due to sitting idle for the last 18 or months. They all say they didn't sign up to not treat people. Wards sitting empty because of an illness that mainly kills the very old and frail. A pay rise would be much better. Will they go to management at the highest pay grade or the ones that are hands on ' lowest pay grade '

Devon and Cornwall Police urge people not to panic buy fuelThere is no shortage of fuel but queues could impact on emergency services, police said. Too late. People is panicking because of news and social media. In other hand, who are panicking buying fuel, were who voted Brexit, people who believe the lies and can't see beyond a screen (tv, phone... whatever) Why don’t the authorities activate the contingency plans used during the tanker drivers strike ? For those that don’t remember, certain fuel stations were designated for emergency and essential workers use only . Sorry, but your stupid headline yesterday morning, along with photo of petrol station showing 'no fuel' sign, helped trigger the inevitable.

Does Nadine Dorries understand what the creative industries are? Didn't Hancock try badges ? Now medals ? Listen up . .DECENT PAY RISE ! What about a decent pay rise? First clapping outside the front door, now a bleeding medal.😡 What about just giving them a decent pay rise BorisJohnson NadineDorries and you can just shove your demeaning medal where the sun don't shine !!!

Pretty sure they’d prefer a pay rise. Jubilee medals are always issued in commemoration. All that is happening is that they are widening the number of recipients. It confers no special recognition. Urgh Whoopeyfuckingdoo How about giving them a decent pay rise NadineDorries ? Is this instead of giving staff a proper pay rise? gimmick

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Crown Servants getting medals at major anniversary points of a monarchs reign. Last one was 2012 (Diamond Jubilee 60y) and 2002 (Golden Jubilee 50y) You have to have 5 years service at the anniversary qualify. (Army, Police, Prison, Fire, etc) Nothing to do with pandemics or wage Hopefully they can pawn it for those loosing £1k a year from Universal Credit cut.

So out of touch! ⛽️🍽️🚛🚜🐸 FFS 🤦‍♂️ How about giving them a decent pay rise. Ridiculous. There were many of us who went to work and struggled to supply crucial supply… The praise is disproportionate. Seriously,that woman makes Johnston the buffoon look like Albert Einstein. This will be Another Medal that Many who Served Queen and Country will not get,Many Many Veterans have Never received a Jubilee Medal even whilst serving so Northern Ireland, Falklands, Iraq,Afghanistan, conflicts have no Meaning yes of course medals were given But Not Jubilee

How much petrol will one of them get? Wow willing to give them a medal but not a DECENT pay rise like they actually deserve.....well done

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How much are they worth ? How much can they get for selling them ? How much tax payers money has it cost to produce these trinkets ? Which are definitely not a fitting tribute to our brilliant front line staff NadineDorries Is that for all the people who have had delayed cancer treatments or died waiting for an ambulance?

Bet they’d prefer a decent pay rise. Maybe do that instead of a new fucking yacht? Don’t think that will pay the bills unless it’s melted down and sold? Anything but a decent payrise, huh? Shabby. I think that money would be much more welcome and useful. I think I would like the money to go to the homeless Vets,

Hope that includes the ambulance services. Give them a decent pay rise. All symbolism, zero substance

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update: shortages in Platinum are reported in the UK BorisJohnson has a thinktank working on coming up with alternatives As preliminary measure citizens are asked to collect beer cans and drop them off at No. 10 Just pay them a living wage A payrise will go further than a medal What are they going to do with cheap tat, give them a rise and do away with the Royal scroungers

It’s a decent wage they want Not a useless trinket They don’t need medals they need a decent pay rise!

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