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Dailymail, Sciencetech

Plastic could spread disease into the food chain through seafood

Plastic pollution in our oceans could spread fatal diseases into the food chain through farmed seafoods

8/14/2020 2:08:00 PM

Plastic pollution in our oceans could spread fatal diseases into the food chain through farmed seafoods

Microplastics that enter our waters may act as a long-distance transport mechanism for human and animal pathogens, such as bacteria, to spread into new areas.

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Coronavirus: North East faces tighter lockdown restrictions from Friday

Large parts of the North East are set to be subjected to tighter lockdown restrictions that will be announced tomorrow, Sky News understands.

Or could not 😏 Check us out! We have 500+ innovations just around sustainable packaging and plastic pollution 'Pathogens can contaminate our favourite seafood including oysters and mussels'

THIRTEEN people linked to Auckland coolstore test positive to COVID-19Thirteen people with links to an Auckland coolstore have tested positive to COVID-19, prompting health authorities to probe whether the virus was spread on frozen food shipments. Derp. So much for the perfect approach. Now get set for economy destruction part 2 13 cases vindicate a national lockdown? What about here in America 50,000+ daily and no lockdown but keep opening up everything? WTF?! tHeIr pRiMe MiNiStEr iS aMaZiNg

20 pledges for 2020: How to stop your favourite brew adding to plastic pollutionYes, tea bags are made with plastic, and come wrapped in plastic packaging too. But these are the changes to can make Who ever dreamed up plastic tea bags?

Mothers nearly fed babies food containing metal shards after 'sheep farmer contaminated food to blackmail Tesco'Parent says she 'felt sick' after finding slivers of knife blade in Heinz baby food jar this is like an endeavour episode Them sheep farmers are all the same, why aren’t other sheep farmers condemning what he did, this is why I don’t trust sheep farmers.

UK's poorest 'skip meals and go hungry' during coronavirus crisisFSA report finds food insecurity has shot up, bringing risk of malnutrition and obesity let's starve togerher ..Awh eat 'alf In any economic crisis the poor are always hit the hardest. As do Americans

World’s loneliest elephant kept in chains for 35 years gets new homeA LONELY elephant which has been kept in chains for 35 years has finally got a new home. Kaavan pent his entire life in the Maraghazar Zoo in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, where animals rights act… We deserve everything Mother Nature throws at us. Treat the animals with love and respect people.

Covid halves July sales in UK pub, bar and restaurant chainsLockdown and customers’ reluctance to resume old habits hit bar sales particularly hard Even Spoons? Let's call time on pubs anyhow even though the government loves the taxes raised. They need to change what they retail for a year or maybe two. Unless the government actually wants the numbers up. FFS pubs We must reopen pubs no matter the consequences to people's health; the economy (and my stocks!) are in dire need of aid. This would've never happened under Thatcher! People are just too soft these days... finance covid19 investor pubs