Planned Cardiff £330,000 bus lane trims 40 seconds off travel time

Planned Cardiff £330,000 bus lane trims 40 seconds off travel time

6/22/2021 9:40:00 PM

Planned Cardiff £330,000 bus lane trims 40 seconds off travel time

Residents complain they will losing parking spaces because of the 170m bus lane.

"The council staff were quite dismissive, and unwilling to answer questions," he said."We went round door-to-door one week and, overwhelmingly, residents were against it."But the vast majority of people weren't aware of it. They're spending a lot of money for very little."

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image copyrightGoogleimage captionIt is set to run from Llandaff Fields car park, on Penhill Road, to the junction with Llanfair RoadAccording to council documents sent to residents, the lane would cost £336,000 and cut bus trips by 40 seconds.Residents said 30 spaces outside homes would be lost.

Ms Walters said: "I'm supportive of the need to reduce car use. But they don't seem to get there are still quite a few people who [need to drive]. I can't do my job without my car."I don't think it's unreasonable to be able to park my car within a few hundred metres of my house."

The council said Penhill Road would be part of a series of bus priority measures from the city centre to its north-west.Council leader Huw Thomas said: "This stretch of Penhill Road will provide a dedicated bus lane, as part of a series of bus priority measures to link the city centre to the new housing developments in north-west Cardiff.

"When all of these bus priority measures are built, not only will journey times be reduced, but also crucially, they will become more reliable."He said bus passenger numbers were expected to increase, so it was "vital" new infrastructure was built.

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£8,250 a second ffs Do the trip 2 x a day and that’s 8 hours in a year. An extra day for everyone! 40 seconds of travel time!! Wonder how people would spend the extra luxury?! Well done! People are really going to go nuts when they hear how many billion it will take HS2 to take 20 mins off Birmingham to London.

Cardiff is a bloody nightmare for the motorist anyway. 40 seconds for £330000. It is either a joke or a waste of public money! oh my gosh😳 a whole 40seconds 👏 Wow! Worth every penny!

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