Piers Morgan: Stylist’s 10-point guide to becoming a decent human being

Piers Morgan doesn’t just need to read Stylist’s 10-point guide. He needs to print it, laminate it and stick it somewhere he has to look at it every bloody day.


. piersmorgan doesn’t just need to read Stylist’s 10-point guide. He needs to print it, laminate it and stick it somewhere he has to look at it every bloody day.

Piers Morgan doesn’t just need to read Stylist’s 10-point guide. He needs to print it, laminate it and stick it somewhere he has to look at it every bloody day.

“You literally earn a living taking the piss out of men and women who don’t conform to your narrow, patriarchal standards of gender, sexuality and appearance. From Daniel Craig for parenting to

“Avoid saying anything at all, Piers. How about a vow of silence from yourself so that we can all enjoy a nice, calm rest and avoid being screeched at when we turn on the telly?” – Regan Okey,

6) Put your pitiful attempts at ‘speaking like a millennial’ to sleep

“‘Turn up, shake hands, smile, empathise and listen’ – any plans on doing that yourself? In the meantime… well, patronising and irritating are the two top skills on your CV, and I doubt Meghan needs lessons in empathy from a click-bait antagonist.” – Emily Badiozzaman,

Piers Morgan is symptomatic of a culture that still uses so-called masculinity to shame men

“Now just imagine if he put his strange talent to good use, switched sides from comedy villain to pantomime hero and got headlines by being nice, kind, useful. Granted those headlines take a little more work, meaning he’d actually have to

If you do, we’ve no doubt “the respect will come”. Good luck!

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piersmorgan Well said latteIicious piersmorgan Jelly belly, denture-mouth-pout, and bingo wings. And just the other day he had the nerve to call female leaders 'aesthetically displeasing'. PaganTrelawney piersmorgan Piers failed in America and now I see why. He's a petty, vindictive man getting 'clicks' by bullying Meghan. It's abusive behavior. Gag. GMB

piersmorgan He need to eat piersmorgan Unfortunately he’s an unbeatable monster though because he’s entirely irrational and illogical. piersmorgan He hates women- that’s it! piersmorgan She ghosted me..whaaah...she didn’t invite me to her wedding..whaah. He knows Harry didn’t want him around. He is the reason Meghan dropped Piers. Piers bullied Princess Diana back then and later hounded her sons when they were young & single.

piersmorgan May I marry you? 😍😍😍 piersmorgan Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏😬 piersmorgan YESSSSSSS WickesEmma piersmorgan The ball is in your court mr. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan Twitter: ‘BBC Breakfast sucks’ GMB host reignites feud with Dan WalkerPIERS MORGAN took to Twitter to reignite his feud with BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker as the presenters battled it out in response to comments from a TV critic who compared the two daytime shows.

OnyinyechiEzeh2 piersmorgan I have seen a lot of ugly faces but Piers Morgan's face takes the cake of ugliness 100%🤮Even his smile induces vomit... piersmorgan well done! PaganTrelawney piersmorgan You made my day! Frances07834377 piersmorgan Do you think he’s met Mr Epstein like Trump has? Anyone checked?

Frances07834377 piersmorgan Good to know there may be hope! Frances07834377 piersmorgan Good advice! PaganTrelawney piersmorgan He's trash! Period. PaganTrelawney piersmorgan How about a tattoo on his bloody forehead? piersmorgan It's astonishing, the hypocrisy of this particular follower of yours. Whining and bitching about piersmorgan 'bullying' MeghanMarkle yet if one looks at her OWN timeline, nothing much else on it EXCEPT vicious, hateful bullying of others. Hypocrisy hatersgonnahate Hypocrite

Ohtheliesofukp1 piersmorgan Amazing isn't it. Not one of the **tches condemn what pissmorgan says about Meghan.

Piers Morgan: Good Morning Britain host tells naked Liam Payne to 'put it away'Susanna Reid shushing Piers Morgan as he rages about Wimbledon ditching female titles. He do what he want bish Nah Piers can put himself away

Ohtheliesofukp1 piersmorgan He also needs professional help to tackle his unhealthy obsessions (i.e. Duchess of Sussex) and his narcissistic personality disorder. piersmorgan Wow what a hitch (b) piersmorgan He looks like he stinks and has bad breath sussex1015 piersmorgan He looks like a roast 🐖!

piersmorgan Thank you for this👏👏 👌. He thinks he is powerful because he loves trump and has trumptards love back but His karma will come and it will be very ugly. GMB shame on you for continuing to give this stalker and fixated person a platform to bully a duchess of UK. sussex1015 piersmorgan piersmorgan Absolutely

piersmorgan Well, I'd call THAT personally abusive tweet highly unprofessional and exercising almost laughable hypocrisy. Be more professional and mature, please. 🤦 piersmorgan This is lame 😒 piersmorgan Tweets about fashion when their header is a girl wearing an old '90's t-shirt of Oasis.

Piers Morgan HITS OUT after F1 star Lewis Hamilton is queried about his 'Britishness'PIERS MORGAN, who presents Good Morning Britain, has shared his thoughts on a video which shows a journalist asking Formula One star Lewis Hamilton about his Britishness. 'Britain is where his heart is' but not his taxes Typical piersmorgan picks a nothing burger issue and throws some vegan to his base ThinSkinnedPiers is merely a junior realDonaldTrump troll hopefully LewisHamilton will stay out of it !

piersmorgan I dont have much time for Megan, I mean even 'H' is relegated to her fourth letter, no what I mean Harry. If it needs to be stuck where Piers can read it everyday, put it on the toilet, I hear he's regular sort of geezer. piersmorgan 1 Point guide to getting more people to see your Tweet. 1. Be a verified account that has a pop at Piers Morgan. Loads do it. Well done.

piersmorgan Bitching again piersmorgan Said the sexist homophobic magazine. piersmorgan Coming from a magazine that's for woman? Doesn't that just increase segregation? Your articles are about as low quality as Ladbible tbh. piersmorgan Maybe u should do the same

Piers Morgan brands Meghan Markle a ‘two-faced control freak’ in scathing 10-point guide on how she can become a ‘popular Princess’PIERS Morgan has launched another scathing attack on Meghan Markle as he advised her on how to be a ‘popular princess’. The outspoken TV host banded The Duchess of Sussex a ‘two-faced control freak… piersmorgan She won’t last long. piersmorgan Give it a rest morgan your being a bit of a knobb now and believing a lot of crap that is being written, they are couple who actually oh hang on LOVE each other & want their time piersmorgan why would anyone take any advice from PiersMorgan? DonaldJTrump do i need to say anything more?

Property: Stunning two bedroom apartment listed on Zoopla for just £16,000 - why?Piers Morgan said: \u2018Two multi-millionaires asking the British public, the taxpayer, to contribute \u00a32.5million to renovate an entirely different property to the one they\u2019ve been offered I think is a bit off\u2019. I'm there!

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