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Piers Morgan slams Tom Daley for knitting during Olympic diving event 'Doesn't care'

Piers Morgan slams Tom Daley for knitting during Olympic diving event 'Doesn't care' #Olympics #Tokyo2020

8/2/2021 4:57:00 AM

Piers Morgan slams Tom Daley for knitting during Olympic diving event 'Doesn't care' Olympics Tokyo 2020

PIERS MORGAN has taken aim at British diver, Tom Daley , who was caught knitting during a recent Olympic Games event.

"I rest my case."However, many were quick to leap to Tom’s defence in the replies section of Piers’ tweet that has since racked up over 6,000 likes."If you followed my knitting alt you’d know that knitting is actually a brilliant stress reliever, clearly Daley is actually beside himself with excitement for the diving final and is doing some knitting to calm his nerves," said one.

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Piers Morgan has been vocal criticising the Olympics in recent weeks(Image: GETTY)Tom and diving partner Matty Lee won Gold on Monday(Image: GETTY)Piers Morgan's life in pictures(Image: EXPRESS)Before a second added:"He's already said knitting calms his nerves. Why do you continue to try to belittle people who've achieved so much; it smacks of sour grapes." [Sic]

"He has found a stress reliever. Maybe you should try it yourself," commented a third.While another tweeted:"He acknowledges it's a way for him to take care of his mental health Piers…""Thanks, Piers. I might otherwise have missed this charming photo of a doting husband, father and gold medal Olympian taking a break between dives. What a credit to Britain, and an example to other young men, he is," stated a fifth. headtopics.com

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Leave him alone Poers, each to there own !! Piers Morgan has lost all credibility Better he does his knitting than runs away because he can't cope. Piers Morgan has clearly got too much time on his hands, perhaps he should take up knitting. He could even knit himself a new moral compass. Here we go don't have an opinion it's just wat the person thinks you can't shut people's minds down and it's not hate either it's an opinion

But Japan is being harassed by the Left. Thats Tom Daley being signed up for celebrity sewing show 😂😂 piersmorgan is starting to appear a bit homophobic recently...... Oh wait, he is. PiersMorgan Haha , Piers dropping himself in it again 🙄😂😂😂 There is nothing wrong with that. I think it is neat. It might help him to feel relax or something like that.

No worries a lot of tough Brit Sailors used 2 Knit !!

Tom Daley knits while watching Olympic springboard finalTwitter is deluged with images of the Olympian knitting a 'purple concoction' in the stands in Tokyo . Never heard of a purl diver? Good for him 👏 Well isn't that a question of sport question? Seriously what do you expect him to do Play on phone, knit, learn a language, read the gay times.

Piers Morgan is unhappy as Tom Daley refused to knit him a woolly jumper Haters will be haters!!! It should read 'Piers Morgan slams Tom Daley for knitting' Grown man knitting wtf...

Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley is spotted knitting in the stands Tom Daley , 27, was seen knitting during Women's 3m Springboard Diving Final in Tokyo . The Olympic gold medallist worked on a pink woolly creation as he watched event from the stands. Why are you passing this off as news FFS. Standards and in the drain Oh boy, what's next? A video of him living birth? He is so woke🙄🙄, smh 👀

Tom Daley enjoys a spot of knitting during at Tokyo OlympicsThe athlete even has an Instagram account dedicated to his knitted designs. Excellent. That should get a few fruits going.

Strictly Come Dancing line-up: Tom Daley to make history as Olympian signs up?STRICTLY COME DANCING'S line-up for this year might see Olympian Tom Daley join the ranks as it seems the gold-medal-winning Olympian could make history on the BBC programme.

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