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PIERS MORGAN reveals he caught Covid at Euros final

The vaccine may well have saved my life: PIERS MORGAN reveals he caught Covid at Euros final

7/25/2021 11:25:00 AM

The vaccine may well have saved my life: PIERS MORGAN reveals he caught Covid at Euros final

PIERS MORGAN: To Wembley Stadium for the Euros final between England and Italy . 'Is this wise?' asked my wife Celia as I headed off sporting a St George's flag waistcoat.

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COVID news live: Australia reveals date it aims to reopen to tourists - as UK agrees vaccine swap with South Korea

Chris Whitty says 'virtually every' unjabbed child aged 12 to 15 will get COVID; Boris Johnson shook hands with Brazilian health minister day before positive coronavirus test; Australia aiming to reopen to tourists by Christmas; UK agrees vaccine swap with South Korea.

What a dam lie! He has not got covid. He is trying to make people take the poison and trying to make out the vaccine saved him when others are still dying after the vaccine. Have all your sons had the Vaccine? He was admittedly pissed up and irresponsible, the moron. Hope nobody has died because of him. Pleased he can pinpoint the delta variant as the cause and it isn’t one brought in by the uefa delegates though. 💩

😂😂😂😂😂😂 So that's the downside to the vaccine I’ll give him a double jab everyday if he likes. 😂 Ha please.. he’s had Covid before therefore his body was already primed for an immune response. Absolutely no proof the vax helped! So vaccine did nothing😂 Hello please do you have news about Romeo Beckham in Miami ?

Damn you vaccine!

Piers Morgan says he caught Covid-19 at Euro final despite being double-jabbedFormer Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has revealed he caught coronavirus at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley despite having both doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine Hi, Logo Designer is here! Order Your Logo or Mail: Rakibulislamgd.designsgmail.com Thank You. He's also double chinned.

A good article. piersmorgan any normal drug would save your life you muppet. Not the the vaccine. If the vaccine worked you wouldn’t of caught Covid 🤡 😂😂😂 Now please roll out the anti-knobhead vaccine. Negative side effect? The EU funded research and subsequent vaccine development saved your life, piersmorgan. Get it right lol.

Quit is moaning now then.

Double-jabbed Piers Morgan says he caught Delta variant as controls collapsed at EurosPIERS MORGAN has revealed that despite receiving both coronavirus vaccinations, he has since tested positive. Or, he broke covid guidance. I know someone who got covid from being a volunteer steward (said the organisation was dire!) and another who got it from his son who went to the final. All three thankfully are getting better but this packed final was just a Boris vanity project!! My barber said his friend was double vaccinated went to Wembley and caught the virus

Covid-hit Piers was bed-bound for WEEK & says vaccine may have saved his lifeDOUBLE-jabbed Piers Morgan was bed-bound for a week battling Covid – and said the vaccine may have saved his life. The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter says he was infected during the chaos … It's always about him Not been getting enough attention lately piersmorgan 🙄 itsallaboutme Bed bound!!! 😂😂 utter bullshit

'So jarringly wrong' Piers Morgan rages over Olympics opening ceremony after odd momentPIERS MORGAN has hit out at the 'boring' Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. Who? What’s it got to do with PM? Ffs Does Piers ever have anything good to say?

Emily Maitlis stands by controversial Piers Morgan retweetShe questioned the 'priorities' in handling complaints. Your pushing your luck Maitless Trots like you are two a penny Next!

PIERS MORGAN: Boring Olympics ceremony is why Games should be canceledI'm not yawning… YOU'RE yawning. Be honest, we were all bloody falling asleep during that endlessly downbeat and dreary opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics. piersmorgan piersmorgan You deserve it. Seriously, who'd tune in to watch that bollocks? piersmorgan Then, this will brightening your day..