Piers Morgan: GMB star's brutal Brexit put-down to Hugh Grant revealed

6/11/2020 4:30:00 PM

Piers Morgan: #GMB star's brutal #Brexit put-down to Hugh Grant revealed #PiersMorgan #HughGrant #GoodMorningBritain #ITV

Piers Morgan: GMB star's brutal Brexit put-down to Hugh Grant revealed PiersMorgan HughGrant GoodMorningBritain ITV

PIERS MORGAN brutally shut down Hugh Grant in a series of cutting comments about the Hollywood actor's dalliances with politics, anti-Brexit campaigning and the future of the UK, in unearthed accounts.

.Express.(Image: ITV) Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan hosts the show alongside Susanna Reid (Image: ITV) Piers Morgan slaps down Farage for BLM comparison to Taliban In was in response to a viewer, who wrote: “@piersmorgan can you please let Susanna Reid complete a sentence without interrupting her on GMB tomorrow?” the presenter confirmed his absence.Piers Morgan was furious with the comparison of Churchill and Hitler (Image: ITV) Piers Morgan refused to accept the comparison Andrews made (Image: ITV) Piers Morgan outrages GMB viewers after Boris Johnson jibe “Violence! I mean, levels of violence which ail in comparison to the small amounts of violence Mandela committed.

Trending Piers Morgan took aim at Hugh Grant last year after the ‘Notting Hill’ actor criticised Boris Johnson for asking the for permission to prorogue parliament in August, during the Brexit debate last year.At the time, Hugh vented: “ You will not f***with my children’s future.uk has approached ITV for further comment on this story.You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend.Express.“F*** off you over-promoted rubber bath toy.He also missed the show last month after testing negative for COVID-19 not long after developing what he believed to be mild symptoms.Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects.Churchill was a eugenicist,” Andrews added.

” Clearly agitated by the comments, Piers fired back with a mugshot of Hugh from when he was arrested in Los Angeles in 1995.Piers Morgan has been critical of the government over coronavirus (Image: ITV) Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have been praised for holding the government to account (Image: ITV) While the programme has yet to announce who will be standing in for him, it could be one of these two presenters.Replying to his news, Piers’ followers had mixed reactions, with one posting: “It'll be boring then because there won't be any actual debates which is normally the best part of the show.He : “Halo Hugh… Britain’s moral standard-bearer.” GMB co-host Piers Morgan blast actor Hugh Grant over weighing into the Brexit debate (Image: GETTY) Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid front 'Good Morning Britain' on ITV (Image: GETTY) Their clash continued when the actor and Steve Coogan spoke out the night before the election that saw Boris Johnson win by a “landslide” in December last year.The presenters have been sitting a notable two metres apart from each other in the studio with a limited camera crew.On Twitter, Piers vented: “Who gives a flying..

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