Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Peterborough

Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire

Peterborough or Boston will be home to new Museum of Brexit

🔴A long-planned Museum of Brexit will open in either Peterborough or Boston, Lincolnshire, within two years

10/22/2021 11:46:00 PM

🔴A long-planned Museum of Brexit will open in either Peterborough or Boston, Lincolnshire , within two years

Pro-Leave hotspots revealed as final two candidates for exhibition commemorating Britain’s split from European Union

Lee Rotherham, the chairman of trustees who has led “locational research” of 50 sites across the UK, said there were now just two candidates left to host a museum looking back at the history of Brexit.The hope is that the final location in either Peterborough or Boston can be announced early in the new year, with the museum opening by late 2023. Both places returned strong Leave votes in the 2016 referendum, with 61 per cent in Peterborough and 76 per cent in Boston.

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A fundraising dinner was held in London this week and a sum said to be “significantly over six figures” has so far been pledged to support the plan.Mr Rotherham said that each of a possible 50 locations had been “put through a matrix of 14 criteria” looking at size, cost, transport links and ability to hire staff as well as “support or otherwise from the local community”.

He added: “In the end, we have decided that the two buildings most suitable for our needs are in the town of Boston in Lincolnshire or the city of Peterborough. Both of these buildings would match the requirements of the museum in display space, archive space, and the ability to run educational programmes.

“What is vital is that this project is sustainable, financially and historically. We are not looking at the next 10 years, we are looking at the next 100.”The museum will seek to tell the story, starting in the 1950s, of how the UK came to join the EU and then took the momentous decision to leave in 2016.

Mr Rotherham said the museum “will be able to talk to the history of Brexit but also the longer story of the United Kingdom’s sovereignty, its international ties of trade and culture and the personal stories that bring this epoch-making period of our history to life”.

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Those two massive tourist draws? Will the central display be a rotting, stinking pile of fish? Hasn't Peterborough been voted the worse place to live, in England, 3 years running? 🤔 Fitting. It can exhibit artefacts from the industries destroyed by Brexit. Somehow think it won’t go down a treat 🤢 Mate, within two years your brexit will be about as popular as dysentery.

And will be an albatross around the neck of the winning town for a generation. So it'll be empty like our supermarket shelves I'm guessing? Is it all statues of Dominic Raab eating Spam and Campbell Soup because he didn’t have “adequate food”? What's going in it? Broken promises Is it going to be full of raw sewage, dead pigs and rotting vegetables? 🤔🙄 BrexitDisaster

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And close within seconds. Is there a room big enough for all those lies? Just like this one? 'Subject to availabilty' What a great idea. 🤣 Be hilarious if they have to bus in loads of Eastern Europeans to work there because they cannot get any British takers! Both are now going ‘Oh fuck no! Things are bad enough without pinning the blame on us for posterity!’ Ps I vote for Boston.

Brexit has turned entire country into a museum, we're now back in the 19th century. Dumping sewage into rivers, letting the poor starve. We should rename it 'the Victorian experience'. Strap line 'come to a country stuck in the past. Where the smell of effluent fills the air.' The only museum with an empty gift shop

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Hope it is better plannned than the actual Brexit otherwise it will be bankrupt within a month Put it somewhere with a sea view so people can enjoy the sight of raw sewage floating by as another great brexit win…. Boston. Shit hole. Perfect. will the centre piece be a copy of the former unedited human rights act 🤨🙄

Ooh, how exciting! I will be sure to go out of my way to visit that next time Im on plague island. Hhmm, well, I guess some people believe that empty buildings have a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' about them. Will it be owned by Madame Tussauds? 🤣 I love the idea of making ppl schlep over to Boston to visit this.

A handy target for all of those who have been stuffed by brexit? What have the poor people of Peterborough or Boston done to have this foisted on them? Did they do something horrible in a past life?

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The fens. Brexit heartlands, now struggling to find workers for their food production companies because the Europeans have left. It's all a bit flat there, so no sunlit uplands at the 'museum' of BrexitShambles An exhibition of failure I presume it'll feature a café with no food? Foreigners not welcome? Entry with a blue passport only?

Presumably it would contain British fishing and farming. Just set fire to some tires in a skip, it’ll save millions and be ready in no time. Museums usually contain things that are history, right? Brexit Ha, one to miss. Will probably have a waxwork of Hartley-Brewer in her Ginger Spice dress.

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Loosing voters triggered! Will it house artefacts like tins of food. Isn't this basically what the Tories are turning the entire UK into? A historical museum, based on the hell of the past? As a sure sign of it being inclusive and not at all divisive, they’ve taken the bold step to put the Brexit museum in… Peterborough or Boston

I predict a riot. Neither town will be able to tolerate this if it takes up valuable land where a fast food outlet might otherwise flourish. What's the betting they've applied for EU culture and heritage structural funding to support this new development? *makes note* places to avoid with a vengeance!

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