Paul Young 'collapsing' forced him to cancel show with Bob Dylan after 'stupid mistake'

Paul Young opens up on 'stupid mistake' while on tour

Paul Young, Paul Young Singer

12/7/2021 8:09:00 AM

Paul Young opens up on 'stupid mistake' while on tour

PAUL YOUNG revealed the stress of his tour put so much pressure on his body that he 'collapsed' and had to cancel his biggest show alongside Bob Dylan .

Paul YoungIn a new interview the 80s pop icon, who shot to fame as a teen idol, opened up on how touring takes its toll on the individual or band, admitting he made a"stupid mistake"."I think the worst thing is the jet lag when you’re doing world tours, and being able to give yourself enough time to get over it," he told Jenni Falconer on her new podcast

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Famous Firsts."A stupid mistake I made in the beginning was they’d be putting press in while we were touring."I’d already done press, but they were putting more in.READ MORE: Paul Young's 'collapse' forced him to cancel show with Bob Dylan after 'stupid mistake'

(Image: GETTY•ITV)Paul said Bob Dylan was brought in to perform with him(Image: GETTY)Louise Minchin admitted 'turning point' in relationship with husband"They’d give you maybe a day, two days, to get over really bad jet lag, and then you were straight in.

"I was having to get up at five in the morning to do a TV show, and have a show that night as well."He added:"The first tour was 13 shows in 14 days, with press and TV. It was ridiculous!"Paul went on to reveal that his body just could not longer hack to immense pressure of the tour.

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The singer revealed the stress of his tour put so much pressure on his body(Image: GETTY)The 80s pop icon shot to fame as a teen idol(Image: GETTY)Most listened to artists(Image: EXPRESS)"I collapsed from exhaustion in Rhode Island and had to cancel the biggest show, which was the last one in New York where CBS had invited Bob Dylan and all these people.

"We had to pull it. It was really gutting."He continued:"At that time, it was just exhaustion, it had nothing to do with the voice itself."My body couldn’t take it anymore."

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