Coronavirus, Emmanuel Macron, France

Coronavirus, Emmanuel Macron

Paris riot police use tear gas on anti-vaxxers as crowds clash over Covid rules

Paris riot police use tear gas on anti-vaxxers as huge crowds clash over Covid passports

8/1/2021 4:02:00 AM

Paris riot police use tear gas on anti-vaxxers as huge crowds clash over Covid passports

More than 200,000 people across France protested against President Emmanuel Macron ’s vaccine drive and some of the marches in Paris got out of hand with flares thrown and three police officers injured

Signs saying "we are not guinea pigs" and "freedom" were some of the messages from protestors with around 150 separate events organised across France after the government used emergency powers to bring in anti-Covid measures.Tear gas and baton charges were used against violent groups in Paris who attacked police with flares.

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Four marches descended on the Place de la Bastille, where water cannons and squads of gendarmes and CRS riot police were waiting for them. ‘Some of the marches are illegal, and they are being joined by anarchist groups who are not directly linked to the protest,’ said one officer are the scene.

Protesters injured three police officers in Paris, a police spokesperson said. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Twitter that 19 demonstrators were arrested, including 10 in Paris.An interior ministry official said 204,090 had demonstrated across France, including 14,250 in Paris alone.

This is about 40,000 more than those out on the street last week protesting against President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine drive. Many of the protests were organised by the so-called Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vest anti-government movement.Named after their distinctive fluorescent motoring jackets, they have been behind a series of riots in cities like Paris over the past three years.

Macron’s decision three weeks ago to overcome the hesitation of millions of French by all but compelling them to vaccinate is supported by up to 65 percent of the population, according to polls. An emergency bill imposing the health pass for access to cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, trains and long-distance buses was passed by parliament last week, and will come into effect on Monday.

But the measures have triggered fury among a minority, channelling hostility towards the president.Anti-vaccine health workers in their white coats were among those marching at the head of crowds of people. "We're creating a segregated society and I think it is unbelievable to be doing this in the country of human rights," said Anne, a teacher who was demonstrating in Paris.

"So I took to the streets; I have never protested before in my life. I think our freedom is in danger."Over the past month, anti-Vaxxers have sent death threats to six MPs in Macron’s En Marche (On the Move) party, and five vaccination centres have been hit by vandalism.

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Jean Castex, France’s prime minister, has warned that the state would be "uncompromising if there is violence" at the demonstrations.Those involved in the anti-vaccine movement include Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate and leader of the far-right National Rally party.

The far-Left presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the France Unbowed party, has also taken up the anti-vaccination cause.More than 47 percent of the French have now been fully vaccinated, a jump of six points since Macron announced the new vaccine pass.

Coronavirus cases have been surging in France during July, heating more than 27,000 daily cases on July 29. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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Anti-Vaxers? They’re opposed to the passports being implemented. If they wear masks it will protect them from the tear gas I very much doubt they are all anti vaxxers… an appalling headline but I’d expect nothing else from the mirror… there are many people who have been vaccinated who think that “passports” are a shocking idea and the first step to our freedoms being ripped from us.

Good we should do the same!!! A lot of stupid people in a picture. Covid passport in UK but not until September lol meanwhile millions of people will of already been to nightclubs etc jabbed o not.... Why are people who are fully jabbed so scared ov people who are not jabbed. Oh, those Parisians. They love a good riot.

Why did Chris Whitty state Covid is a low risk disease that poses little to no threat even without hospital treatment ? Disinformation on COVID is throughout the world...who is putting this out? Russia?

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