Parents warned ahead of Greta Thunberg protest

Police warn of 'inadequate safety' at Greta Thunberg protest


Police warn of 'inadequate safety' at Greta Thunberg protest

Police said there was a risk of 'falls and crushing' if thousands of people joined the Bristol protest.

Reuters Image caption Greta Thunberg tweeted over the weekend that she would be taking part in the city's youth protest Police are warning parents a Bristol protest Greta Thunberg is due to join has"grown so large" it is unlikely usual safety measures will be adequate. Avon and Somerset Police say they expect thousands of people at the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate on College Green on Friday to hear the 17-year-old climate activist speak. The force said there was"potential for trips, slips, falls and crushing". Parents and carers were advised to make their own safety arrangements. The Swedish climate change campaigner tweeted over the weekend that she would be taking part in the city's youth protest. But in a letter addressed to parents of school-age children, Supt Andy Bennett said the force was"unable to accurately predict how large this event will be". " Social media has gone viral with interest which leads me to believe it will be thousands of people," he wrote. "We have confirmation of people travelling from across the UK by car, bus, coach and train. "I am told in Hamburg approximately 60,000 came to see Greta speak. Whilst I am not suggesting it will be this big, you can see the scale of the potential attendance." Image copyright Image caption The first school strike in Bristol took place in February last year He said the event had been advertised promising areas suitable for both primary school children and disabled people but as a"large-scale organic" event, he said that would"probably be unachievable". "In terms of big crowds, they are dynamic in nature and there is the potential for trips, slips, falls and crushing," he warned parents. "The event has grown so large that the usual controls, stewarding and safety measures that are routinely put in place are unlikely to be scaled up adequately." He added Park Street and the city centre would also be closed to"try and mitigate the risks associated with a crowd too large for the College Green open space". According to one of the protest's organisers, Greta had originally planned to visit London, but as the area planned for the protest in the capital was too small organisers had recommended Bristol instead. Image caption Artist Jody Thomas painted a mural of Ms Thunberg in Bristol last year Two years ago, the teenage activist started missing lessons most Fridays to protest outside the Swedish parliament building, in what turned out to be the beginning of a huge environmental movement. She has become a leading voice for action on climate change, inspiring millions of students to join protests around the world. Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

Police as usual being anything but useful, trying to make the numbers less significant. ACAB. Why? Just how many BBC News people will be attending? They are busing people in. You could not create the irony. I hope someone can get hold of policing costs as well. And by the way the UK is 1% if global CO2. We are not the problem.

The 2 most annoying things in the world second place....Coronavirus. And in first place, and the winner, is.....Greta Thunberg!! Give the kids free booze, and stand back and watch. Well make sure Bristol pay they want her there Spread the virus why don’t you 🙄🤬 It's not nicer to attend to school and then seeking a career for changing the world?

How very dare you She’s just a short term gimmick like Tamagotchis, it’ll soon pass 🙄 Then plan accordingly please.

Greta Thunberg meets Malala Yousafzai at Oxford UniversityMalala - who is studying at the prestigious university - said Greta was 'the only friend I'd skip school for'. 💪💪💪 real Girl power !! Who

I can see polar bears returning to the Avon Gorge already. Just one more protest march should do it. She’d have been better going to China to protest rather than coming to a country that only produces just over 1% of the worlds pollution Just another sign of underfunding from central govt. Want to save the planet, stop having children!!!!!!!

A gathering of children should be in the soft play area, should be ok as long as they take their shoes off. GretaThunberg We seem to police royals okay sith taxpayer cash... its a 17 yo for ffs and they are worried about 'slips and falls'... fucking hell..

Greta Thunberg meets Malala at universityThe campaigners posed for a photo together at Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford. Wearing my nans coat This is true Girl Power.👌💜🤘 New movie?

St Greta will save them. Clearly two points here: 1. If Police cannot ensure public safety the protest should be made illegal and cancelled. 2. If teachers allow kids to walk out of school mid morning then they are neglecting their duty of care & rightly should be prosecuted. GretaThunberg stopgreta

So bored of her already The best thing to combat climate change is for the kids to get educated in schools and not standing in protest. Get back to school. As long as they clean up... GretaThunberg try asking school kids to protest on a weekend and see how many don’t bother to turn up. Holding protests on school days, denying kids of their education -as what kid doesn’t want an excuse to bunk off school. Your parents are exploiting you GretaThunberg

In reality there was probably no one turning up but now they've told the sheep it's a sell out, the sheep will think they're missing out and wet themselves,😷🤔🤪 Avatar.

Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai meet at Oxford UniversitySwedish climate activist visits Yousafzai’s college while in UK for Bristol youth protest Overrated-ness galore! One who risked her life to go to school meets a serial truant who thinks she knows more than hard working people with educations. Celebrated by the left of course. An actual hero and a leftist puppet who screeches “how dare you” while advocating that we destroy the world economy. Great

Protection against child indoctrination activity.? GretaThunberg try asking school kids to protest on a weekend and see how many don’t bother to turn up. Holding protests on school days, denying kids of their education -as what kid doesn’t want an excuse to bunk off school. You’re parents are exploiting you GretaThunberg

More fear mongering courtesy of the ... get out there in droves people. Do your thang! If that's the case it will be banned, simples If the police can't guarantee public safety (of school students) in a city centre, the event should be cancelled. Yeah let's forget Beijing or Delhi which both have deathly thick smog. Lets protest in the most middle class, lefty, green city in the UK. Who needs to go to school when you can land yourself a token Nobel prize and multi million dollar book deal.

Good, so ban the protest and stop parents from forcing their kids to bunk off school. Government to shut schools in event of UK coronavirus outbreak CoronavirusOutbreak GretaAkbar Why the fuck does this protest have to happen in this country when there are so many more countries that just ain’t listening. Does she not understand which countries are the worst polluters. Greta get back to school me thinks

Please don’t step into the road in front of my car on my way home on Friday 🙏

Pain of Greta Thunberg as she reveals her grandfather has diedTaking to Instagram, Greta Thunberg,17, from Sweden revealed that Olof Thunberg had 'passed away'. She was in London at the time at Oxford University. Very large age difference between grand daughter and grand father. Such a young age to die, if not for climate change, he could have lived till 125

She is the coronavirus Well, did she pay for the security? Wonder how they all getting to the protest ...? curious Put her back in school. Give the puppet a break I feel sorry for the way GretaThunberg is being manipulated, from what i have seen she is already demonstrating poor mental health indicators. The adults taking advantage of her for their own gains should be ashamed of themselves

All for peaceful protests,but allowing this to happen when we have a pandemic on the horizon is highly fucking illogical,has common sense been replaced by ignorance and stupidity, just postpone until this virus fucks off,like they have done for sports events. Isn't it the job of police to provide 'adequate safety' for protest crowds? So the police are criticising themselves in advance. Strange.....

She should go back to selling expensive chairs... Well, you know, the police have lots of perceived hate-crime to deal with so poor Greta can go & f...

Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai meet at Oxford UniversityClimate change activist Greta Thunberg has met with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai at Oxford University Who? Match made in Heaven The truant and the girl who got shot in the head trying to go to school. Interesting combo.

So why isn't it stopped 😡😡😡 Bothered? Nope! Goodnight! What do we learn, don't protest. And Greta, fo something better than that. The world doesn’t need revolution, all we need is some responsibility 🙏🏽 I hope its planned out of school hours , no one should miss school for this, as parents we are told any day out of school is unacceptable.

And instead of police performing their police work, they have to babysit her on the expense of the taxpayers. Monster Some of these followers are adults....what are we heading for if adults are listening to the voice of an intellectually challenged teenager. This is her She talks shit most of the time so the methane output must be high

Malala Yousafzai thanks Greta Thunberg as pair are photographed meetingGreta Thunberg is due to join a youth climate strike in Bristol later this week :) Í! Tình yêu GT của ta ! Brainwashing works!

This girl is becoming a menace! She might learn something if she is going to school, little brat All hail the mighty Greta, she has spoken. Ignore and it will be a warm world, with lots of tasty meat and creamy coffees and cars and trucks to transport fresh food. Less population because we will be busy working and not bonking because there's nothing better to do

Trying to shut her down Glad to know that under normal circumstances the police can help prevent me from tripping, slipping or falling. go back to finland! Let's all try and ignore it. She's achieved so much in her young life waterstones publishing author of the year and time magazine person of the year I'm not going to fall, because I'm not going to follow a muppet...

Sick of hearing about this young buck Who pays for Greta’s gallivanting? Why are we putting up with this unhinged child disrupting our society . She is encouraging law breaking , she needs to be stopped not accommodated !! patel4witham get a grip of this please !!! Ban it then Police still allowing human trafficking to go on with Greta wow and she's autistic.

Hope they don’t catch anything Oh well, never mind Of course the police are worried about their 'safety' because it will be non-black middle class privileged kids taking part. And of course they will be pardoned for skipping school, unlike working class BME children who get penalised for skipping school

Poor Greta ☹️ it’s not going to end well Mental problems and being used GretaThunberg warns ClimateEmergency

What suggestions has Greta made to tackle climate change? I'd like someone tackle her on this - otherwise, without lack of a clear ideas, she's just ranting Greta, turn the boat towards Sweden!!! Very poor interviewer, the police man told him of the restricted space problem and he was not listening. Or was it he was an idiot as he kept on about it. typical poor bbc

Chuckie is back....🥴 What other person that is not a British citizen would be allowed to encourage our children to skip school? And what happened to the law that states parents are required to apply for permission to take kids out of school during term time? First warning? It’s funny, because I bet lots of the people complaining about Greta being allowed to say what she says are the same people who lose their minds and go on a rant about free speech when someone is criticised for being homophobic/racist/islamaphobic etc

If safety precautions are not good enough then cancel th protest. Fear is a virus. Keep stoking fear in all things. Want to derail and thwart progress, and keep the people under control? Keep stoking fear. Whoever built this child is a marketing genius Well done Greta 👍🏼 take no notice of all these moaning, sad Gammons, they are mostly bungalow brains. Nothing upstairs !!

The freak show has come to town😷 Yep I heard she can be violent. Have the protest on a saturday and see how many students bother to get out of bed.😴😴😴 Not to worry, she’s strong and brave enough to take care of herself. Go home and go to school. Why allow her in the country! wow they're really that afraid of Greta.

She pays no tax to deserve police there, so forget it

You're going to let that rude brat come in and cause a public menace and you are whining about safety? Current temperature anomalies less than 4000 years of the Holocene, which the IPCC conceded in 2013. So the climate is changing but there is no crisis. Enjoy the rain tomorrow. It’s good to see the young so engaged. Safety important though. I just hope the site is not left littered with disposable plastics afterwards 🙄

Anyone else now agree that climate change isn't the biggest threat to humanity. A deadly virus and antibiotic resistance is by far the biggest issue facing us. That's what we should be tackling first. Wish she would go back to school Send her packing . Well they will just stand by and let them do anything they want. So why the concern now

I hope CO2 levels will be monitored. The worse offenders are kids breathing while shouting. No school? Should be in school learning things

Just ban it Isn't this a risk at any large gathering of people anywhere in the world?

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