Christmas Shopping, Toys

Christmas Shopping, Toys

Parents 'breaking down in tears' over shortage of children's toys for Christmas

Parents 'breaking down in tears' over shortage of children's toys for Christmas

10/17/2021 11:44:00 AM

Parents 'breaking down in tears' over shortage of children's toys for Christmas

Toy suppliers for Harrods and Selfridges may face a wait until next year for a shipment from the Far East. One seller has sold out of products despite ordering double the amount

Desperate mums and dads are said to have been calling toy shops to ask about festive gifts.However, many of the toys have already sold out and no new stock is expected until the New Year, reports the i.Other mums and dads clamoured to stock up on goods and presents ahead of Christmas.

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Le Toy Van in Surrey sells toys made in the Far East and supplies to Harrods and Selfridges, but may struggle with stock this year.Founder Steve Le Van has now sold out of dolls houses and wooden train sets despite ordering double the amount Mr Le Van told the i: “I’ve had people already on the phone in tears wanting to buy a dolls house.

“There is still stock coming…Some would have arrived for Christmas but it will be arriving after [because of delays]."Retailers also told the i other toys are expected to run out soon.Shipping companies, meanwhile, directed vessels away from the port of Felixstowe, Suffolk, after it ran out of space.

The shortage of lorry drivers, Covid restrictions at ports, and a surge in imports has restricted the transportation of goods. Paul Schaffer, managing director of Plum Play in Lincolnshire it was expecting a shipping container of goods which won't arrive until November.

He also said he couldn't see all their products arriving before Christmas.Mr Schaffer said: “There are certain varieties of trampolines that aren’t coming in, some swing sets aren’t with us yet."He added: “Everybody’s probably already written their Christmas lists. It’s going to be a very hard job [for parents] managing expectations or perhaps suggesting their children adjust those lists a little.”

The British Toy and Hobby Association said it expected disruption to continue over the coming months.And a Road Haulage Association (RHA) survey estimated Britain faces a 100,000 driver shortfall.There are also fears Christmas dinner could be "cancelled" because of a turkey shortage,

Iceland revealed sales of frozen turkeys had soared 409% compared to the same time last year,It has prompted Brits to stock up early as Boris Johnson admitted the delivery crisis could last for months. Read More Read more: Daily Mirror »

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For godsake! In tears Take them over to Afghanistan, Syria or a refugee camp, they'll see things there that are worth crying about 😡😡 How about focusing on the true meaning of Christmas for the children… Whiny crying parents in needs of parenting and Discipline I'm done ✅ I buy in July/August but saying that my kids are teens and one pressie costs a freeking fortune Christmas IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE

So stop buying presents for kids and spend quality time with them and teach them good values. Pathetic! Get a grip a hoop and stick are all a child needs xx If ever there was a need for a reset, this is it. Cut out the ludicrous Christmas present buying and bring it back to being about family Grow up you melts.

Breaking down in tears because they can’t buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have.

Smyths Toys warns parents to start Christmas shopping now amid supply shortagesSmyths Toys say some toys could be in 'short supply' this year due to global issues over the availability of shipping containers - as the UK also faces HGV driver shortages ahead of the busy Christmas season Scaremongering needs to stop ! BREAKING NEWS Toy shop that has lost money due to covid urges parents to buy toys for kids

And the Brexiteers will blame Covid Nonsense Nobody has broke down in tears if they have they need help and need to see a doctor cos that is truly pathetic. Where are they getting this nonsense from Encourage the kids to create a show. Organise some party games. Make up your own stories. Then, you may find they have the best Xmas ever.

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Breaking down in tears over toys. 🤣 These mummy's and daddy's are the same ones who also cry about capitalism not feeding other people's starving children. If this is the case should have been doing what my daughter has and sorting presents out since last January, bit by bit, little by little and now only one or two to get.

Here we go again, making up crazy shortage stories.

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I’m sure we won’t run out of cardboard boxes. Kids get too much anyway. FLASH POLL 👇 If there is a shortage of toys for Christmas, what should parents do? RT for more votes 🔁 phillips marr gbnews bbcbreakfast

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