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Parasite distributor responds to Trump attack: 'Understandable, he can’t read'

Parasite distributor responds to Trump attack: 'Understandable, he can’t read'


Parasite distributor responds to Trump attack: 'Understandable, he can’t read'

Trump seemed displeased by the fact the South Korean film had triumphed at the Oscars

Like a reliable friend – or a movie franchise worth millions of dollars – Zoolander returned for another film. In place of a funny script and a decipherable plot, the sequel shoves in endless celebrity cameos. Skrillex, Susan Boyle and Justin Bieber are one of the 39 celebrities that appear in the film, but the force of star power fails to make Zoolander 2 enjoyable.

He might have been a crazed narcissist, but Patrick Bateman deserved better than this sequel. Thankfully, no one actually remembers that American Psycho 2 exists, or that Mila Kunis is the lead, which is good because it ruins the ambiguous ending of the original film. No amount of peppermint sheet masks could ever clean this mess of a movie up.

Ten years after the original film, Mac Davis and Jackie Gleason fill in for Paul Newman and Robert Redford in this heist remake. Considering the movie’s clumsy mobster dialogue and slow-moving plot, the audience in 1983 might have felt like they were the ones who had really been hoodwinked.

You may ask yourself how it’s possible to make a sequel to a film based on two friends pretending a corpse is still alive in order to party. The makers of Weekend at Bernie’s 2 were probably asking themselves the same thing in 1993. This tired comedy never crosses over from stupid into funny, despite many of the cast returning to try and recapture the dubious magic.

Mulan is a gender-bending, brave heroine who refuses to conform to society's expectations of her. That is, until she reappears in the Disney sequel as a devoted wife who is more than willing to comply with her husbands demands. Now even her pet dragon Mushu doesn’t like her.

Stupider even than its title, the Farrelly brothers’ sequel puts its stars (Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels) through an overlong retread of past material. The broad humour feels decades out of date, and the energy that propelled the original through its juvenile jokes is gone. It’s hard to imagine who was the target audience for these gross-out sight gags.

Amy Adams tries her best to tear into her role as a sadistic, sex-obsessed bully but the script for Cruel Intentions 2 – strictly speaking, a prequel, but sssh – is so bad that even she failed to save it. When her stepbrother Sebastian moves into her Mum’s Manhattan mansion, she barges into his shower and warns him,"no one is going to threaten my cushy life". What teenager would ever say"cushy life"?

Infamous for ruining what would have been, in many critics’ eyes, a perfect trio of movies, The Godfather Part III delivers a slow anti-climax. The film has its defenders, but given the calibre of the first two Godfathers, this last instalment is the black sheep of the family.

Keanu Reeves wisely didn’t pick up the phone for this Razzie-winning action thriller. The speeding bus rigged by a bomber in the 1994 film is bizarrely replaced by a cruise ship here, making the action a lot slower and more boring. Poor Sandra Bullock is given nothing interesting to do, and surely must have been tempted to look for a lifeboat.

Jaws 2 sees the great white original reduced to a lukewarm b-movie filled with bad special effects and clumsy editing. The only positive thing about Jaws 2 is that all the characters are so annoying that it’s actually pretty satisfying watching them get eaten alive. See also Jaws 3, 4 and 5.

Even if you don’t like James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar-winning behemoth, it’s hard to forget the iconic image of a ship and its passengers meeting their watery doom. The digital effects of Titanic II, however, look like a child’s version of the original’s visuals. The plot – about a boat literally named Titanic II that takes its maiden voyage 100 years after the first – is equally creaky.

John Rambo is stripped of any the nuance he had in the first film, becoming an all-American macho cliche and increasing his body count through cartoonish violence. The ex-soldier tears through Vietnam to rescue American prisoners of war as a one man army, seemingly impervious to bullets or logic. If the absurd plot doesn’t jar for you, the politics probably will.

Given the global recession that hung over this follow-up to the original 1987 Wall Street, director Oliver Stone could have made a far more interesting and timely film. A cast including Michael Sheen and Shia LaBeouf provide diminishing returns in a tale of greed that ultimately pulls its punches.

Robert De Niro’s reputation continued to devalue with the third installment of the Meet The Parents series. The title indicates how much effort was put into this family comedy, which relies on under-the-belt hits to wring any laughs out of its audience.

This follow-up to the flashy 2013 film squanders the only reason it would have a sequel, and somehow is not named Now You See Me Now. The sleight-of-hand magic here is all style and no substance, and the endless overcomplicated reveals of characters tricking each other become very irritating.

Danny and Sandy flying off into the sunset should have been the end of Grease. But money-hungry film execs brought us back to Rydell High for sequel fans were hopelessly undevoted to."I hated that film with a vengeance and could not believe how bad it was," said Sandy stand-in Michelle Pfieffer years later."At the time I was young and didn't know any better."

Sharon Stone had bad instincts when she agreed to this film. Even a new take on her iconic leg-crossing interrogation scene couldn’t save this sequel from one of the worst rotten tomato ratings on record. It managed to make less than $6m Stateside on a $70m budget.

Although the soundtrack had its fans, this film is essentially a remake of the 1980 original without one half of the titular Blues Brothers (John Belushi died in 1982). Bafflingly, he is replaced by a 10-year old child in sunglasses. It’s half as funny and nowhere near as infectiously fun, but if you only care about the music, that might not matter.

It might be called Staying Alive, but you won’t want to after watching this sequel. Six years after our hero Tony Manero made white polyester bell bottoms popular, we check back in on him as he auditions for a new Broadway musical called Satan’s Alley. There are far too many romantic subplots, oiled up chests and loincloths to make this film okay.

Trump then asked why Bong's film won when there is an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film – which

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Beautiful retort Why pick an average film for such an honor? Lmaoo the orange hag deserve djunasaurus I do wish the press would stop referring to distinguished Korean film directors as “parasites”. Bravo 👏🏼 checkmate It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.

😂😂😂👏👏👏 Notice how Trump hasn’t responded to this rebuttal? He knows it would escalate to a point where he’d be challenged to prove that he can read. 'I was elected to lead not to read....' The director should be arrested as there is obvious Paedophilia in the movie when the tutor kisses a child. parasite ParasiteMovie

Donald Trump mocks Oscar-winning South Korean film ParasiteNeon, the North American distributor of the film, has said the president's comments were 'understandable' because he 'can't read'. oh no how dare he not like a movie, its a disgrace i tell you impeach drumpf now!!!! Hmmm .... let me think which one is going to be the box office smash hit ... a war film or an art house one ! Amen Mr President 😂

He also cannot discern the reality of the lower class family depicted Nice reply... I wonder what the heck of a man that guy called Trump is. realDonaldTrump 👀 😯😂🤣 Great response...when they go low, we aim high 👊 Burnt... real deep... real good! :) BeKind It's an overrated film but it's more believable than him

Trump doubles down on attack of Oscar-winning movie Parasite at Las Vegas rallyDonald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of the South Korean thriller Parasite winning best film at this year's Oscars , bringing the subject up early in a rally for the second day in a row.

Brilliant response😄🤣😂😄 Amazing Good morning DonaldTrump. You ok hun? Ouch In subtitles. Nobody likes parasites anyhow

Donald Trump is not happy that Parasite won so many OscarsHe admitted he hadn't seen the film which won best picture, best director, best original screenplay and best international feature. Anything that irratates Donal Trump is a good thing. Reminds him of not everyone likes him. 🤡

Trump jabs at Parasite's Oscar win because film is 'from South Korea'President says US has trade problems with South Korea and wonders if ‘we can get Gone With the Wind back’ The Crook in Chief. The key point to trump’s message is that trump doesn’t have a good trade deal with South Korea and it’s destroying him That's because Trump is a racist

Trump mocks Oscar win for Parasite: 'What the hell was that about?' – videoImitating an Academy Awards presenter, the president said: 'What the hell was that all about? We've got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that, they give them best movie of the year?' Imbecile. Well you had to read subtitles, so I imagine Trump would struggle... Bigot organgutan mouthing off

Donald Trump mocks film Parasite's Oscars success despite not seeing itDonald Trump was booed at a rally in Colorado after implying an 'American' film should have won Best Films rather than the critically acclaimed Parasite , because 'we got enough problems with South Korea with trade'

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