Coronavirus, Sunday Mirror

Coronavirus, Sunday Mirror

Panic buyers shamelessly hoard more than £1billion worth of groceries in 3 weeks

Panic buyers shamelessly hoard more than £1billion worth of groceries in 3 weeks

3/22/2020 1:51:00 AM

Panic buyers shamelessly hoard more than £1billion worth of groceries in 3 weeks

Selfish shoppers are purchasing 50% more food than they need as NHS Director said hospital staff wept in shops after long shift where shelves were empty

The supermarket shelf-strippers are buying 50% more food than they need.Yesterday the stockpilers were told to start eating it.Environment Secretary George Eustice implored them to think of others and insisted: “There’s more than enough food to go around.”

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British Retail Consortium boss Helen Dickinson said: “The issue is around people and lorries getting that food on to our shelves, which is why we’ve seen shortages.”She said of the £1billion glut: “We should make sure we eat some of it.”NHS Medical Director Prof Stephen Powis said hospital staff had wept in shops after a long shift where shelves were empty.

He said: “We should all be ashamed. These are the very people we will all need to look after perhaps us or our loved ones in the weeks ahead.”One nurse who was saving lives in intensive care then found the supermarket shelves bare was critical care nurse Dawn Bilbrough, 51, who had done a 48-hour shift.

Dawn, who works in Leeds, West Yorks, made a heartbreaking video begging hoarders to be considerate.Tearful Dawn said: “I’ve just come out of the supermarket – there’s no fruit and veg. I had a little cry in there. I just wanted to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours.

“I just don’t know how I’m supposed to stay healthy.“Those people who are just stripping the shelves of basic foods – you need to stop it because it’s people like me that are going to be looking after you when you are at your lowest. Just stop it. Please.” Tesco has now said the hour before official opening every Sunday will be a ­shopping slot ­exclusively for NHS staff, with ID checks to keep out hoarders.

Dawn added: “I understand the fear but we are not a Third World country. People need to have a bit of awareness and remember other people actually need to survive this.”Ms Dickinson said shops are used to boosting supplies at Christmas with four months to prepare but the crisis had given them only two weeks.

Panic buying is making staff worry about going to work for fear of being abused or assaulted by customers.At one Tesco branch in Isleworth, West London, staff were attacked by customers furious about shortages.A woman said they face hours of verbal abuse from customers often angered by restrictions on items being sold.

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The worker said: “Some are okay but others explode and go mad.“Yesterday a manager had a shopping trolley thrown at him. The girls are coming off the tills crying.” A supermarket worker in Brighton called Barbara said that the health of low-paid staff is being put at greater danger.

She said: “I feel I am at extreme risk. We are constantly exposed to everything. There is no protection for workers on the till.“There is no protective gear, no shielding, no one organising the queues, it’s total mayhem.”Usdaw, Britain’s biggest ­shopworkers’ union, called for better protection for staff worried about the catching the deadly bug. It said an average of 400 shopworkers were attacked every day even before the crisis and it suspects the rate has increased.

Usdaw spokesman David Williams said: “We are calling for supermarkets to make sure staff are secure.“If the police need to go into stores it will be a real shame to see them diverted away from real emergencies just because ­shoppers can’t keep their cool.”

Shadow Environment Secretary Luke Pollard said ministers had been too slow to warn off the panic buyers.He said: “Too often during this crisis the Government has been behind the curve and behind other countries.”He added: “We need plans that will be suitable for the weeks to come, not the week we have just been through.”

Stores including Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Lidl are now hiring thousands of staff to meet the unprecedented demand.Read More Coronavirus outbreak Asda said it will be donating £5million to foodbanks and charities to provide four million meals to those living in poverty.

Mr Eustice was asked to rule out rationing or ration books but said only it was up to supermarkets to decide limits on what shoppers can buy. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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More needs to be done to stop these mongrels from stockpiling! It's almost like Just in Time systems are terrible ideas. stupid take And how many more fridges and freezers have been bought or ordered in the past few weeks so that they can try to go out and hoard more next time? Authorities telling us we may need to stay in our home for two weeks or more. What are we supposed to do? Does the author have a family to feed?

Let's stop blaming the public now please everyone sounds like a broken record. If images of stocked up warehouses had been shown before, and our PM had reassured is there was plenty of food 2 weeks ago we wouldn't have to see these pictures today Blitz spirit! Bring on brexit now! On the other hand. Good for the economy.

Coronavirus panic buying shoppers spent £60million extra in first week of MarchWORRIED Brits spent nearly £60million extra on stockpiling essentials in the first week of March due to the coronavirus. Popular products included pasta and shower gel, while an extra £17.6million …

Oh how shameless wanting to make sure your fed! I bought a 9 pack of loo roll last Friday and so far 3 have been used. We're a family of 4 Mum, Dad and 2 Teen Girls . Tell me again, why the urge to fight for loo roll 🙄 If supermarkets wanted to prevent their shelves being stripped bare they would store trollies and let customers have baskets. The reality is they will be over the moon that people are in a panic for nothing.

Ffs it’s not the whole population doing it so the £15 figure is irrelevant, a significant minority are doing this and they are scum 😡😎 Charles_Lang1 That is no more than usual if you calculate per person. If you did any research before putting these headlines out you would realise that too. What do you expect to happen when they tell people to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks, ask people to buy extra for neighbors and loved ones.

The councils should hire bin checkers and all these morons that have emptied shelves to feed their selfish selves should be fined for wasting food. People need to understand that doing their normal shop is fine and they don't need to but 10 of everything. Please tell me what is the thing that is SO wrong about this picture..... grrr

Most of it will end up in the bin out of date, greedy bastards.

Nurse's despair as panic-buyers clear shelvesThe exhausted critical care nurse says that people need to make sure everyone can get healthy food. Come on supermarkets!!!Help our carers to help you!! Tesco AldiUK LidlGB sainsburys Morrisons waitrose IcelandFoods Ocado asda careforthecarers supportournhs Absolutely appalling. Panic buying is being caused by MSM reporting it, and by their hyping the 'crisis' generally by pretending CV deaths are not massively due to pre-existing medical conditions

is the daily mirror like the English version of the daily wire? Some folks with foresight définitely know how to play their cards right. You don' t get a pair for nothing. Not in this game. Nice to see you to see you in Asda price ! 😎 Supermarkets can create a separate area purely for the NHS and the elderly. They could vouchers for fresh food meat in that area. Eligible people just take vouchers especially NHS staff. It is unrealistic that they can pop in at specific hours they work shifts looking after us

Change it to hand baskets only. That'll help to sort it out imo It’s here in the US too! I called pharmacy for my Symbicort- breathing meds, it’s on back order! I’m trying to be extra careful! People do not know that you do not need so much. How to cook frugally. Bring back rationing and WAR RECIPES. SAVE THE WORLD, SAVE THE PLANET. Common chefs instead of showing us how to cook with expensive products show frugal cooking.

This is what happens when a bunch of nutters start spreading fear and panick. What sticks out most in this picture is the fact shes wearing a uniform potentially contaminated...? Tabloids shamelessly lie and spread fear to more than 65 million people on a daily basis for 3+ decades* This isn't the British way a very ugly scene

'I'm trying to keep the panic down' – the coronavirus impact on musicFrom singers to a record shop owner and a festival organiser: people in the music business on their struggles in a time of crisis Don't panic. So far this is not worse than seasonal flu. Remember spring is already here. Support artists, roadies and music industry professionals

I tried doing an online shop for my wee 73 yr old diabetic delivery slots for even 2 weeks time.Nothing for Iceland/Morrison’s/Tesco/Sainsbury’s/ASDA nor Waitrose.We both have to stay in as both vulnerable for 12 weeks but will have go out food shop oh now This is why we need a lock down. Bring the Army in to supervise 🤗

News media talking about shame, irony died a million deaths. Shops won’t deliver. How do you expect to get food if your too sick to go out. Everybody's eating and pooping at home instead of at work or school. Plus a potential two week quarantine to think about. This is a disgraceful headline. You are wilfully looking to whip up panic and feed panic buying. According to the figures, People are spending an extra tenner or so a week on shopping as is sensible. Get some fucking patriotic duty and report appropriately.

U Turn of govt lies sends people into panic but nothing compared to the profiteering on the stock market You fucks told people to do this

Panic-buying: a critical care nurse gets real about the big problem with stockpilingA critical care nurse has shared an emotional video message about the reality of how panic-buying affects NHS workers.

And most will go bad and be chucked. So what. The supermarkets should have imposed quotas within 24 hours, it was obvious then. Their staff should be protected by security or if necessary, then bring in the army. If these selfish creatures also want to be thugs then they get nothing and face arrest under emergency laws.

What’s done is done, I just hope they don’t get wasted eventually, would be such a crime. Probably most of it will be binned Because you “news”papers keep shamelessly scaring the shit out of everyone The government should hold back food so that emergency workers get all they need it is shamelessly offensive that our front line workers can’t get anything for thier own family because they are working outrageous hours to save our families 😡

😢 Whuuut

Daily Mail fuels lockdown panic as ABC presenters star live from their living rooms | Weekly BeastHealth minister forced to intervene after false report Australia was heading into an Italian-style lockdown. Plus: social distancing hits TV screens Is that headline a mad lib? It's the stuff of fantasies really. The thought of The Guardian engaging with The Daily Mail in a mud slinging match. coronavirus The Guardian has specialised in showing panic and unease amongst the public with their permanent grievance and agenda driven attacks on governments they dislike, while soft peddling on any they love. This split is primarily determined by brexit, and toxic left/right division

It's only £40 per household How did they afford a billion worth of shopping? You think that's bad wait until you see *gestures at all other capitalism ever* Please don't shame people for wanting to eat, this is not helpful at this time. Preparing for potentially 14-day periods at home is what people have been asked to do.

£1 billion is around £15 per person in the UK 3 weeks that's £5, per person, per week Not really a lot Most of the hoarders are foreigners/immigrants ... That's why the country need to close its borders. NEW DATA: A French study has demonstrated evidence that the combination of Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin are highly effective in treating Covid-19. The patients enrolled in the study showed complete viral eradication around the 5th day of treatment.


Britons told to STOP panic buying in coronavirus plea – ‘There is NOT a food shortage’SHOPPERS were urged to stop panic buying yesterday as a senior Cabinet Minister played down food shortage fears amid the coronavirus crisis. Environment Secretary George Eustice pleaded with the public to be 'considerate to others' amid scenes of desperate customers stripping shelves bare as they stock up for self-isolating during the outbreak. He's doing his best. Unlike money, ventilators can't be made out of thin air