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Pacific islands will survive climate crisis because they 'pick our fruit', Australia's deputy PM says

Pacific islands will survive climate crisis 'because they can pick our fruit', Australia's deputy PM says


Pacific islands will survive climate crisis 'because they can pick our fruit', Australia's deputy PM says

Exclusive: Michael McCormack says island nations want Australia to shut down industry ‘so they can survive’

McCormack, who has been the acting prime minister while Scott Morrison attended the forum in low-lying Tuvalu, attended a business function in Wagga Wagga on Friday.

“They’ll continue to survive because many of their workers come here and pick our fruit, pick our fruit grown with hard Australian enterprise and endeavour and we welcome them and we always will.

Beck’s Friday protests, on the lawn outside McCormack’s electorate office, have become increasingly prominent. Last month, Guardian Australia reported comments McCormack made to Beck disputing evidence of global heating.

“I’m proud of the fact that we’ve just given another $500m to our Pacific island neighbour friends.

McCormack’s comments are not the first time a senior member of the government has been recorded making controversial remarks about the impact of climate change in the Pacific. In 2015, the then immigration minister, Peter Dutton, was caught by a live microphone joking with Morrison and the then prime minister, Tony Abbott, about rising sea levels.

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firstdogonmoon GuardianAus What a joke. Is this man worthy to represent us? firstdogonmoon GuardianAus These are the people who represent us to the rest of the world. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. firstdogonmoon GuardianAus So much of our delicious 😋 coal fruit needs to be picked

GuardianAus Australia’s policy is not to welcome migrants but to intern them on offshore islands for years while their requests are processed. The islands will flood due to rising sea levels before Australia lets them in! firstdogonmoon GuardianAus Blackbirding 2.0 GuardianAus Someone needed to shove a sock down the throat of MMcC to stop his blatantly racist vomit on our Pacific neighbours. If SloMo's poor treatment wasn't enough to push them into China's arms, MMcC's spew surely is. How terminally dumb can the PM & DPM be? auspol LNPFail halfwits

GuardianAus The sea level rises haven't happened. We were told by Communist scum that the islands would be under water by 2007. GuardianAus Trying to figure out who has as many batshit crazy politicians...Australia or the USA? GuardianAus WTF2! The world needs to come together to try and stop this racist epidemic which is emerging from leaders around the globe

GuardianAus Damn... this guy clearly has not learned anything.

Australia waters down Pacific Islands plea on climate crisisForum’s chair describes leaders’ 12 hours of talks as ‘very, very tough struggle’ The present Australian govt is very close to the coal mining interests and other big polluters, they put short-term financial interests above long-term climate chaos as a priority.

GuardianAus the TRUMP virus is spreading😱climatecrisis ignorance GuardianAus “Those sorts of countries” GuardianAus Oh look, another of realDonaldTrump's brothers from another mother 😐 GuardianAus If it grows as Australia is already half desert. firstdogonmoon GuardianAus WHAT FRUIT WILL THAT BE IF THERE'S NO MURRAY-DARLING WATER FOR FARMS M_McCormackMP ?

GuardianAus Agar Gvxres firstdogonmoon GuardianAus I definitely hear a faint kiwi twang in that drawl of his... S44 GuardianAus This is one Ben Shapiro of a reply. Someone please chain him to an undisclosed part of these sinking islands and just leave him there. GuardianAus I’m on my third attempt trying to write about the evil and arrogant mindset that would spout this bile, but without swearing. Wasn’t easy. Shithead

GuardianAus Climate is not in human control. Leave it to the One who truly controls it.

Alan Jones says Scott Morrison should 'shove a sock down the throat' of Jacinda ArdernRadio presenter accuses New Zealand PM of ‘preaching’ on global warming at the Pacific Islands Forum He's wrong. 15AugustBlackDay

GuardianAus It would be far better if they took control & instituted a public policy to reduce fertility rates from +3 to 2 so as to boost domestic resilience against exogenous events & reduce their export of people, which seems to be the main export commodity now. 😒 GuardianAus GuardianAus Wow. GuardianAus I’ve a feeling he’d get along with Trump very well. 🙄

GuardianAus Holy fuck. GuardianAus What an absolute Jizzbag GuardianAus Trump like post truth politics is spreading across the planet like a cancer. GuardianAus First world white privilege GuardianAus .guaridan Australia's coal exp+coal mining make Australia one of world's big contributors to GlobalWarming. The negative international external effects of Australia's coal is high and ClimatePolicy of Australia is irresponsible. By 2030 Australia=effectively 8% of global CO2

GuardianAus Conservatives are bad people. Simple.

Australia 'has to answer to the Pacific’ over climate change, Jacinda Ardern says - videoThe New Zealand prime minister said the country is doing what it can to limit global emissions and expects other nations to do the same No, it doesn't have to. What about causes by Mother Nature? What about the SUN ☀️, no one mentioned the sun and solar activity which is the main driving for in all climate throughout history. The propaganda is insane..they’ll do anything to implement the UN agenda 2030 AGENDA

GuardianAus the world has been taken over by aholes hasn't it? I'm still speechless after reading this article. Thankfully I haven't become completely numb to leaders being ignorant GuardianAus I am a little bit annoyed by this man continuing to survive. GuardianAus Somebody needs to tell this clown that all of Australia's urban areas are on the coast and will be directly affected by rising sea levels! Crude Oil makes you sick! Midnight Oil makes you dance and protest!

You are the owner of your future. Slavery and colonialism by fossil fuel proxy. LOL. You gronks are amazing. I suppose the grateful Pacific Island fruit pickers should spend all their spare money on buying & shipping bags of cement home to build walls around their Nations beaches just in case most scientists are correct about the affects of Global Warming? ✅ Cheers Deputy PM 4 helping!

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but for all of his flaws, Barnaby Joyce wasn’t as idiotic as this man every time he speaks. Gosh M_McCormackMP ought to apologize for such an offensive comment. There'd need to be Plan B & Plan C put in place for nations of the Pacific. Some higher ground negotiated & carved out of parts of other countries &/or collective fund to assist a build-up of existing Islands.

Scott Morrison condemns Alan Jones's call to 'shove sock down throat' of Jacinda ArdernAustralia PM says radio host ‘way out of line’ for comments about New Zealand leader Call it out for what it is “ appalling “ Why do men like this conjure up the most violent and psuedo sexual acts when they are in disagreement with a woman?

Also because there is no climate crisis. He licks boots so well I'm sure he could survive being sacrificially thrown into a volcano! As John Oliver famously noted, “the most casually racist country in the world”. '...because they can pick our fruit' Geez, was Trump a Pandoras box opened and set loose on the world?

A billionaire, a worker and an immigrant are sitting at a table with 1000 cookies. The billionare takes 999 cookies and says to the worker, 'watch out, that immigrant is going to take your cookie' - unknown quote WTF?...surely he’s not serious Wasn't there anybody smarter to act as deputy PM? Brilliant. I bet that triggers all the right people 😁

The Aussie political brand adds a certain dogged piss in the corner atavism to the usual corruption we all suffer from. Love the bulldog disturbed while licking its ass look McCormack adopts for his pronouncements. We could make a show sort of like Eurovision. The premise would be which white person in power can say the most racist 💩

Revealed: 'fierce' Pacific forum meeting almost collapsed over climate crisisAustralia’s prime minister Scott Morrison came under fire from Tuvalu’s leader Enele Sopoaga Climate crisis?! How ridiculous GuardianAus No should ever believe what you Write you are a blasphemy on the Face of Journalism. GuardianAus Think we need a revolution ?

Love how old, white men are experts on climate change... idiots. Is Johnson putting him top of the list in his WTO transfer window? Australia incapable of picking it's own fruit! climatechange They should welcome that statement!? What a demeaning approach to good relations with ' family '. Another idiot politician putting Australia in the mould of a ' deep south ' slave owner. Pathetic.

Somebody needs to tell this clown that all of Australia's urban areas are on the coast and will be directly affected by rising sea levels! Crude Oil makes you sick! Midnight Oil makes you dance and protest! You don't have to scratch an Australian hard to reveal the racist.

A surprising twist in the hunt for Amelia Earhart's lost planeA blurry corner in an old photograph of a remote Pacific island shows what could be landing gear caught in a reef It was registered to Ryanair therefore failed to reach its destination Really

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