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Owner is shocked to see Hitler's face staring out from her cat's ear

Adolf Hitler is inside my cat's ear: Owner shocked to see Nazi leader's face staring out from her pet's head

11/24/2020 1:06:00 PM

Adolf Hitler is inside my cat's ear: Owner shocked to see Nazi leader's face staring out from her pet's head

Adolf Hitler's menacing eyes, straight nose, and infamous moustache can be seen gazing out from inside kitten Killi's ear after the feline was photographed in Aarhus, Denmark. .

ShareThe 'freaky' discovery left Matilde 'a little frightened' and wondered if it was the macabre author's spirit making an appearance, while other say they can feel the face's soul.And the eerie images have left hundreds of Matilde's friends, family and Facebook followers stunned.

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Matilde, of Aarhus, Denmark, said: 'When I first noticed Edgar Allan Poe's face I found it really spooky.'A few people have said it looks like Hitler. It gets even more creepy.While some thought the distinctive marking looked like Adolf Hitler, others felt it more closely resembled the visage of horror writer Edgar Allen Poe

'I can't see exactly who the shadow is but I showed it to a lady today and she said she could feel their soul.'I didn't notice the shape in the cat's ear until I posted the picture.'I could see that it looked like a man but hadn't thought that it looked like Edgar Allan Poe until someone else noticed it. headtopics.com

'I definitely see the resemblance. I find it pretty incredible and honestly a little frightening.'I haven't thought that there is a special meaning behind it, but I do think it might be Edgar Allan Poe's spirit or reincarnation.'I do believe there is more between heaven and earth than meets the eye.

'Since posting the photos, I have mostly had a lot of people guessing who it is. And a lot of comments about how freaky it is.'I love it. I really like the recognition and positive response on a picture I took. I must admit I also like the fame of it.'

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rickygervais one for the tambury gazette? What a croc What drugs is she taking? Nice hand draw. But for real it could be true, however I don't think that's likely. Much better story for the Tambury Gazette rickygervais ? Jfc. Someone must have been bored. The f*ck kind of story is this? People saying they sorry for someone who does this kind of “journalism” as a job... I’m the opposite... imagine you writing every kind of stupid and bizarre nonsense you talk about when intoxicated at the pub and GET PAID for it. Genius, no?

Only Hitler solve Palestine issue Daily fake online Looks nothing like him. More the Penguin from Batman Returns GTFOH Do you really believe that Hitler's face is on the cat's ear? Think the daily Mail is obsessed with Hitler..... this is the second article I’v seen within a week from the daily Mail about Hitler.... 😳

Looks like a mean looking old man to me. These people see Jesus, the Virgin Maryband Hitler. 😑📛 😾😂😂😂😂 I see Rembrandt. Must be this man😈👇 Catzi It’s just a fkn hairy pussy in need of trim or shave Told your Cats are emotionless evil creatures! It could also be Rembrandt. That looks a little imposed...

Is only evils that they can see you all but do something positive no way but hide under internet and women to be changing password and others things. Lazy with no shame. Seems like there's nobody at home (brain-wise). Idiots Saved_a_Click Wow! Now I have read it all. What a depressing job it must be for the journo

Going for the Daily Stars market share? Hitler? That looks more like Prince William with more hair, and a beard... Where’s Virgin Mary water stain and Jesus butthole. It looks like Kamala Harris. Hahaha Mein furrer. Trump is inside my dog’s ear lol By saying 'Nazi' you mean GERMAN ? I've never heard of country called Naziland. Did you fakenews ?

Eh....looks more like Van Gogh. Looks like Winston Churchill It’s like they’re searching for stories from Afterlife 🙄 More like Rasputin I feel sad for the people who's job it is to write this kind of nonsense. Okay. This cat's favourite food is juice. It looks more like Sam Smith Ok. What a scoop ! Somebody's been drinking way to much!