Over-50s rush to book holidays as vaccine boosts confidence

Over-50s rush to book holidays as vaccine boosts confidence

1/14/2021 12:20:00 PM

Over-50s rush to book holidays as vaccine boosts confidence

Tui, the UK's largest tour operator, says 50% of bookings on their website are currently by over-50s.

Industry figures call it growing "vaccine confidence" about 2021.Whilst there is no doubt that the pandemic continues to put huge pressure on lives and the NHS, this is a small amount of sunshine for the travel industry, which has had a tough year.

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TUI, the UK's largest tour operator, says 50% of bookings on their website are currently by over-50s.This was previously a smaller market for them.National Express's coach holiday businesses say bookings made by those 65 and over have increased by 185% in the last fortnight compared to last year.

Looking forward"Since the announcement of the vaccine, it's given our customer base, predominantly those over 65, increased confidence to book and have that summer getaway in 2021" says Jit Desai, head of holidays and travel at National Express. headtopics.com

"We launched the brochure for spring-summer 2021 just this weekend gone, and on Monday we took a week's worth of bookings in a day and that's continued so far," says Mr Desai. "What the vaccine does is give certainty and confidence.

"That then allows the customer and ourselves the ability to plan ahead".The pandemic has been devastating for the travel sector. Tens of thousands of jobs have gone in the UK. Millions of Britons cancelled breaks because the health situation was in flux across the world.

But National Express now points to returning confidence to travel."Many we've spoken to have had the first jab. They know in 12 weeks they'll get a second jab. It gives them certainty that they can enjoy and look forward to their 2021 holiday. It is something to look forward to, to being with people, with friends, like minded and from the same generation."

image copyrightGetty ImagesDawn and Ray - 75 and 78 years old - are from Hampshire and are due to have their first jab soon. They have just booked five UK holidays."We are raring to go once we've got that vaccine, we are really looking forward to it - both of us. We are going to Wales, Leicestershire, to York where there is a mystery tour - and to the Cotswolds'", Dawn said. headtopics.com

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For Dawn and Ray, it's the ease of coach travel that's appealing, as well as the safety. She adds "they've looked after us so well in the past, the coaches are clean, we'll all wear masks, we all look after each other."At the moment, 90% of the bookings with National Expresses coach businesses are UK based, so it looks like another good year for the staycation.

"European bookings are lower because of the uncertainty on the continent," says Mr Desai."The UK wins because of the lack of need to quarantine. And uncertainty about the moves other governments might make whilst away also creates fear."

Travel to EuropeIt's not just UK breaks that are selling. The UK's largest tour operator TUI, famous for its sun-drenched European beach holidays, says there has also been a change in the last fortnight."We're seeing a customer base or age group that wasn't booking before, that is starting to book," says Andrew Flintham the MD of TUI UK. "The over 50s, we assume, is on the back to the vaccine news."

Whilst TUI UK boss acknowledges that "the market is still depressed and it's not where we want it - we are seeing glimmers of hope."image copyrightimage captionTrips to towns in England are among those being bookedThere are also interesting changes emerging in the types of breaks holidaymakers planning to take and the months they're planning to travel. headtopics.com

"People are booking later into the summer, hedging their bets" said Mr Flintham. "More July and August and a lot of demand for September and October."People are booking longer holidays, we're seeing more people booking ten or eleven or 14 nights rather than seven. People are maybe catching up on what they've missed."

Holidays with grandma and grandpa?As TUI analysed its recent booking data, one trend they spotted is the emergence of large, multigenerational group bookings."It is family time we've all missed. We can't get away from our own families, but our broader families we can't see, and that's feeding into our choices" Mr Flintham explains.

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After such a bad ten months, and TUI cancelling all holidays until the middle of February at the earliest because of the new lockdown, how does the rest of the summer look?"I think the summer holiday is on" says Mr Flintham, "I think we just need time for people to get that confidence, but yes, we think there will be a good summer this summer".

For those who've watched the paralysis brought upon the travel industry since last winter, a morsel of good news about customers booking again is being celebrated."This is fantastic news and to be hugely welcomed by an industry that has been utterly devastated by the pandemic", says Sophie Griffiths, editor of Travel Trade Gazette.

"Ten months into this crisis and the industry has still received zero dedicated support from the government despite being unique as a sector in terms of giving out thousands in refunds while getting next to nothing back in for 2020." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Schools will close for most pupils from Tuesday as people are told to stay at home in new lockdown.

Why oh why? What don’t they get about going abroad just now even after the vaccine, what happens if vaccine doesn’t protect against a country’s strain, they bring it back and hey ho back to square one, maybe they should leave it a year. Booked👊 Well the vaccine doesnt stop spreading it so still have to wear masks social distance so cant see how holidays will go on .

Very covid news And....here comes the Alps variant from the super spreader skiers Well I'm not wasting my money on a holiday while we are in an indefinite lockdown. A holiday is not essential travel. We will still need to take precautions, wash our hands, wear a face covering and keep our distance well into the autumn I think

They’re going nowhere, so they can stay at home and reminisce about pre decimal currency. Hahaha sweet, but calm the f*** down! Well they will be in for a shock. I hope they have decent travel insurance. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people when we are still in the process of on and off lockdowns come the summer.

Tell you what might boost the economy ... How about you all pay full price for the next year Sure help the hospitality sector! FFS.... 🤦‍♂️ They do understand that there might still be some restrictions? Getting the vaccine and adopting an I'm alright jack attitude doesn't sound particularly community minded. Let's wait until the experts declare us safe The economy could do with the boost though 🤷🏻‍♂️

Another stupid headline from the BBC with a very old picture Wat so there cover put everyone else in danger mmmmm ok 11-month-old Joshua is battling acute lymphocytic leukemia. He urgently needs a life-saving stem cell transplant. His family is trying and needs help to cover the cost of his treatment. Please donate, share or retweet—support his fight against cancer:

Are they absolutely mad, they haven’t even that vaccination yet. False news - do not believe it. And only the over 80s have been vaccinated- another false hope story “And for our next entertainment at 4:30 in the courtyard we have Marge’s funeral... all welcome!” Jesus, not all over 50s go on bus trips! 🙀

They'll be sorry when they did from covid! They'll go sorry when they die! Looks more like over 70s I can’t work out if this is just propaganda to make sure people take up the vaccine, because I can’t understand how you don’t think this will stick in the throat of those who will be waiting a year to be vaccinated. We are all in this together

Make the most of it....it may be the last one you ever get to have. So glad we the working aged people gave up our jobs and futures so that the elderly can enjoy their lives No, no we are not...not any of my friends. Dammit, I’m 49 What happened to still needing to follow all the same precautions hands-face-space even after inoculation? Do we honestly believe we will all be living life normally by the summer? Can’t we still get and pass on Covid after inoculation or am I wrong?

🤣😂🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 🙄 Stupid is that stupid does. Really hoping we don’t see and have to endure and battle with a wave of OAP anti maskers that have happily been released to enjoy the rest of their live to the full following their vaccinations. 💉. Chances are they can still contract coronavirus and spread it to the unvaccinated

Why are you pushing this bullshite ..... Vaccine only stops worsening symptoms ...doesnt stop infection or spread ....therefore common sense says lockdown restrictions will continue .....WAKE UP people you are being misled again FACTS BBC not rhetoric for your own ideals When I get vaccinated, I won’t just stop wearing a mask and not socially distancing. The vaccination is for YOU. You can still get it, and spread it.

The vaccine only helps with the symptoms it doesn't make you immune . Guidlines and rules will still have to be followed , incl. isolating Ah stupid people, It’s not a get fix quick so everyone can just go stupid. We don’t plan on going anywhere this year. Ridiculous article. Sending out the wrong message.

BBC we see what you’re doing with this article... trying to instigate hate between generation groups I am not booking any thing till my Ryanair are about to expire, I don't trust governments and airlines not to cancel on me again. £150 of Ryan air vouchers and £450 of easyJet sitting here. Not being dissapointed again, till I can be sure of travel

Oh dear Well these over 50s are just as stupid as those not wearing face coverings where required and abiding by the rules. Looking at the picture, it's the over 70's that are doing it lol For holidays (anywhere that isnt raining) we’re reliant on roll out of vaccine programmes in those destination countries. Remember we’re banned from most places and will be for the foreseeable. So I assume this lot are happy with Weston-super-Mare

Bastards! It was all a ploy so they can get cheap holiday deals! On the day I turn 52, I’m no where near getting a vaccination. I think the BBC are confusing us with the over 70s by looking at this picture. Then 50% are under 50! Meaningless comment. Slightly premature A bit like last summer🙈 I booked a family holiday to Gran Canaria for August. Call it a surge of optimism, but I'm also doing my bit to get the economy moving again. Speculative move, but has already had a positive effect on my family.

Seeing as there isn’t enough evidence yet to know if the vaccinated can still spread the virus then they are being incredibly stupid and selfish. Good for Them Lucky them- my 21 year old clinically extremely vulnerable son is still isolating and waiting for his letter I’m over 50 and I’m not planning on going anywhere this year. Maybe in 2022, but that very much depends on the situation at the time. 🤷‍♀️

We are in a pandemic and bloody people are booking holidays. JUST STOP ALL TRAVEL I'm over 50 not had injection and probably won't get it until late summer, I don't understand how you see young people in vaccination centres getting it and mid aged people Idiots I assume that is an old pic because of the absence of masks 😷

Here commences the selfish 'I've had mine' mentality. Who cares about spreading the virus, I've had mine don't you know? I’m over 50 and don’t look like any of those people in the picture, my mother looks younger than them! As the vaccine doesn’t stop you getting it or passing it on, (as admitted) please explain the logic of your article.

If you look at most coach holiday brochures, you'll see these same people feature in them all. And that right hand drive coach with nobody in it has been photoshopped onto the road; no self respecting coach driver would have abandoned it there on a bend. Condescending bollocks! Over 50s? “Last coach over the cliff is a cissy!” 😊

I'm thinking of booking a holiday too. In 2022, depending on how things are going nearer that time. This is fucking stupid. What the hell is that photo. “Researcher, find me a stock photo of old people” The vaccine doesn't give you immunity Didn't think O50's could get vaccinated yet....I'm 67 at risk and I ain't.

let the swiss know the dickheads are coming Big mistake. Fuck, I'm 46, better cancel mine then Christ in a bike , they've had a rough life if their only 50 🤣🤣 Well suppose it will help.the economy This is just a story put out by the travel industry as they think we are stupid and will rush to make bookings, the vaccine is 50-75% effective at best under normal conditions but on a coach or cruse ship 25-50% ineffective minimum

🤣🤣🤣 What a Saga..! Looks like holiday hell Fucking idiots.....if true Since these idiots voted for Brexit send them to Margate I am over 50 and won’t be booking anything until I gave had my vaccination too many false dawns from this government. I want to see all key workers vaccinated before me. Sorry I’m a boomer, no vaccine in sight yet and there is no way I would ever go on a coach holiday.......or any holiday, until the pandemic is over or under control

News in 6 months: Over 50s decimated by new strain of Covid. No lessons learned by following the advice of non scientists. Over 50's? They seem very confident they'll get the vaccine by the time they go. I admire their optimism. These guys on that coach are all over 70! That picture is more representative of the over 80s!!

Seeing the picture my first thought was that PaulMcCartney was working on a Magical Mystery Tour 2 film. Now that would be fun. MMT TheBeatles My Mrs is early fifties , and I’m mid forties . She’s booked a holiday for one to Marrakech .Sorry , I’ve booked a holiday for her to Marrakech . 😳 I doubt it. The vaccine makes very little difference to the over 50s. Only advantage is the vaccine lessens the effect of the virus. covid

Really!!! Just really?!!! Then, if shit hits the pan again, there will be loads of over 50s complaining about their holiday being cancelled, fees not being refunded etc. Much better to wait and see what the world is like in 3-4 months time in my opinion. I don't believe enough is known about the vaccines longevity to allow this kind of recklessness.

Totally inappropriate image at the present time. This is maddening. The virus is not going anywhere. It could still be spread. Holiday ads on TV need to he banned for the moment. Wrong message being sent. Ryanair are the worst for it. Their ad is plain sick. Looks like a gunman has held up the bus and told them to smile for a photo.

Idiots Stupid idiots then arnt they, haven’t they listened to what’s been said lockdown doesn’t change even though you’ve been vaccined, do they think TUI will operate flights just for a few people...delusional I don’t think summer holidays wlll happen in 2020, complacency is dangerous! I’m sorry but this is so wrong! You don’t get to return to your life soon just because of your age 😡 These people can still carry the virus & can still get it so until the majority are vaccinated they are a risk to everyone and must stay put! Pure selfishness 😡

I'm 67 and do not expect to get the vaccine before the autumn, possibly Christmas. Even if I did, I would still be focussing on keeping safe, not going on blooming charabanc trips. Bloody stupid people. plonkers What if we run out of vaccine or if the virus mutates and it is only the old codgers that are left? 🤷🏻‍♂️ TheEndOfTheWorld

Propaganda, Poppycock and twaddle. I genuinely thought this was a parody account when I saw that headline and picture. Good for them 👍. grantshapps BorisJohnson Amazes me that the Govt STILL have nothing in place for travel. Grant Shapps has had 10 months to sort this but he's done nothing! The ONLY answer is testing on arrival in the UK...and if need be a small fee for this is added to flight & holiday prices.

Just trying to get everyone to spend Ridiculous! It is a GLOBAL pandemic! U cannot go anywhere & think u r going 2 b safe. Stay home 4 MORE future vacations! Let’s get over the pandemic & THEN celebrate. Wishful thinking is what it is and misguided headline from the BBC. Cant go though lol fights cancelled hotels closed, until at least mid year, save your money and book when the all clear comes.

Ridiculous BBC just uses stock images so they're never actually related to the 'story'. Despite all the footage they take. 'I need a picture of people cheering on a bus.' People are singing, 'We're all off to Wuhan'. 50 year olds 🤔😂 I hope they don’t start booking coach trips to Garden Centres just yet! The scary thing about this is some people who have the vaccine think it’s ok to go back to normal life. And it’s still unknown whether they can spread it or not.

I wonder how many are lockdown zealots...they holiday whilst younger people are bankrupt and desperate. FWIW I am over 50. I'm over 50 but would feel out of place on that coach. Many of those cheery folk would appear to be somewhat older than 50! WORLD. COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Total Confirmed Cases, now 92,383,934 Global Deaths. 1,979,316 US. 384,764 deaths. coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19

Too many selfish boomers out there DISAGREE... I won't be booking a holiday. I'm over 50 and made redundant after 30yrs...don't have any money to pay for one. YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME BBC! They've been over-50s for a while. BBC propaganda machine battles on 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Where are they going? Everywhere is closed, Europe is closed to the UK & isn’t it the over 70s & clinically vulnerable who have been having vaccinations? I smell BS.

Yeah right Looks like one of those Remoaner bus videos on way to a protest. Well this is a positive headline. It’s got start sometime, else there won’t be any travel industry left. “Look no ham sandwiches!” Disgusting marketing ploy. Should read when you have had your jab you are safe to have a trip with us. Brainwashing the masses again

Thank BorisJohnson for Brexit Here come the new Superspreaders. foolish headline You are just stirring trouble up, everyone will still have the same restrictions if they have had the vaccine or not That’s a load of tosh. Surely no one is booking anything right now. Not if they’ve any sense anyway I'm over 50 and doubt I'll get a vaccine this side of summer. I'm focused on my teenage kids and my job right now, not waving merrily at the camera on a coach trip!

But they can still carry covid and spread it so it is up to everyone else to avoid the bus loads of over 50's & they were never seen again... Only joking 😏... This is their revenge against youngsters who did not stick to guidelines. Now there is no evidence that those who are vaccinated will not be carriers of the virus so this can potentially be like a flock of birds let out to infect the younger crowd.

This is a divisive and click-bait headline. “Rush” fuck off. Also, as others have pointed out, that banner pic looks like pensioners not over 50s. The BBC is so tabloid these days & its’ “news” output varies from good to absolute bollocks. Fools you are not even free to travel! Well over 50's by the look of that decrepit lot