Outrage as Muslim woman removed from flight because a white passenger didn't 'feel comfortable'

Outrage as Muslim woman removed from flight because a white passenger didn't 'feel comfortable'

11/24/2020 9:06:00 AM

Outrage as Muslim woman removed from flight because a white passenger didn't 'feel comfortable'

A Muslim activist said she was wrongfully removed from a flight because a passenger said he didn’t “feel comfortable” with her on board.

Muslim Girl, said that an “entitled white man” raised a complaint about her to American Airlines staff after an argument at airport security.The man jumped in front of her in the queue, she said, and then “shoved” his belongings ahead of hers and ran through the machine.

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She then tweeted that if she as a"veiled Muslim woman" had behaved in the same manner she would’ve faced different consequences:American Airlines toldindy100:"Both PreCheck and non-PreCheck screening were consolidated into one open lane. Our understanding is that Ms. Al-Khatahtbeh believed the other passenger, who is enrolled in PreCheck, was getting favorable treatment because he was allowed to proceed through security while she was removing her shoes."

PreCheck is a membership programme which allows for expedited screening at airports.Once Al-Khatahtbeh boarded the flight, she was asked to leave by a manager because the unidentified man complained that she made him feel uncomfortable.She also posted a video of her conversation with the American Airlines manager, who said that they can “discuss that outside” when she argued that he made her feel uncomfortable. headtopics.com

She later posted a 15-minutevideoon Facebook which ends in police officers arresting her as she leaves the plane.Police took her into custody, and she has since been released. She was charged with delay of transportation and trespass.In a statement to

Business Insider, Council on American-Muslim Relations National Executive Director Nihad Awad said:The airline must immediately explain why it singled out Amani by contacting the police and ejecting her from a flight based on the word of a man who had allegedly harassed her.

The incident has been met with outrage on social media, where people are arguing this is evidence of the Islamophobia that’s still rampant:However, American Airlines says that onlookers reported that the altercation began in the TSA queue and continued on the plane.

Al-Khatahtbeh has sadly been a frequent subject of Islamophobic attacks. Earlier this year, she received a death threat over the phone and posted the recording onbecause she felt it was “necessary to see the common experience of Muslims & minorities when hate is normalised by political leaders.” headtopics.com

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A spokesperson for American Airlines toldindy100:'We are actively investigating an incident that took place between two passengers before and during boarding of flight 2029 at Newark Liberty International Airport. We are concerned by these allegations and our team is actively working to learn more about what occurred."

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Holbornlolz lol Muslims should stop committing Jihad I guess Holbornlolz I have been moved several times on flights from Middle East despite pre planning and choosing my seat (and paying premium) because a random woman “couldn’t sit next to me”. Not saying this is right but 1000 times more this happens the other way

Holbornlolz Understandable though. Holbornlolz Why mention the persons colour? Fake news Holbornlolz It’s obvious by the comments that most people didn’t read the article. If in doubt, must be racism. Sounds like a BS story I've boarded lots of planes and you always get idiots who cut the line, white and BAME. Just another race baiting article from Indie.

In Heathrow airport I had to eat sealed baby food that’s produced in the UK to prove that it is food and wait for a few hours just because my name had one of the names of a suspected terrorist who had 5 part name. It’s like someone getting arrested/harassed for being a John! What has the 'White' bit got to do with anything? are stirring up racism again.

is this really worthy of news? Holbornlolz Disgraceful reporting Independent. She was removed for being disruptive after she caused an argument with, as she said 'an entitled white man' The only racist there is her. Good. She is an activist, but you miss that fact in your tweet. Click bait. The ground staff made a very poor choice when he told here she needed to leave the aircraft because she made another passenger feel uncomfortable. This is racism and islamophobia in action.

How old is this news? This was poorly written, clickbait-you wrote that she caused a scene and was being rude to other patrons. Outrage as a woman passages removed from flight because another passenger didn’t ‘feel comfortable’ .... Holbornlolz What has the colour of the passengers skin got to do with anything ? Why are you referring to her by the colour of her skin ? Is your journalist a Romanian FIFA 4th official by any chance ?

Disgusting Did she have a rucksack ? Holbornlolz What are the chances of all the Muslims on flights, this happened to an activist? Surely if the guy felt uncomfortable it’s his problem & he should be given the choice to himself from the flight? ‘She was charged with delay of transportation and trespass’ Only her opinion on the man’s reasons. He may have been uncomfortable with her because she was being argumentative. Very difficult to judge without seeing the incident. ‘Activist’ not always synonymous with reasonable.

'Activist' so looking for an issue at every opportunity It is not racism it is about terrorism The airline happily removed the passenger BLAME THE AIRLINE There is a reason people are scared of Muslims 9-11 Manchester arena. London stabbings. This is happening all over the world by Muslims Think before your outrage

Holbornlolz Islam is not a race. Holbornlolz 'activist' Story ends. What a shame! This is racism and breeds interfaith hatred and violence. Holbornlolz Hmmm, more to this than a bloke jumping the queue🤔🤔🤔 Alçak haçlılar sizlersiniz gerçek terörist No outrage just a risk assessment. The only outrage is the toxic .independent article.

Disgusting these are the kind of people who support trump idiots with no knowledge all they know is HATE RespectIsVital 😱😱😱 muslimgirl this is white supremacy hiding in plain sight abusing 'bureaucracy' to abuse a person of colour and a Muslim ... AmericanAir need to check themselves and explain this abhorrent action - racism outright racism

Holbornlolz Sounds like she was kicking off because she mistakenly thought 'a privileged WHITE man' was jumping the queue. I wonder who has a problem with race in this story, the 'privileged WHITE man', or her? Holbornlolz Maybe its because people are scared of people who refuse to show their face. Its the most basic human interaction to see someone's face. Sorry its just more woke outrage over nothing.

Fear guides and limits her thinking. Obviously more to this story Holbornlolz First 4 words of the story tell you all you need to know 'A Muslim activist said...' She's an activist looking for outrage. What she said is very different to the actual story. That is discriminatory and unjust! :-( Seriously...19 years after 9/11 and entitled white people have learned nothing. I have Muslim neighbors. I worked with many Muslims. Radical Islamist extremist do NOT equal the majority of one of the worlds top religions.

Instead of a mask she has her clothing cover her mouth and nose. So? A Muslim activist. Go back to your origin since you choose to practise garbage gohome ✈ Ohhh... VirtueSignal Alert Self loathing & tactful propaganda is SO Trendy I love you so much You should have been TimePersonofTheYear You deserve it! You're SO Sanctimonious & Sagacious You deserve ChineseKisses 😘🇨🇳😘🇨🇳😘

Someone is adhering to a fascist religious ideology, the same would happen had someone felt uncomfortable about a neo nazi being on the flight. Two sides of the same coin. Racism and Islamophobia Something’s NOT quite adding up here Holbornlolz Should have removed her face covering I hope she’s about to own herself an Airline! I’m truly tired of these so-called humans feeling uncomfortable by another race! Ridiculous

This MUST be condemned! MARIAH! Well that’s is the mess liberals have created. Keep the segregation Well did she pass gas like RepSwalwell ? This is racism. This is always the case! White supremacists are by default given a pass. Muslims are seen to be guilty unless proven innocent! 👎 How stupid can people be? If you're uncomfortable, don't fly. Let others enjoy the flight.

Outraged narcissism, more likely. Pushing her racist barrel and manufacturing prejudice. Can imagine her behaviour: grade A a-hole. She kicked off at a passenger who had done nothing wrong in security, she then kicked off on the plane. Kicked off again when asked to leave the plane and kicked off at the police so got arrested. Yes your right this all happened through no fault of her own

White Privilege at its finest. I’m uncomfortable too... islamist activist provokes quarrel. that would ve been the fitting headline. pls show respect to women beaten, molested and jailed in islamist countries for not wearing a hijab/headscarf and refuse to promote islamist activism. muslimgirl nopasaran

Meanwhile MailOnline is rushing to find an event of a muslim punched, kicked or spitted on any non-muslim on over the planet... Seems she got tfat wrong. Will she apologise for racial stereotyping? its good then If he was so uncomfortable he should have been kindly escorted out. This is plain prejudice, just like a nigga in a hoodie.

White against Muslims. Is white a religion or is Muslim a race? wordsmatter This is an old story. She’s an activist from economy class trying to kick up a stink because some guy who had paid for a first class ticket was trying to get preferential treatment. If she wants to know how that feels she should try living back in a Middle Eastern country.

Ahhhhhhh!! Why did I read the replies to this!! Good Calling all Muslims, Don't fly with AmericanAirlines . They are racist and always single out Muslims. Don't give them your money. Because of burka or religion? Hello, please check out my gig if you need any kind of graphic design. Anticipating to get bombed that badly? That insecurity complex issue with whites is on such a high-scale that I sincerely feel bad for them all. It's like simply judging a book with its cover.

Fair enough Why was it necessary to mention the colour of the passenger's skin? People aren't 'white'. Remove the fucking white passenger instead. Should remove the one that got the problem. damn shit Repeated. Why this racism towards Muslims The white racist passenger should have been removed. Fair play these days !! Bravo!

The white passenger was first class. She wouldn’t let him get in front of her and then she started recording him. That’s why he said he was uncomfortable with her. How much time were you taking? I mean I'd give you a fat 20 seconds. It doesn't take long to get seated. I'd probably give you 30 seconds... And how do you know it was race related Were there any racial slurs made

People got phobia for the way they dress especially when you flying. Just let them fly separately. He didn't want an affair Did you get your passport, don’t mess with me. The world is becoming frightened Muslim leaders have to do something about this, criminals (terrorist) are masquerading as Muslims but also the leaders are very quiet about it, it's worrying.

A Muslim activist? does she promote all aspects of Islam? you know the jihadi, / sharia , head-chopping stuff too? or only the (very few) nice bits? Was the outrage from Corbyn? Then why the fuck wasn't the white passenger removed? She was the problem... Where is the outrage? I don't see any-besides there is NO escape at 30,000 feet. The passenger did the right thing.

Well, she wasn’t wear the proper mask... So.... Covid religion TRUMPS Middle East religion.. 2020 💯 white pssngr what a legend