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Outerbanks, Outer Banks Title Card Carol Sutton

Outer Banks season 2 episode 6 title card: Who is Carol Sutton?

All we know about the title card tribute for Carol Sutton in #OuterBanks season 2

7/30/2021 10:00:00 AM

All we know about the title card tribute for Carol Sutton in OuterBanks season 2

OUTER BANKS season 2 has just arrived and fans have spotted a tribute to a close member of the team. Who is Carol Sutton and what happened?

now and the second instalment of the adventure drama follows John B (played by Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) as they try to outrun the police. They remained fugitives in the Bahamas during their mission to reclaim the gold Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) stole. A title card is shown in episode six of the second season, paying tribute to Carol Sutton. 

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers for season 2Related articlesIt's HUGE departure' Shephard humiliates Rayner on Labour membersWho is Carol Sutton?Outer Banks season two picks up directly after the events of the season one finale, and John B and Sarah Cameron remain as fugitives. 

They were rescued by a crew aboard a ship headed for the Bahamas, where the gold was waiting for them. They faced a number of obstacles along the way but were able to make their way back to their friends in one piece. Following episode six of the 10-part series, a title card is shown in memory of Carol Sutton, and viewers are keen to find out more about her.  headtopics.com

READ MORE: Outer Banks: Season 2 is on Netflix now(Image: NETFLIX)Outer Banks: Carol Sutton died in December 2020(Image: GETTY)Outer Banks season 1 recap: What happened in the first season?Carol Sutton is an American actress who played the role of Pope's (Jonathan Daviss) grandmother Memaw in the series. 

In the second season, Pope visits Memaw's care home to find out more about a mysterious key connected to his family. Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) wanted the key as she believed it would cure her ailment, and she promised to provide evidence to clear John B's name in return. 

Pope managed to find the key hidden in the ceiling of Memaw's home and he took it to her to get answers. As soon as she saw the key, she was reluctant to speak to him, but she revealed it belonged to Denmark Tanny and he was an ancestor of theirs. 

Outer Banks: Sutton played Pope's grandmother(Image: NETFLIX)Filming for the second season began in August 2020 and came to an end on April 2, 2021. Actress Sutton sadly died onDecember 10, 2020, halfway through filming. She was 76 years old when she died in  headtopics.com

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