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Our Yorkshire Farm, Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen sparks frenzy with natural beauty in sun-kissed selfie

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen sparks frenzy with natural beauty in sun-kissed selfie

9/26/2021 6:29:00 PM

Our Yorkshire Farm ’s Amanda Owen sparks frenzy with natural beauty in sun-kissed selfie

AMANDA OWEN looked sensational over the weekend as she shared selfies on social media whilst out walking on her Ravenseat farm.

This is a male sheep, which turned out to be a wool-laden cupid as Amanda and Clive's eyes met and their lives changed forever.Opening up on whether she instantly knew Clive was “the one”, Amanda said: “No, it was a friendship we built, I was there to pick up a tup because I was away milking cows over in Cumbria and I had come to borrow one.

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“So I went to Ravenseat borrowed a tup and then headed off again.“We just exchanged phone numbers and that was the beginning of the friendship. TrendingAmanda Owen admits 'cramming' her nine kids' birthdays into one party“The friendship went on for four years. So yeah it was a slow burn thing,” she added while speaking on The Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed podcast.

Clive, who was previously married, said he was taken by Amanda's presence the first time he saw her.Speaking about that fateful moment, he recalled on their TV show:"This six-foot-something woman knocked on my door. I was very taken with her, you couldn't not be." headtopics.com

The pair became friends but eventually romance started to blossom and when this happened, they quickly developed a love for each other.Amanda said:"We kind of got to know each other, we kind of made friends first and then we went out a little bit together.

"With us both coming from non-farming backgrounds I think we're kind of like peas in a pod really, although we didn't know that at the time,” she added to The Sun.Together Clive and Amanda are parents to nine children: Raven, 18, Reuben, 16, Miles, 14, Edith, 11, Violet, nine, Sidney, eight, Anna, six, Clemmy, five, and Nancy, three.

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