Brexit, Dominic Cummings, Uk Supreme Court

Brexit, Dominic Cummings

Opinion: The courts have left a flailing Boris Johnson with only one constitutional option – he must resign

The prime minister has had the rug well and truly pulled out from under him and parliament should be reconvened immediately


As a professor of law and government, I believe today's court ruling means Boris Johnson must immediately resign | thom_brooks

The prime minister has had the rug well and truly pulled out from under him and parliament should be reconvened immediately

"#Brexit is like going back to Windows 3.1" 16/20 Liars "I'm sure most people remember a kid at school who just lied constantly? Who refused to back down, however outlandish the lie, and however it was disproven? Brexit is like all of those kids from every school have got together, and are now running the country." Shutterstock / chairavee laphom 17/20 Donors "Trying to extricate ourselves from the EU, and Brexit, is like a multiple transplant patient attempting to give all the donated organs back." Shutterstock / Luuuusa 18/20 Electricity "Paying my taxes to pay for Brexit is like asking a guy on death row if he has any change to put in the meter for the electric chair." Shutterstock / Fer Gregory 19/20 Bandersnatch "Brexit is like watching Bandersnatch with your bae where bae is 70,000 Conservative party members hogging the PlayStation controller & choosing the most WTF option every time.! Shutterstock / George Dolgikh 20/20 Constipation "Brexit is like the shit that never comes. Total constitutional constipation. Ironically Brexit also sounds like a constipation relief medicine." Shutterstock / sasha2109 1/20 The Beatles "Brexit is like Liverpool trashing all its links to The Beatles and spending all its time and energy building Esther McVey World." Shutterstock / terry bouch 2/20 The number seven "Trying to understand Brexit is like trying to figure out what colour the letter seven smells like." Shutterstock / jgl247 3/20 Pilots "Brexit is like being in a plane hurtling towards the ground with the pilot and co-pilot arguing over who would crash it better." Shutterstock / View Apart 4/20 Operation "Brexit is like going to the doctor, being told you need an operation, agreeing to it, then finding out they are going to cut off your cock & sew it to your forhead... ...but refusing to get a 2nd opinion." Shutterstock / Dmytro Zinkevych 5/20 Wall "My mentions have taught me that Brexit is like Trump’s wall. For its devoted fans it has a symbolic value totally unrelated to its workability, its true cost or the glaring self-interest of its proposers, whereas non-believers see nothing but a deranged and costly vanity project." Shutterstock / Tony Craddock 6/20 Skydive "brexit is like a sitcom where at the start of the episode the main character tells a casual lie about being able to skydive to impress someone and now they're at the end of the episode in a plane about to jump" Shutterstock / Mauricio Graiki 7/20 Crumble "Brexit is like if Farage & Johnson said “May we make you an *amazing* apple crumble?” & then 18 months later handed you a leaking bag of maggots & offal. You shouldn’t have to eat it." Shutterstock / CKP1001 8/20 Punch "‘Asking me to support Brexit is like asking me to punch my constituents in the face,’ said Anna Turley, the Labour MP for Redcar, which voted 66:34 to leave. ‘It doesn’t make it easier if you tell me my constituents want to be punched.’" Shutterstock / ZoneCreative 9/20 Fire "Watching this government deal with Brexit is like being locked outside your house while you can see people inside setting fire to the furniture as the law’s telling you you can’t go in and stop them." Shutterstock / Gorb Andrii 10/20 Villains "Brexit is like living in a superhero movie that has no heroes, just loads of incompetent villains fighting over who is more evil." Shutterstock / Aisyaqilumaranas 11/20 Book "Brexit is like a bad novel. You are so far into it you just want to skip to the end to see if it ended as badly as it had begun. (You throw the book at the wall when you realise it is the first book in a trilogy)." Shutterstock / Stokkete 12/20 Cricket "Watching Brexit is like trying to reverse engineer the rules of cricket by listening to the radio. I have absolutely no idea what is going on." Shutterstock / ChrisVanLennepPhoto 13/20 Car "Brexit is like the UK took a motorway exit, then found the road turning into a rutted grassy track, and now the car's stuck in a muddy field, there's no help in sight, it's getting dark, everyone's shouting at the driver, and the passengers are beginning to worry about food." Shutterstock / Kolbakova Olga 14/20 Cable "Watching Brexit is like watching someone try and plug a coaxial aerial cable into a HDMI port. There is a lot of anger, a lot of swearing, and a lot of remarks about how this used to work before." Shutterstock / Elnur Read more: The Independent

thom_brooks ....and remain voter thom_brooks Remainers conveniently ignore the fact that an English Court presided over by the Lord Chief Justice has ruled that the prorogation is not unlawful thom_brooks I’m sure there must be an an-archaic law for lying to the queen that means ‘Off with his head’ thom_brooks “Courts”? One court, after two others disagreed. Let’s see what hapoens next week shall we?

thom_brooks That's why Thom is a professor & not a sitting judge who may be about to hear a challenge to that ruling in the supreme court thom_brooks I believe you think too highly of yourself. And nobody cares. What they do care about is that the ooposition parties will do ANYTHING to thwart what was the ELECTION RESULT. we don't care about your silly article

thom_brooks As a member of the public with a modioof common sense, I agree with you thom_brooks The quicker he does so the better. Arrogance personified. Or alternatively, easily led by inadequate adviser(s). thom_brooks “main reason for handing the keys to No 10 back to the Queen is that finding today that he misled Her Majesty. In our constitutional monarchy, such an act is unprecedented. It damages not only the required trust between the Queen & PM, but their positions within the constitution”

thom_brooks How can either Mr Johnson or Mr Rees Mogg ever expect to receive an audience with the Queen again? There is no realistic chance of either of them entering Parliament again, unless they exercise external influences on the Judiciary thom_brooks “parliament should return to its previously scheduled sittings until, and unless, this is overruled later. The government cannot legitimately refuse until after the supreme court has had its say”

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament is 'unlawful', court rulesThe Scottish Civil Court has ruled that Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament was unlawful. FFS An actual circus! How can it be illegal if the Queen has passed it🙄

thom_brooks 52/52- CNN’s Amanpour disclosed on 29-04-2016: UN French Peacekeepers in Central African Republic forced tied-up girls to have sex with dogs thom_brooks 49/52- 62% Scots voted to remain in EU but pro-EU & pro-Freedom SNP in Scotland lost 19 seats in 08-06-2017 election: Brits rigged Scots’ Vote

thom_brooks 50/52- Now time has arrived for pro-EU & pro-Freedom SNP to demand from Brits Colonists: To hold next Scots’ Freedom Vote under UN Peacekeepers thom_brooks 51/52- For Scots’ Freedom Vote, French Forces should be excluded from UN Peacekeepers because: French Peacekeepers forced tied-up girls in Central African Republic (CAR) to do sex with dogs

thom_brooks 47/52- For Crowning Clergy’s daughter Theresa May (US’s Puppy Dog): Brits rigged also early general election of 08-06-2017 in DUK/SUK/UK(Ex) thom_brooks 48/52- In “Boexit”: Scots voted by 62% to 38% to remain in EU, in contrast to 08-06-2017 general election result of SNP’s loss of 19 seats

thom_brooks 44/52- As President: Will “Pimp” Trump allow his spouse (a Model Girl) to run her “Sex Business of Escorting Services” from the White House thom_brooks 45/52- On 28-03-2017 Scottish Parliament passed a resolution for 2nd Independence Referendum for Scots: Brits will rig again Scot Freedom Vote

thom_brooks And who do you replace him with, and why ? British people are so stupid, man this should make me happy, but it just makes me sad thom_brooks 46/52- On 18-04-2017, PM Theresa May (a Clergy’s daughter, illegally imposed by US) called an early/snap general election in DUK/SUK/UK(Ex)

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament ruled unlawful by high courtBoris Johnson's prorogation of parliament has been ruled unlawful by a court in Scotland. Give them tending They bring great news. The Scots tackling the idiocy of the day once again. better arrest the queen

thom_brooks 41/52- US installed a High School Dropout & Black-Marketeer of Movie Tickets (in his own Bambino Cinema in Karachi, Pakistan) as President of Pakistan: Why Russia cannot install a “Pimp” as President of USA thom_brooks 42/52- US installed a Pimp from Benazir’s £9M Surrey Mansion (For Sex Parties), as President of Pakistan: Why Russia cannot impose a “Pimp” as President of USA

thom_brooks 43/52- What about Benazir Bhutto's £9M Surrey Mansion: Secret location for £450-a-couple sex parties with naked tennis & dungeon (i.e., a strong, dark prison or cell, usually underground, as in a medieval castle) thom_brooks 39/52- PMs of DUK/SUK/UK(Ex), eg, Theresa May, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher: They all say “YES” to USA before it opens its mouth

thom_brooks 40/52- UK PMs, eg, Theresa May, David Cameron,Tony Blair,Margaret Thatcher would start Aerial Bombings anywhere abroad: Before USA Orders them thom_brooks 36/52- Crowning of Clergy's kid Theresa May as DUK/SUK PM on 13-07-2016: Means further Denial of Justice to Brit, Scot, Welsh & Irish Haves Not

thom_brooks 37/52- Crowning of Clergy’s Daughter Theresa May as DUK/SUK PM: Means further Denial of Justice to all Immigrants in DUK/SUK thom_brooks 38/52- Common Feature of All PMs of DUK/SUK/UK(Ex), e.g., Theresa May, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher: All of them are Puppy Dogs of US thom_brooks 34/52- After Her Crowning as DUK/SUK PM: Illegal PM Theresa May will Play in beds, Oh Oops, in hands of Clergy Tyrannies in Middle East & Iran

thom_brooks 35/52- Crowning of Clergy’s Daughter Theresa May as DUK/SUK PM on 13-07-2016: It was a Start of Installing of Clergy Tyranny in DUK/SUK by US

Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful'They're calling for Parliament to be recalled' The BBC's Scotland correspondent Lorna Gordon describes reaction from MPs and peers after Scotland's highest civil court rules Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament is unlawful UK government says it will appeal a Scottish court's ruling that suspending Parliament is unlawful, saying it is 'legal and necessary' bbclaurak Decision made by Lord Drummond Young who was nominated for office by a Labour first minister...politically motivated or not? bbclaurak All REMAINIACS need bear in mind that THE QUEEN consented to the proroguing of Parliament.... so has the Queen now broken the Law or is she the Law and if she has giving official approval, proroguing still stands.

thom_brooks 32/52- Consequence of Rigged “Boexit” of 23-06-2016: Pound Sterling plunged: Sooner, GBP & US $ will be lower than Seventies’ Italian Lira thom_brooks 33/52- After Rigged “Boexit”: US Illegally Replaced David Cameron by Banker & Daughter of a Clergy, Theresa May as DUK/SUK PM on 13-07-2016

thom_brooks 29/52- Super Power blackmailed UK PM David Cameron to rig results of “Boexit” in favor of Leave, hoping for collapse of remaining EU thom_brooks 30/52- UK PM David Cameron obeyed US orders, to rig “Boexit” results in favor of Leave, hoping: EU & Russian Economies shall cease to exist thom_brooks 31/52- UK PM David Cameron obeyed US's holy orders, to rig “Boexit” results in favor of Leave, hoping: EU & its Currency Euro shall collapse

thom_brooks But how is it so? The all even has not begun. I suppose somebody wants to get benefits from suffering people not only on every stage of the divorce, but also from every fluctual movement making by people towards money saving into time. thom_brooks 26/52- Consequence of “Boexit” (i.e., exit of “Sick Boot” of Europe from EU): Great Britain converted from UK to DUK (Divorced United Kingdom)

thom_brooks 27/52- Consequences of “Boexit”: According to strict Hinduism, no one is going to marry with this DUK (Divorced United Kingdom) thom_brooks 28/52- After “Boexit”: According to Strict Hinduism, this DUK (Divorced United Kingdom) should wear only white-dress for its remaining Life thom_brooks 24/52- Just like for 1946 Indian Constituent Assembly Election & 2014 Scots’ Freedom Vote, Brits rigged the “Brexit”/“Boexit” Referendum

Government to appeal after parliament's suspension ruled unlawful.JolyonMaugham says the advice given to the Queen to approve the suspension of parliament was 'unlawful.' The barrister initiated the case that is challenging BorisJohnson's decision to suspend parliament. Read more here: JolyonMaugham BorisJohnson Another twat wanting to get on tele 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

thom_brooks 25/52- Consequence of “Boexit” (i.e., exit of “Sick Boot” of Europe from EU): Britain will change from UK to SUK (Split United Kingdom) thom_brooks 21/52- During his 8 years’ US Presidency: Is there any country left in the entire World, which Barack Obama forgot to ruin? thom_brooks 22/52- After “Boexit”: European Court of Justice should probe George W Bush (43) for War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity

thom_brooks 23/52- After “Boexit”: International Court of Justice should probe George W Bush for War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity thom_brooks 20/52- Jeb Bush dreamed for US Presidency: Is there anything left in the entire World, which Bush 43 & Bush 41 forgot to ruin? thom_brooks 13/52- British Colonists imposed Jawaharlal Nehru on Bharat (India minus Pakistan) on 15-08-1947: Nehru was neither Hindu nor Sikh but Secular

thom_brooks 14/52- After “Boexit”: European Court of Justice should probe Tony Blair (UK's Former PM) for War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity thom_brooks 10/52- Brits forced Army to rig 1946 Election, favoring Congress & Muslim League: Now children of Bharat, Pakistan & East Pakistan Armies rig elections in the subcontinent

thom_brooks 11/52- After rigging 1946 Indian Election: Brits imposed Nehru’s Congress & Jinnah’s Muslim League as Rulers: Both US Puppy Dogs & CIA Agents thom_brooks 12/52- British Colonists imposed Sick Muhammad Ali Jinnah on Pakistan on 14-08-1947: Jinnah was neither Sunnite nor Shi’ite & even NOT Muslim

Demands to recall parliament as court rules suspension unlawfulSNP MP joannaccherry has accused Boris Johnson of 'misleading the Queen' and says because of that, he should 'seriously consider his position' as prime minister. A Scottish court has ruled Johnson's parliamentary suspension as 'unlawful': joannaccherry Your a disgrace it’s obvious the judge made this into a political verdict joannaccherry This woman is despicable, as most in Scotland already know. joannaccherry Can he be charged for lying to the queen? Please say yes please say yes 😆

thom_brooks 8/52- 62% Scots voted to remain in EU but Scotland lost Independence Vote of 18-09-2014 by 10%: As usual, Brits rigged Scots’ Freedom Vote thom_brooks And what about the judgement of the very learned Judges of the High Court who said they cannot interfere we say see but common sense is on the side of the High Court

thom_brooks 9/52- British Colonists rigged 1946 Election for Constituent Assembly of India, favoring Congress & Muslim League: Both Led by US Puppy Dogs thom_brooks 7/52- “Boexit” on 23-06-2016: On divorce to UK, EU should seize clothes of each Brit (including Royals) even though they have to become naked

thom_brooks 5/52- After “Boexit” Referendum: French Courts should launch new Judicial Inquiries of assassination of Princess Diana on 31-08-1997 in Paris thom_brooks 6/52- French Courts should punish all assassins of Diana: Punishing even Royal Culprits (e.g., Diana’s Mother-in-Law) involved in Diana’s death

thom_brooks 4/52- Result of Referendum for “Boexit”, i.e., for exit of “Sick Boot” of Europe from EU: French Courts became free of UK’s influence thom_brooks Boris had singlehandedly ruined Great Britain international reputation in record time by turning the nation into a 'laughing stock' having established itself to be an chaotic autocratic state governed by a fascist !!

thom_brooks 2/52- Referendum of 23-06-2016 was not for “Brexit” but instead it was for “Boexit”, i.e., for exit of “Sick Boot” of Europe from EU thom_brooks 3/52- In “Boexit”: Scots voted by 62% to 38% to remain in EU, in contrast to UK-wide result of 52% to 48% in favor of quitting EU

Remoaner Dominic Grieve says Boris Johnson should resign if he 'misled' the QueenDOMINIC GRIEVE has said Prime Minister Boris Johnson must resign if he misled the Queen about suspending Parliament as Scottish court ruled the prorogation was unlawful and suggested he shut down Parliament for his own political benefit. Of course he would. If the SupremeCourt find against Boris with the oaths and obligations a PM has to the Crown how can he ever look the Queen in the eye again - a person he will have, in the eyes of the highest court in the land, misled. He will have to resign. Oh shut he didn't that's why theres an appeal 😂 Brexit Summary. 600 odd politicians, supported by a handful of the legal profession, a mentally stunted and deceitful Speaker and Gina Miller have set themselves above 17.4 million voters. They have no idea what democracy is or means. All a waste of taxpayers money! Dump them all

thom_brooks 1/52- Prior to entry of Britain into the European Community in 1973, Britain was used to be called as “Sick Boot” of Europe thom_brooks Looks like no fcuking one reads or bothers with what shite you spout, or print Your fcuking archaic & yesterday’s news these days, no one cares for your bias rag or name online , time to pack it in. no one cares no more about anything you print or spout 💩💩💩👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

thom_brooks As a professor of law and government wouldn’t you agreee it would be prudent to wait for the Supreme Court ruling? It is however 1 all thom_brooks thom_brooks The Independent : not if he takes sick ‘ his deputy would have to sort it out ?

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