Opinion: The climate crisis is a water crisis

Opinion: The climate crisis is a water crisis for the poorest and most vulnerable communities

9/20/2021 4:57:00 PM

Opinion: The climate crisis is a water crisis for the poorest and most vulnerable communities

If everyone had access to clean water, they would be better able to protect themselves from the destructive effects of climate change, writes Dougray Scott

Susmita, 22, from India, used to collect water from freshwater rivers near her home, but rivers are drying up because of the changing weather and now she must walk a long way each day to collect salty water. She said she had never heard of cyclones before, but now they hear one will hit almost every year, making it even more difficult to get water.

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When I travelled with WaterAid to Mozambique – another country vulnerable to climate change – I saw how clean water, good sanitation and hygiene can transform whole communities. Children can stay healthy and in school, and women no longer have to risk their safety collecting water from remote areas and have time to earn a living. If everyone had access to clean water, they would also be better able to protect themselves from the destructive effects of climate change.

A report by WaterAid last year found thathalf of all countries receive less than $4 per head, per year for climate mitigation and adaptation, and some of the most vulnerable countries receive significantly less than this.This is why I’m adding my voice to the WaterAid’s open letter alongside nearly 10,000 members of public, including other actors, artists and cross-party politicians. Together, we are calling on Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to invest a third of the UK’s committed international climate funding in locally-led adaptation projects, to help vulnerable communities get a reliable source of water. headtopics.com

Rich nations have failed to live up to their promises on climate investment, but as we gear up to COP26, the UK has the chance to turn the tide and ensure more finance goes to help the world’s poorest and most climate-vulnerable communities.With a reliable supply of clean water, people can recover more quickly from disasters and can stay healthy and thrive, whatever the future holds. You too can

and help make a difference to communities across the world for generations to come. Read more: The Independent »

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