Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

Opinion: Andrew Neil has ruthlessly exposed Boris Johnson as a phoney. But it won't make any difference

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt was told off like the school head boy — and he very nearly even said sorry


Opinion: Andrew Neil has ruthlessly exposed Boris Johnson as a phoney and a fraud. But it won't make any difference

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt was told off like the school head boy — and he very nearly even said sorry

, saying, for the 10,000th time, “I’m an entrepreneur.” And here was Andrew Neil, telling him, “You keep saying you’re an entrepreneur — you’re not exactly Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, are you?”

And Hunt became the immaculate little school head boy crumbling in the face of the first ever telling-off he’s ever had. “No,” he said. “No, I’m not.” If he’d been given the chance, he might even have said sorry.

candidate, to the point where the nation really was starting to believe that the moderate success of a teaching website was certain proof that Hunt and Hunt alone can lead the country through the most complex and perilous negotiation in its history.

Boris Johnson was coming out with his usual drivel about “Gatt Article 24 Paragraph 5b”, and how the EU and the UK can just carry on trading as before like nothing had happened.

Short, sweet, and in a word, perfect. Here on the primetime BBC schedule was a liar, a phoney, a fraud and a charlatan, coming up several leagues short, completely unprepared for the task in front of him. Boris Johnson knows that bluster is all he’s got. There is nothing else. But Boris Johnson is so arrogant, so entitled, so overwhelmingly full of himself that there is no room to consider that bluster won’t be enough. And here he was, finding out that he doesn’t even have enough of that.

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peterandann We have that problem too across the pond. marcuschown He has exposed him as the perfect leader off the Conservative party - I look forward to him being as successful as the last 2! Andrew Neil has ruthlessly exposed Boris. .. But it won't make a difference. ..SEE? he didn't. Not at all. Boris was right re 5b....the meat is all 5b .....5c goes without saying. 🙄

Too many Tory voters set the bar low, very low for their PM or MPs..and as a consequence have suffered from the worst government in living political achievements of any note.....and still folk will vote for them and accept incompetence No, it will not make any difference, dickheads are in fashion.

TeaJunkie1 Johnson's fans know he's a liar, doesn't 'do detail' and that he's going to wriggle out of 31 October. The truth is, I suspect, that they don't mind him lying to them because he's such a good bloke. Probably won't as the World has really turned Wonky Phoney and Fraud are vote magnets these days. Anything else requires thinking stuff through for oneself.

758874688())/00 ft acgrayling Well, he’s reiterated what we already knew well… And no, it won’t make any difference.

Tory leadership: Boris Johnson uses Andrew Neil interview to deny failing to support ambassador - live newsRolling coverage of the BBC’s Andrew Neil interviewing Tory leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt , with reaction and analysis It didn't work! What is that quote about convincing people not to believe what they see with their own eyes? Andrew Neill of all people. 😂

We know we will have a PM worse than Theresa May time to start praying still we can blame Tory Party members for electing the village idiot True such is the sad state we are in Hahahahaha Jawapu It will matter in an election. jkisthe1 He’s admitted he hasn’t a clue what brexit is about at all , he hasn’t even bothered to read it! Sweet Jesus , a border in Ireland could start another decade of bombings you clown! seriously there has to be a mechanism of a no confidence vote on someone like him

acgrayling Oaf. No sweat; 'as phoney as the Tories', is entering the English lexicon shortly! No, it won't make any difference because we have an unnecessarily complicated, distorted, corrupt system. Think back to episodes of 'Yes Minister' to remember who really controls whom. EdeDinant ' won't make any difference'. The Kakistocrats are winning. We are but pawns to be crushed as they extract our assets.

AdvocateHalley Of course no one gives a toss, people just want out the EU and Boris is a convenient tool. People support Corbyn anti-semitic and terrorist lover, so supporting Boris is easier than supporting Corbyn. Out the EU, no deal, jobs a good un.

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Johnson will turn England into a shithouse society. He never answered any questions Andrew Neil put to him. He asn't got a clue. He still thinks he is at Eton.Johnson is what is wrong with England's class ridden society. He is not a very funny joke. Johnson is that and worse but he's about to be UK PM. The next step is; what dreadful, damaging and self-serving means will he use to hang on to that job? That's the danger to all of us

At last ! An interviewer who won’t allow Boris to worm out of what he said and the truth comes out. When trust in politicians is at a real low, Boris Johnson continues to swerve questions with a straight answer or take responsibility for his actions ! Good article Seriously think before every single interview Boris gets his orders and script and if lucky a much needed 'you can do it, we will own the world. I love you' telephone call from trump. Plus every so often a conference with putin

Same as Trump - and won't make any difference. The Independent, ' the beggars use for toilet paper'. what utter rubbish , I like Andrew Neil but , not in that interview, he was bullying , arrogant and talked more than them 🤷🏻‍♀️ It won’t make any difference to him being elected but I think the Tory party might end up shooting themselves in the foot as he will soon end up being a liability

No he didn't.

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Worth reading teri_kanefield thread analysing why people continue to support populist leaders who lie blatantly. See my retweet. UK situation reflects US closely. Fake news I disagree ErikZoha The country is in tatters. I can’t believe they still gonna vote for him. Well done shallow conservatives voters

Not really - Andrew Neil tried to use manipulated statistics to try and discredit Boris Johnson and failed Of course it won’t. So let’s stop wasting our time vilifying him and Trump and instead think about why democracy doesn’t work any more and how we could govern our world in the 21st century. It is very obvious, Johnson has ever been a phoney, just that some of people are too myopic and ignorant to see

nigel__w Boris repeatedly exposes himself as such My bumbling eccentric act didn't work tonight but I shall carry on and avoid Andrew Neil in future, find a more friendly interviewer ! Which MPs are not frauds They are all on the same gravy train.

Sarah Ferguson: Inside Royal Lodge where she lives with Prince AndrewThe Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson arrives with the Duke of York Prince Andrew at St George's Chapel in Windsor for the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston. Another scrounger Should never got divorced

Fake, fake & only fake. The fundamental component to be a Tory leader So says an anti-democratic EU shill. We know He only needs to appeal to Tory members and they think he is great These debates are irrelevant to the majority of the country mancunianmedic And that’s where we are today RemiAdekoya1 says an intellectual forces you 2 think & a skillfull politician relieves you of that duty🤨

chris_sw123 I hope everyone realises what we're all living through. Historians will lecture about this for hundreds of years. Nope because he’s the only candidate who will pull the plug on the EU and end their imperialist federal state of Europe fantasy. Andrew Neil is a Conservative I can at least Respect bc he doesn’t pull punches.

He’s our Trump. A more divisive potential PM you could not get

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Indeed not in the fast becoming Banana Republic that is the UK. Another charlatan and white collar psychopath given the reigns of power, despite avoiding debates, lying through his teeth, and not knowing the essential details about Brexit. The British are so stupid & so gullible. Just think, in all likelihood the Prime Minister of this disUnited Kingdom, Her Majesty's First Minister, is a shifty, cowardly, mendacious, slobby, self-serving, inept prick. Has the country really come to this

Did we not already know that? Sadly true He’s doing the independent next , but it won’t make any difference “everyone new “. Proper man of the people though in he.... honestly, not this guy BorisJohnson is clearly a bullsitting fraud. Jeremy_Hunt is clearly the lesser of two weevils. True. Conservatives are a group of elderly white men. They will approve him. Remember realDonaldTrump was exposed as racist. Womaniser. Didn't matter... 🤔

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How can you expose something that is blatantly obvious. The man is a charlatan. He cannot be allowed to become Prime Minister at the whim of the majority of 100,000 voters GB’s one up on Trump The biggest phoney and the biggest fraud! What about Hunt, oh yeah you want hunt as pm. No thank you It does make a difference, he’s a phoney and a fraud. We haven’t forgotten the Red bus and £350m a week promise.

He’s such an ass-clown. Phoney and fraud ? Like the Hunt the Remainer who says he’ll deliver Brexit.. or the Hunt that committed fraud ? Unfortunately people don't care He exposed Mrs May in trousers too!

Let's make a trade. Respect your Prime Minister lefties.

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