October's full moon: What it means for your star sign

It's on October 20th, people

10/16/2021 6:38:00 AM

What October's full moon on 20th means for your star sign

It's on October 20th, people

thyour star sign.This Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Libra forms an opposition to the Moon in Aries and brings emotive, intense and truthful energy to relationship dynamics where we have to balance our needs with someone else’s, and perhaps that balance isn’t being achieved.

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This is the kind of thing you’ll have been ~brewing~ about for some time, noticing their transgressions, feeling put upon. Or maybe YOU are the dominant one and are walking all over someone else without recognising their needs fully. It’s time to reassess. This could be related to a romantic relationship, a friendship, a close collaboration in work, or even a family member. But this partnership is personal and close, so you feel the imbalances all the more.

It’s time to get things off your chest, but without overdoing it. Perhaps write it all down first, get it out of your head, say it out loud privately, and THEN filter it to make sense for someone else. Let the tarot give you a nudge as to what might need fixing and where to start… headtopics.com

ARIES - Eight of Wands.Communication is where the breakdown has been occurring - not because there’s not enough of it, but actually maybe too much. Maybe it’s you who is talking over, dominating and pushing the conversation in directions that someone else isn't comfortable with, or can’t respond fast enough to. Be quiet. Listen harder. Invite them to speak and then shush until they’ve done. They just need a little more time and encouragement to say what they’re feeling.

TAURUS - Two of CoinsCosmopolitan UKYou can, forgive me, get a bit possessive sometimes, and, in close relationships, you rather like building a private and secret ~kingdom~ for (just) the two of you. It’s cute. Until it’s not.The Two of Coins asks you to let the leash of control go looser on someone who you can tell (because you sense everything) is itching to broaden their horizons or be more independent. Don’t worry that they won’t come back. In giving them more space, you’re letting them know you SEE their needs. They’ll come home happier, I promise.

GEMINI - Nine of SwordsCosmopolitan UKDon’t worry so much Gem. You’re a super alert and perceptive person, and this means you pick up on ~vibes~ real fast, and take them to heart (much more than people know). The Nine of Swords sees you overthinking your interaction with someone close to you. Treading on eggshells. Enough of this. It’s not fair to you. Say what you’re feeling. Let loose. I guarantee they’ll be surprised, and a little sad, to hear their mood/s have made you feel this way.

CANCER - Six of SwordsCosmopolitan UKSometimes, some connections just aren’t built to last and there’s not a lot (except waste your time) you can do about that. One such relationship is showing signs of this truth, and you would do well to face it, and act accordingly. Stop trying to inject life where there’s none. Stop expending energy on someone who isn’t reciprocating it. You deserve better. The Six of Swords asks you to withdraw and go have fun elsewhere. You’ll soon get over this. It just wasn’t meant to last. It’s okay. headtopics.com

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LEO - Knight of CupsCosmopolitan UKYou may not believe this, but someone has got the idea that you’re not into them, when, actually, you really REALLY are! How has this happened? Goodness knows, but it’s time to fix it by making a grand gesture or paying some seriously insightful compliments. Leo, you’re a natural-born flirt, but the signals with this object of desire have misfired. Get back on target, and don’t miss this love opportunity.

VIRGO - Eight of CupsCosmopolitan UKDisappointment is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when the original hopes were high. Does that mean this relationship is over? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a recalibration, a re-setting of what your expectations are. The Eight of Cups shows that you have to acknowledge what has been underserved or unmet, and then recognise what’s still good or worthwhile here. If there’s enough, then recalibrate. If not, then let it go.

LIBRA - JudgmentCosmopolitan UKYou want the past to stay there, and for it to stop being brought up and chucked in your face every five minutes. Not too much to ask, is it? Not really, if you both agreed on that course of action. But it can be easier said than done.

Judgment shows that a wake up call has happened, and something long gone needs putting to bed finally and forever. Someone deserves a second chance. The past is done. If you want a future together, you need to process it and leave it behind.SCORPIO - Ace of Coins headtopics.com

Cosmopolitan UKMost rifts don’t heal overnight; the healing takes time (often because other people anger them off more, and your transgressions fade into the background). Ace of Coins shows that you can begin that process with someone this Full Moon, someone you perhaps had a great friendship with (or a fledgling romance) but things went south. Reset the compass and reach out. Start the ball rolling.

SAGITTARIUS - King of CupsCosmopolitan UKYou’re a natural born flirt and you love to be loved. It’s just how you are, but it can lead to hiccups in romantic relationships because people may perceive your flirting as shadiness, or mistake your intentions. Something like that has happened recently, and you need to unpick the tangle, make your intentions crystal-clear, and iron out the crossed wires. This isn’t as tricky as it looks, the King of Cups is a reassurance that things can get back on track.

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CAPRICORN - Seven of SwordsCosmopolitan UKThe Seven of Swords is a ~red flag~ card. It warns you that the person you’re not 100% sure about is indeed a bit shady, for whatever reason, and you’d be best advised to steer clear for the new few weeks. Don’t expose yourself, be vulnerable, or get into anything that carries risk or feels like temptation. Just play it safe. This Full Moon is a time to be cautious.

AQUARIUS - The WorldCosmopolitan UKThere’s a big life lesson in your relationship world this Full Moon, Aquarius: everything changes, everything ends, and we all have a ~last time~ with someone (we just don’t know it at the time). Accept some of your relationships have run their course. Let them go. Don’t be sad, because this is okay and it’s natural, and new people will emerge to replace what has gone. Say adios with a smile, and wish them well, but don’t hold on to what has run its course.

PISCES - Page of CupsCosmopolitan UKSo many people look up to you and value your opinion and support. Someone who is a little younger, or maybe just seems so, and is shy, sensitive and creative needs reassurance from you this Full Moon. Maybe they’ve over-analysed something you said, or maybe they are projecting their own insecurities onto you, but it can be resolved quickly with a catch-up and a friendly welcome. Reach out, breach this gap before it grows wider.

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