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NYPD chief kneels with George Floyd protesters and calls for end to violence

NYPD chief kneels with George Floyd protesters and calls for end to violence

6/2/2020 9:59:00 PM

NYPD chief kneels with George Floyd protesters and calls for end to violence

‘I thought it was appropriate. We hugged to show there’s solidarity,’ Terence Monaham says

Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by emailUpdate newsletter preferencesNot all members of the NYPD have joined in with the periodic ‘take a knee’ protests throughout the last few days.On Sunday, demonstrators congregated in Times Square and at one point the large crowd all took a knee, many raising a fist in the air, and began shouting “NYPD take a knee!”

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A reporter forThe Independentwho was stationed near a group of about eight police officers monitoring the protesters noted that many protesters turned to face them as they chanted, but the police did not kneel.The protests come following the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died in police custody after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground by his neck for a prolonged period of time.

Outrage over Floyd’s death has erupted in the last week, with violent protests and demonstrators breaking out across the US and in particular Minneapolis, where he died.The march in New York on Sunday was peaceful and included a couple of hundred people, Ms Abraham said.

Some of the demonstrations in the city have turned violent during the evenings with looting and vandalism. Read more: The Independent »

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aww. isn't that nice. all's well now. his officers have all turned over a new leaf i guess. none need to be fired i guess If the NYPD do it first, I'm sure they'll get results. 🙄 Everyone agrees that George Floyds death was wrong and disgusting but not everyone agrees about how these protests have escalated and spread into a civil war..

So this call was actually an address to his own officers, or nah...? I'm glad to see people taking a stance and trying to minimise the violence. Now let's hope he works for greater accountability for the police full stop. The same chief whose Cops are running over protestors, pushing them down so violently they have seizures and shooting protestors in the face with rubber coated bullets? No thanks I will not accept propaganda in place of real and lasting change. 1hr later they'll be macing Folks.

❤️ Do I look good in white? propaganda please notice the twitter handle on the sign..... also the person sharing the post on instagram who supports and promotes this. this is what leads to segregation. this is basically the brainwashing of americans Has he apologised to them?. They literally gassed the protesters 5 minutes later this is clear propaganda

The same Chief whose officers have been relentlessly attacking civilians?

NYPD filmed kneeling with protesters at George Floyd demonstration'It's a nice start, but it's nowhere near enough' Had this GeorgeFloyd debacle occurred in India, there would be mass protests IN SUPPORT of Officer Derek Chauvin. Not just that, but he’d be promoted & honored as a national hero... as we’ve seen time & again in India. Then they gassed them and kicked the shit out of them, but ehhhh! They kneeled a minute! ITS TO LATE FOR THE KNEELING NOW!! BULLSHIT

George Clooney on George Floyd killing: racism is America's pandemic‘In 400 years we’ve yet to find a vaccine,’ writes actor in attack on Donald Trump’s response to demonstrations as ‘a racial dog whistle’ Coronavirus narrative is dead This will enrage the Trumpers and the Supremacists And trump is Patient Zero.

Anger as local police union chief calls George Floyd a 'violent criminal'Lt Bob Kroll says protests organised by ‘terrorist movement’ but former Minneapolis police chief calls Kroll ‘a disgrace to the badge’ 100% chance he’s a Trump supporter One love One humanity We r everywhere We r a legion Never forget Never forgive We rise Expect us We r anonymous Citizens of the world join us To change the world! Repeating Trump talking points.

'We will march with everybody,' Houston police chief tells George Floyd protesters – videoA police chief in Houston was welcomed with cheers as he gave an impassioned speech to a crowd of protesters demanding justice for George Floyd Freedom is near, we are resisting. I_can_not_breath. Freedom is near, we are resisting. I_can_not_breath.

Police chief fired as black restaurateur is killed during George Floyd protestsDavid McAtee was taking part in a protest in Kentucky against the killing of African America ns by police, and was himself killed, leading to two officers being put on leave and the local chief being sacked Please American dont let CHINESE & MUSLIMS TO DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY. THIS IS CLEAR CHINESE AND MUSLIMS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA. CLEAR

Angry Donald Trump calls for tougher approach against George Floyd protestsPresident rants at governors, police and security officials, saying law enforcement must ‘dominate’ or ‘look like a bunch of jerks’ Angry Donald. Hangry Donald. Trump is the Bolsonaro of the USA Choosing those pics to accompany articles just supports the degenerate agenda - it is like some within media working for adolf hitler in nazi Germany, actually. It happened & still is, apparently.