NYC Mayor Adams is considering 2024 White House bid

5/22/2022 2:20:00 AM

NYC Mayor Eric Adams considering 2024 White House bid

NYC Mayor Eric Adams considering 2024 White House bid

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is eyeing up a 2024 White House bid as an anti-woke Democrat if Joe Biden decides not to run for a second term, it is claimed.

Eric Adams, 61, may be considering a bid for presidency in 2024, sources close to him told the New York Post.Share this article Share She skipped jewelry, keeping the focus on her bold and bright look outside of 92Y Studios in NYC..Congress.

'Eric has told me repeatedly that he thinks that he has a platform to run for national office, for president in 2024,' a source said.However, a Brooklyn Democrat said Adams would only make the bid if Biden, 79, choose not to run for reelection.Glam girl: The 45-year-old Oscar winner put on a glamorous display in big, black sunglasses and sky-high black pumps Updo: The movie star pulled her auburn locks back into a textured updo, putting her beautiful visage on display No jewels: She skipped jewelry, keeping the focus on her bold and bright look outside of 92Y Studios in NYC Isaac opted for a dark blue pinstriped suit with a dark blue shirt and no tie for the New York City event.Rumors have been swirling that the president may opt-out of running for a second term due to his declining health, but he has not stated this publicly..Biden has reportedly told insiders that he plans on running again in 2024.The actor completed his look with matching blue pinstriped pants and shiny black dress shoes.Officials think Adams - who once called himself the 'Biden of Brooklyn' - has a chance to at becoming president if he can get NYC crime under control.

The City That Never Sleeps has been rampant with violent crime, which is up 40 percent across all five boroughs.Chastain commented on the moment on The Today Show, stating, 'We’re acting, but also Oscar and I have been friends — we went to college together — so we’ve been friends more than half of our lives, and we know so much about each other.

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Eye on the prize, Mayor Adams! Us New Yprkers believe in You!! ❤️‍🔥🥹 I would say 🇺🇲 needs some Asian American as a president 😃 you already had a African dude Hell no! Oh please 🙄 Joke Expect more Black on Asian crime through out the U.S. He isn't dealing with it in NYC so what makes anyone think he will deal with it on a Federal level.

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