Number of UK coronavirus deaths rises above 1,000

UK deaths have reached 1,019, as the government ramps up testing for frontline hospital staff.

3/28/2020 5:52:00 PM

A total of 1,019 people with coronavirus have died in the UK, and there are 17,089 confirmed cases of the virus, figures show

UK deaths have reached 1,019, as the government ramps up testing for frontline hospital staff.

. England's chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, is also self-isolating, but has not tested positive.Former Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell said politicians needed to"obey their own rules much more strictly" on social distancing.

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In other developments:The car park of Chessington World of Adventures in Chessington has become a temporary drive through testing station for NHS workersPhotos showed work beginning to turn London's ExCel centre into a temporary hospital with capacity for 4,000 people

Two new temporary hospitals will be set up in Birmingham and Manchesterto help the NHS cope with the virusDerbyshire Police said it has decided to dye the"blue lagoon" in Buxton black to try and make the site"less appealing" to people wanting to visit

County councils are warning residents some services, such as recycling centres or adult education centres, will be significantly scaled back or stopped to prioritise keeping people safe from coronavirusThe Local Government Association says council workers are being physically and verbally abused for implementing the government's social distancing policy. Workers have been spat at, sworn at and racially abused, it said

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said he had received about 300 complaints from employees and the public about businesses not following social distancing guidelines.The HCSA hospital doctors' union said potential supply issues should not delay the

reported introduction of more stringent guidanceon the use of personal protective equipment by frontline NHS staff.The total number of people tested for the virus in the UK was 120,776, as of Saturday morning.Currently, about 6,000 people are tested daily, but the government wants to increase that number to 10,000 a day by the end of March and 25,000 a day by mid-April.

Image copyrightDowning StreetImage captionContractors and members of the military have been building the Nightingale Hospital at the Excel centre in LondonThe British Medical Association said the move towards testing NHS staff in England was"long overdue", following concerns that healthy members of staff may have been self-isolating at home when they did not need to.

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The new tests being offered to frontline NHS staff - and which have already been used to check very ill patients in hospitals - are antigen tests, which indicate if someone is currently infected and risks spreading it to others.Another type of test, called the antibody test, indicates whether someone has recently had the virus. It is not available to the public yet but Public Health England is ordering it in.

Over the weekend, the first of three new testing labs are expected to start work to process 800 samples, the government said. Samples will be taken around the country, initially focusing on coronavirus hotspots such as London.Dozens of universities, research institutes and companies are lending equipment for the labs.

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Nigeria..... Lies I am sorry to hear that, but I heard British is prepared to blame China for everything include their government own mistakes. Am I right? A 1 in 17 chance is too high. 死亡率很高呀 You western countries accuse China of poor epidemic prevention, but the data shows that your epidemic prevention is worse. Britain, with a population of less than 60 million, has diagnosed nearly 20000 cases!

How many people have died of pneumonia though, both HAP and CAP, that haven’t been tested for COVID-19 posthumously? I would wager if this was factored in the number would be much greater. Oh no not good The majority of the dead likely the elderly like Italy, so don't lockdown the entire country needlessly - lockdown those over 60 years making up the majority of the deaths instead.

That is close to a 6% death rate. The underlying infection numbers in the UK must be about 4 times higher. BorisJohnson A question. What do you do when your boss tells you that you can’t work from home as they won’t pay you in full. My type of work can be done at home as it’s digital work. I would be doing the same work at home. I’m also type 1 diabetic.

BorisJohnson The Goverment’s slow response has now put us on the same trajectory as Italy. We are now on a similar path. Non key businesses are still open causing people to be infected at work. You won’t have enough healthy people to revive the economy. Santanumalbum A letter from Italian novelist Francesca Melandri to the UK

JoRichardsKent Simple analysis of the reported UK numbers suggests the actual number of UK people infected is 50,000 to 1,000,000 (as of 28 March). this is critical info to influence people’s behaviour, why are you not reporting estimated infected numbers? 30,000+ die each year from pneumonia in the uk. Strange that every now is dying from covid19🤔 i call bullshit. We are literally having our freedom taking from us on a global scale here, there is something else in the agenda.

Germany are testing 500k a week. WHO told all governments to constabrly keep tested. After over a month we just about tested 120k.. That’s a morbidity rate of 5.9% !! How many fewer would that have been if KillerJohnson had acted earlier? Like 2 months earlier? And taken the right decisions? How many times must he fail before he is replaced by someone competent? (Tricky given the Parliamentary Tory Party) NevilleChamberlain AdmiralByng

It's so sad. We don’t know the full picture as we haven’t been tested fully. Atm we have to trust in the Government and their advisors and adhere to what they say. As I have not fully trusted the UK Government before, I’m feeling anxious. But will back them 💯 StayAtHomeAndStaySafe So tragic. :( Could these have been prevented with hydroxychloroquine and zinc?

bycottchina And yet millions of us still have to go and work in factory’s and building sites when it is not necessary! So, will the numbers infected from 30th March onwards provide a guide if the lockdown is working as of 23rd March ( after PMs televised speech on 22nd March)? 💜 Anyone know the breakdown of where each case diagnosed, recovered or sadly died is in the country?💜

Madness hyofficial Comorbidity. Please look it up people. And there are people out there who think this is ok! 🤦🏻‍♂️😡 Well then boris this is all your fault Yet more than half the country will get it 🤷🏾‍♂️ 120k+ tested... 17k confirmed.... 🤯 SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros SackDrTedros

Never forget that China could have stopped this from leaving their country but didn’t. Stop them by refusing Chinese goods. Please adjust your graphic. The deaths registered are only of those hospitalised as it says in the government website. This a vital and scary difference. Death is running on our streets, stretching its arms, trying to cutch people. The weakest ones that can't run fast, get caught. How horrible is that!?

Isn't this a high rate of death? Breakdown by nation? They did not do a thing to stop this virus Is it a bio war by China. The virus originated there. Step it up , quit slacking Wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, try not to go out is the simplest and most effective measures against epidemic prevention! British friends refueling, this time the patience is for the better encounter。 世界加油!

40 in Scotland many people die of flu every year...? Wild! 9th of March More than a Million called 111 Stop liying there's millions infected And the Dems want is to have the same kind of health care system. Are you kidding me? Italy has implemented “Death Panels” under this same type of system the Dems want. Obama Care has ONE THING TO RETAIN. PRE-Existing Conditions. Shit-can the rest.

So how many people have recovered from this virus Help researchers track the true numbers of those with symptoms & those who feel well, sign up for the app & report daily to give a true picture until testing becomes widespread Download the app ' About eight coincidence time points of the COVID-19 virus.

260 in a day. Over 10 people per hour. Per hour! God help them world crossing the stage corona virus BULLSH!T Jesus!! Last i heard it was at 28. Wasnt that like 2 days ago my god it escalates fast 😟 Lies lies all lies by the BBC shite Station Wishy washy results I’d like to know how many have recovered... Need something more positive than the death rate please.

I'd like to see where we are on their wonderful graph! Are we heading to a spike and NHS collapse or are we flattening it as they told us they would, funny how the graphs not been seen since. This is what western countries should have done immediately once there was a risk of any pandemic. Scared of taking such hard in an age of globalist obsession has been an absolute disaster, deaths, huge economic and social damage, all preventable.

Maybe because people are still going out for unnecessary reasons :/ We need to stop scare mongering people. Its here, done, just get on with it. The death rate in the UK is 16 per million population the USA is only 3 per million population And the UK is far away from peaking so god help us as this proves are NHS has no way of coping due to neglect and lack of funding for too many year

BorisJohnson 2 weeks ago: *Take it on the chin *Let it spread *Herd immunity *Joking about 'last gasp' ventilators *Boasting about shaking hands with COVID19 victims 1 week ago: *go out & enjoy yourselves The British government should have a lot of responsibility So sad, I’m frightened for my London Family. My daughter, her husband and their baby live in London.

Would perspective be too much to ask for. Can the BBC comment on how the Covid19 confirmed deaths are affecting the national daily average. If for example they say that tomorrow a further 300 Covid19 deaths are confirmed, is that 300 over and above the national daily average? The truth is those statistics are a lie. If 14% of people that are tested have coronavirus we should have 1,302,560 confirmed cases in London alone... Basic maths. That’s why they don’t want to test people, the numbers would be a lot higher.

Welcome to Thousand Club UK. When the new selection process of treating the fittest and the neglect and personnal losses accumilate it will be a whole different story. Can I ask why the ‘recovered’ number is always 135...surely it has gone up too? 😕 Can we add the recoverys on to that picture it would uplift spirits.

What about this article in 2018? Don't believe those numbers for a single second. Why do bbcnews only announce today's death numbers? Looks like they don't want to remind people how numbers are increasing. Why not publish a daily graph like this? Not stating that is deaths in hospitals, not including people not admitted?

So what? Who cares! We had our chance to be in a better place than Italy. Chance was refused. Sorry for all the losses UK ppl have to go through Dreadful news, I’m so sorry 😢😢 The swine virus in 2010 had 30,000 deaths and 300,000 hospitalized. Why was that not handled the same way by the fake news Boris and Cummings have their wish and the lambs follow without question I now know a good % are stupid

Look at other countries testing testing how many of us are walking around spreading it because the symptoms have not appeared And flights still arriving Come on let's test the UK this is getting ridiculous. Test us so we can work People are too carefree talk to everyone in your family and ensure you all stay in and keep our distance and dome of us might survive but I fear its already too late 4 many now god bless all

Do if 20000 of us die the goverment think they have done well If we all stay in and keep our space then maybe we can reduce it but it will be us not them responsible Tell me BBC, what should I do with this information? 17000 died of flu every year alone in the UK. This is a very contagious virus which we can do fuck about it. Why raise the anxiety levels of the population with useless information?

Whilst only 130 have recovered. We’re one of the only country who currently have more deaths than recovered. Scary Probably close on 1 million infected . 17,000 confirmed are probably the worse affected (2%) i.e those in hospital . Thought it was 1019 last 24 hrs Please stay home guys I thought you were a holy, royal country... Still think you're better than God?

Don't forget to show the 75K people just in china who've made recoveries. 82k cases of the virus in China, 75k have recovered, 3K have died and the rest are still ongoing. Media scaremongering is the actual killer not the virus. Wish theyd post how many in the uk have recovered ffs Lacking progressive decisions to tackle a incoming problem, virus outbreaks need fast response to protect public and the country. Just the thought of 6000 dead is catastrophic

Too many people got the virus now. where do we go from can we stop it. We've lost a village; next we'll lose a town; then we'll lose a city. Then what? coronavirus Are they going to keep changing the cut off time for compiling figures? Sure they do Stay on your island!!! Going up by over 30% a day now & will only get worse unfortunately. Guess that’s what happens when you ignore WHO advice & listen to ‘the science’.

Not nice news 🥺 So .05% death rate. Wow, far less than we were scared into. Media sucks Well... shit. China's undeclared biologic is the word war, in which ruining the world's economy, selling ventilators to everyone, has sold ventilators worth 90 lakh crore rupees to the world, which he started producing 2 years ago. Become a superpower by ruining the world's economy

RIP And the total number of people who died in this period? Or don't they count . How many people in the UK have die for the regular flu since the first UK covid case? And just think,only last week you were all out in force sunning yourselves at the beaches, cycling ,walking around,shopping,drinking in crowded pubs, while most of the world's population were confined to home in enforced lockdown.

The actual amount of cases including mild cases would dwarf those numbers which would hopefully mean than the percentage of related deaths is much lower (still too many) They have only been testing seriously ill people. There is a you-tube guy luri’s who is running a tutorial workshop on how to make Respirators Masks that don’t cost a fortune! Respirator from luri’s workshop on YouTube.

So jealous that you guys can get an accurate account of people tested. STOP WITH YOUR FEAR TACTICS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE UNITED AND BY EASTER THIS ECONOMIC WILL START TOO ROAR AGAIN. Please, everyone, note the words ‘with’ and ‘confirmed’. Way more people probably have it than those recorded, and not all deaths will be due to the virus. It’s not Ebola.

RIP all lost from this cruel pandemic Woh! Very sad 😥☹️ news. This is due to the Chinese Crona viruse Bilological weapons as spreading all over the world. World must get United together Against jihadi vierus producer. Any positive news Same number of deaths as of 5pm on the 27th March.... How many recovered

RIP Coronavirus is a general virus most of us have - how many actually died from COVID-19? 'We must ensure that the global market is embedded in broadly shared values and practices that reflect global social needs, and that all the world's people share the benefits of globalization.' ~ Kofi Annan State the no of people who’ve recovered. There will be at least some positivity amidst all this gloom then !

28 Feb 20 cases no deaths 28 Mar 17089 cases 1019 deaths - In 1 month ! !! Sombre figures.. How does compare with similar deaths over the same period a year ago? China is a merchant of death Countries all over the world should jointly boycott China Is it time for an 'actual' lockdown now? Boris Herd immunity johnson

Testing is very important any doubt one must test it as one person can infect hundred people Treating people with infection and getting them cure is important How about BBC doing what it should by exposing the failing of this far right Tory party in protecting the health worker's and public . You s also have blood on your hands

Prevention is better than cure always that's why isolation stay at home and lock down imp at same time treating people with infection and getting than cure is important First priority is to stop spread if virus so isolation and lock down is important other is to treat immediately serious cases than treat curable cases

Not heard anyone mention the 'herd immunity' theory for a while..... Of course it has. Even today, I'm still seeing morons out in groups. Who are all these people? Posting just a number without names or other details makes it seem less real. Show us what's going on in the hospitals. We see nothing. There will be around 600K deaths on average each year by natural causes anyway.

When are they going to treat them with hydroxychloroquine? what is present is important take strict measures to avoid future damage it is like war against virus and time all must be United and follow guidelines How many deaths from other causes during same period? We should be informed of every death every day from now on and stay inside, away from other people, just in case. The NHS should also be run completely on voluntary lines so more money can go to big business men.

o god na212_ Death rate is pretty high in UK . So whats your plan? China corona virus Oh God! Very bad condition O my goodness, hate for those people, let me ask what the flu death numbers? The heroin numbers? It's strange there's been no video footage of wards, it doesn't feel real, just numbers at the moment.

Cc zoo_bear 'With' not 'of' Average 17000 flu deaths per year over last 5 years. perspective Still not on lockdown - we will have more deaths. So many people are ignoring social distancing. Sad news I think the people of England should start worrying what’s going to happen after the virus passes. Speeding fines, council tax increase, fuel tax , vat ,tax tax tax fines fines fines. Someone’s Got to pay this bill hey. If the virus doesn’t kill ya, the tax man will.

Damn that's close to 6% death rate. SquirrelWestend Not testing enough. 1k deaths at a 1% mortality rate means AT LEAST 100k ACTUAL cases. BorisIsMurderingYourGranny We will get through this tens of thousands more have the Virus and haven't been tested This govertment is lying to us. Please be safe. This virus came to stay, until the cure is discover

100% of the population have their fundamental civil rights and livelihoods taken away because less than 0.0016% of the population die. Perspective? Sad ... what is going wrong in UK ? Across strata of society corona is inflicted .. Prince / PM / bureaucrats and commons man .. 1000 isa huge number ... god bless ... pl keep social distancing .. stay home stay safe ... from concerned citizen of India 🙏🙏🙏 BorisJohnson

What are the demographics for the modeage range people are passing away due to cvd19? Because you guys have a lousy and ignorant prime minister ..... . . Be the Wiser .... It's still can be controlled .... . . Good luck ..... Where can we find statistics on the age and the underlying conditions of those 1000 cases? DHSCgovuk

UKHomeSecretary Awesome job - less than 0.2% of population tested! A bit of simple maths and extrapolation would suggest that as 14% of tests are positive we’re actually looking at huge numbers of infected . (Numbers I won’t scare anyone with.) Johnson has messed this up massively herdimmunity SpringSteps Wow that is a pretty high mortality rate is the healthcare system that poor or is there that many underlying conditions

China is responsible for this bad days. Every country must penalize china This is very horrible... Shouldn't we call it ChineseVirus19 yet? How many more deaths do we need to say so? Once again, let's see if this lockdown works. 11 weeks to go. 6% death rate? Rip And sadly there are lots of people that don’t think this is real. I’d like to ask them...Do you think it’s real yet?

What test is being used on these people? If it’s the PCR test currently being used by the NHS, your data is flawed! It doesn’t test specifically for Corvid19 and therefore invalid. The flaws of the PCR tests are already well documented. Sorry to piss on your bonfire scaremongers! Where's bbclaurak? She is geniunely usually the first question.

Where is bbclaurak ? Please sod off BBC, how many flu deaths in UK last year? People have not been using decernment and listening to the advice on staying home. And this is the result. Can we possibly have some fully recovered statistics please? How many have recovered? Maybe add that into the percentages too

Boris ‘Herd Immunity’ Johnson Do you have the figures for England. It would be nice to know how we compare. How many have recovered? Why can't they try the FlU vaccine but a Stronger Dose!!🤔🤔🤔 Is the BBC going to question patel4witham about why there are no COVID-19 checks being performed at UK border control? I've been told that a simple question of 'have you suffered COVID-19 symptoms' as the only check. Seems inadequate given the circumstance.

Imperial College now projecting that UK will have 6000 die from coronavirus - twice the death toll in China, forty times the death toll in South Korea. All preventable if Boris Johnson had acted earlier. 💔💔 😥😥😥 Is the death rate rising in comparison to the usual one? In the interest of balanced reporting can you report the total number of people who died from other illnesses during the same period.

Be safe and be mindful. In these times of loss, let's try and practice generosity. 🙏 Tell us how many have recovered and stop scaremongering The comment section is full of expert politicians & doctors apparently. So many “wonderful” opinions nobody asked or cares for. Omg when its going to be end god 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sad news, pls stay at home as much as you could... That doesn't look good How many millions of unconfirmed cases though? These figures are very misleading!! It would be helpful if you included daily number so we can see if/how numbers are rising. Taking as read the horror of anyone affected, Im glad the reporting is finally starting to say with corona virus and not of.

hell my little leftwaffe friends at the would you care to state the amount of people recovering from Covid19. Lord Ha Ha sends his regards, hes so proud of you twats Good to know sometimes, but how many has recovered, you don’t seem to put that on there? Have they died OF coronavirus or were many of these people terminally ill before? Need some perspective here

(IF these BBC figures are accurate) This is a dreadful number of people, our fellow citizens, to have died. And for those people who still seem to think Coronavirus is just like the flu, I suggest they look up The Bubonic Plagu. This virus behaves more like that. So why have Belfast City Council decided to keep the parks open, shameless 😡

Can we sue the government / Boris ? Still no lockdown But the figures are completely wrong. Dont get it. I know 4 people at home with all symptoms... and never been tested. How many more? Stats dont mean anything Now our NHS staff have been tested ave any tested positive. Devastating news today. We seem to be replicating Italy/Spain despite having weeks more to prepare. Lock down was to late.

On the same day the UK reveals a deadly landmark of 1000+ deaths from the coronavirus a poll reveals that 72% of people approve of Boris Johnson’s behaviour during the pandemic. Crazy. To all the people thinking the rules don’t apply to them look at this then tell me going out is a good idea We really need to know whether they died as a direct result of Coronavirus.

Watching this number rise is heartbreaking, particularly as I feel more could have been done in the earlier stages, especially as we had foresight of what had happened in the other countries. Ma God take charge in this planet Earth 🙏 Absolutely heartbreaking!!! Stay safe everyone x This could kill millions around the world. What an Awful virus.

US surpasses China for highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the worldDuring a press briefing today, Donald Trump said the dates for reopening sections of the country were under discussion holy crap Wuhan sounds pretty safe, no new cases. Get a flight they’re cheap right now. and China has a lot more people!

UK blood couriers 'not given gloves and hand sanitiser' for Covid-19 samplesSelf-employed couriers launching legal action over lack of sufficient personal protection equipment Sounds like no mans land. Shame_On_China

UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19BREAKING NEWS Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19 ravithinkz This virus has a penchant for the influential, the rich and famous People in UK are gonna shit their pants seeing this. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

Alister Jack is third UK cabinet member to self-isolate during Covid-19 outbreakScottish secretary has not been tested for coronavirus but has mild symptoms Three down...!

Doctor dies in the UK with 'text book symptoms' of Covid-19Dr Habib Zaidi, 76, died in intensive care at Southend Hospital, Essex, 24 hours after being taken ill on Tuesday

Coronavirus UK death toll rises by more than 100 in a day for first timeAn additional 115 people have died in the UK after contracting the Covid-19 coronavirus, bringing the overall total in the country to 578, the department of health has confirmed. The number of Done Lockdown must enforced strictly to save Precious Human Lives