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NSA whistleblower who leaked Russian hacking report petitions for clemency

NSA whistleblower who leaked Russian hacking report petitions for clemency


NSA whistleblower who leaked Russian hacking report petitions for clemency

Reality Winner was sentenced to five years in 2018 after leaking classified report about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election

“Our country was attacked by a hostile foreign power,” The Intercept quoted Grinter as saying at the press conference.Trump called Winner’s sentence “unfair” in an August 2018 tweet attacking then-attorney general Jeff Sessions, describing her actions as “small potatoes” compared to what he alleged his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton had done with classified information while she was secretary of state during the administration of Barack Obama.

The Department of Justice did not immediately return a request for comment from the Guardian on Monday.

Read more: The Guardian

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

She probably would have gotten away scot-free if she'd have sent the documents to you instead. Thanks to the sloppy handling by theintercept she's locked up. She probably should have used the TOR browser on a burner laptop to send the information. FreeRealityWinner please, DNC FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner

clnorris07 She deserves it but unfortunately given what Trump has done to honest career military leaders, she doesn't stand a chance. But I support her. FreeRealityWinner Free Reality Winner!! FreeRealityWinner Thx jennycohn1 Her name is reality winner? Wtf Jordana_Nester I hope she gets Clemency, And Trump goes to Prison.

Michael Flynn was literally working for a foreign government, while not disclosing that fact, and then lied about it to the FBI. He never got held without bail. Flynn helping the enemy and gets special treatment from Trump while Winner has the book thrown at her. I hope she gets it...doing your duty for your country should not be a crime.

HuffmanForNC 😥🔥❤️ 'russian hacking' literally zero evidence for this but go on.

‘Save our BBC’ Furious 125k sign petition demanding Boris stops ‘attack’ on the BeebMORE THAN 125,000 people have signed a petition demanding Boris Johnson stops his 'attack' on the BBC. Get rid of the license fee. Move with the times. We just Just pay for overpaid presenters like lineker. They can't compete with satellite or cable companies, yet charge an extortionate price for being in existence. Get rid. There's more calling for it to be scrapped I know a lot more people would sign a petition to stop the licence fee permanently You seem to think 125k people is a lot of people. If there was a petition to end the licence fee millions of people in UK would sign it

jennycohn1 FreeRealityWinner Mailing a classified report is pretty serious offense even if it was exposing Russian interference in 2016 election. So far Rs in Congress have blocked all efforts to correct the weaknesses exposed in her leaked report. Winner showed that Russia tipped the scale to benefit Trump

Wait wait, if this current admin and Trump give clemency to a NSA whistleblower won't they be admitting that the Russian did.....oh shit that won't do-never mind! FreeRealityWinner jennycohn1 In 11 months, she can refile with a much better chance at success, bless her. Control we have breach and a leak. Oh the horror, the horror! who found this out about about our Russian buddies? really one of ours? , lets prosecute the Missy and teach her a lesson about doing the laundry in public.

Donald Trump had no problem tweeting about Winner’s unfair sentence, but has done nothing since Sept 2018. She admitted she mailed a report from work computer detailing attacks by a Russian intelligence service against local election officials and voter registration databases. It's past time for Reality's release!!! She's imprisoned while Trump Thugs walking freely committing crimes at will, living lavishly destroying democracy and citizens careers. FreeRealityNow

The wrong people have been sent to jail. mkblack1961 I wish her good luck. She was trying to warn us.

Flights: Cunning seat hack to prevent reclining seats revealed - but there is a catchFLIGHTS are well known for being fairly cramped and uncomfortable for those travelling in Economy class. The hot aviation debate du jour concerns reclining seats - should it be done or not? And can you stop someone else from doing it?

Thank you richlusc FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner Good luck to her, she's a brave soul - it's telling that she's never reached the same iconic status with Western Tankies as David Duke's (& Vladimir Putin's) fave 'whistleblower' Julian Assange... FreeRealityWinner FreeRealityWinner

FreeRealityWinner 🙈🙊🙉😂😂😂😂 Hey I’ll give her some “clemency” 😉

13 house cleaning hacks you can easily do with stuff in your cupboardsVinegar is your friend

10 secret health hacks doctors tell friends - advice more people should knowWe asked medical experts to each give us one piece of advice we should all know – here's what they came up...

Twitter says Olympics, IOC accounts hackedTwitter said on Saturday that an official Twitter account of the Olympics and the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) media Twitter account had been hacked.

Hamas tried to hack Israeli soldiers' phones by posing as young womenThe terrorists attempted to seduce the men into downloading a Snapchat-like app where racy photos could be exchanged, but this was actually a malware virus, the Israeli army said today. LOL, and then hamas fail cause using ugly girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So not attractive!

Coronavirus: PM spends the night in intensive care after struggling to breathe

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

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