Novak Djokovic says Australia’s immigration minister failed to ask him his views on vaccination

1/16/2022 3:28:00 AM

Novak Djokovic says Australia’s immigration minister failed to ask him his views on vaccination

Novak Djokovic, Law (Australia)

Novak Djokovic says Australia’s immigration minister failed to ask him his views on vaccination

Djokovic’s lawyers dispute that the Serbian tennis player is an anti-vaxxer as federal court hearing on his last-ditch bid to avoid deportation begins

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No one cares about your 'views' on vaccination. Get vaccinated! Your expertise lies in sports, not in vaccines and science. Let’s hear no more of this fellow. He’s been found to have broken the rules and he’s being chucked out: just like anyone else would be. Australians tend to think that there should be no special treatment for the wealthy, famous or successful. We might do well to emulate them.

Why should a minister bow and scrape to a bat and ball player ? Who does he think he is ? مخابرات_ارهابية_تسقط_المافيا_العسكرية اوقفوا_الاعتقالات stop_arrests_in_algeria It’ll come out eventually how few people actually needed to have been vaccinated in order to prevent deaths & it will show around 80% of jabs given were in a vain attempt to kill off Covid in the way smallpox was dispatched. If that was going to immunise we wouldn’t have flu.

The Australians aren’t interested in Djokovic or his views on vaccination. They’re interested in having an iron grip of their population & as they’re making life uncomfortable for any of their own dodging vaccine, even if it isn’t needed, he suffers the same. That is not a failure, it simply is... Totally fucking irrelevant

Djokovic applied for an exemption. You would assume that it means that he is NOT vaccinated. That is all the Minister needs to know. GiletsJaunes NovakDjokovic Djokovic COVID19 omicron AustralianOpen2022 Europe1 LCI franceinfo AJENews RFI CNEWS cnni SkyNews AFP BBCBreaking dwnews FRANCE24 UniNoticias TelemundoNews GJaunes laveritepradama FranceInsoumise NPA_officiel Paris_luttes

Doesn't Australia understand how important to the human race this man thinks he is?

How Novak Djokovic has a surprise document in his possession Novak Djokovic has a special diplomatic passport that should guarantee he is treated 'adequately' by Australian border officials, the Serbian government has confirmed. Stop farting about, no jab, out you go ! 🤣 Get him out! LMAO they printed that shit last night. How would this even be the case. how is he a diplomat in any capacity...

He should be grateful his wealth and fame have afforded him the opportunity to have his case dealt with so quickly If he refused to be vaccinated, why we need his views in this he has already made it clear since early on. We know his views. He's unvaccinated and he lied about his exemption. Fascism at its best

Novak's farts smell like Covid. Why is that relevant if i may ask? His visa is either accepted or it isn't regardless of this.

Novak Djokovic kicked out of Australian Open as visa cancelled for second time Novak Djokovic has finally discovered his fate at the Australian Open after several days of uncertainty surrounding his participation at the event, and faces another lengthy legal battle He is not being 'kicked out' of the Australian Open. He's being kicked out of the country. Awesome! The best decision! Good

Novak Djokovic Faces Deportation After Australia Cancels His Visa AgainAustralian authorities cancelled Novak Djokovic ’s visa for a second time on Friday, all but ending a dramatic saga over whether the unvaccinated world no. 1 men’s tennis player could compete in the Australian Open 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done Australia AustralianOpen2022 Very excellent.

Novak Djokovic: a timeline of the tennis star’s Australian Open fiasco Novak Djokovic is at the centre of a storm of controversy after his visa was cancelled for a second time following scrutiny of the medical exemption he had secured to enter the country.

How Novak Djokovic has a surprise document in his possession Novak Djokovic has a special diplomatic passport that should guarantee he is treated 'adequately' by Australian border officials, the Serbian government has confirmed. Advantage Djokovic. This could go either way here so do not adjust your sets! 🎾 vs 🇦🇺 Serbia might give him a diplomatic passport but the country he is in has to agree to it. Having a diplomatic passport doesn’t make him exempt because the country he is in has to issue it, not the other way around.

How Novak Djokovic became the world’s most divisive athleteFrom hosting an unsanctioned super-spreader event to his intense wellness regime, for those who have followed the grand slam star’s career, this latest fiasco in Melbourne comes as no surprise, writes JackKessler1

Read more In amended submissions lodged overnight, Djokovic’s lawyers have added a counter-argument that cancelling the visa will also have the effect of inciting anti-vaxx sentiment.Djokovic has a diplomatic passport that should guarantee 'adequate' treatment.Novak Djokovic has been kicked out of the Australian Open after his visa was cancelled for a second time.Djokovic still has legal options, but if he exhausts those, he faces deportation.

They cited the fact the original decision by a home affairs delegate to cancel Djokovic’s visa had done so, citing a BBC World story about backlash in the wake of that decision, later overturned by the federal circuit court. “It was irrational, illogical or unreasonable for the minister to fail to consider the influence of Mr Djokovic’s removal on anti-vaccination sentiment,” they submitted. However migration expert said 34-year-old should not expect special treatment. Djokovic’s lawyers also disputed claims the tennis star is an anti-vaxxer, arguing this was based on one statement in April 2020 “well before Covid vaccines were available”. Just days before the Australian Open begins, Hawke confirmed he had cancelled the Serbian's visa, effectively handing him a deportation notice. Djokovic later clarified his view when he said he was “no expert”, would keep an “open mind” but wanted to have “an option to choose what’s best for my body”, they said. “There was no evidence before the minister that Mr Djokovic has ever urged any others not to be vaccinated. A judge reinstated his visa on Jan.

Indeed, if anything, Mr Djokovic’s conduct over time reveals a zealous protection of his own privacy rather than any advocacy. LIVE: Follow all the latest Novak Djokovic updates here.” In submissions also released on Sunday morning, Hawke said that Djokovic had failed to prove the counterargument and there was “insufficient basis for the court to make this finding”. Djokovic had the onus of proof on this point, Hawke’s lawyers submitted. They submitted that in his decision the minister noted support in Australia and abroad for Djokovic to stay, the risk to Australia’s global reputation, the risk to hosting the and “the appearance of politically motivated decision-making”. He spent four nights in hotel detention before a judge overturned the decision on Monday morning. This showed the minister had adequately considered the consequences of removing Djokovic, they submitted. Australian border officials said they were investigating one other player and an official who were also issued medical exemptions.

Even if Hawke didn’t consider the risk of anti-vaxx sentiment if Djokovic was deported, the minister argued that didn’t make his decision illogical, irrational or unreasonable, and it was not a material error. Djokovic’s amended submissions criticised Hawke for not making “the obvious, critical and easy inquiry of Mr Djokovic as to what his sentiment [about vaccination] in fact was”. Now, that has happened. Hawke responded that this exercise would have made no difference, questioning “what Mr Djokovic could have said to the minister in response”. It argued this “would not have altered the fact of his previous public statements and the views of those in the Australian community as to what his views on vaccination were”. Sunday’s hearing began with a statement from Chief Justice James Allsop explaining while appeal is possible from a single judge, no appeal will be possible from the full court. “This decision followed orders by the Federal Circuit and Family Court on 10 January 2022, quashing a prior cancellation decision on procedural fairness grounds. “If you can’t make a decision on Novak Djokovic, goodness me, how are you guys running the country? This is an absolute shambles,” Tasmanian Sen.

The hearing continues, with arguments expected to conclude by early afternoon Australian time and a result to follow on Sunday or Monday. Topics .