Novak Djokovic allowed to leave Australian detention for court hearing

Novak Djokovic allowed to leave Australian detention for court hearing

1/10/2022 6:53:00 AM

Novak Djokovic allowed to leave Australian detention for court hearing

The hearing has been affected by technical issues but Djokovic’s counsel has begun arguing his case

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Very unwise for this Djokovich to find himself in a very unsportsman situation, leaves dark undertones. Taking care of my debts and giving my family the best financially is what I have long waited for, TarellaCampbel thank you for helping me gain financial success. 'Novak currently finds himself stuck inside Melbourne’s Park Hotel, waiting for the well lubricated (and often inebriated) cogs of the Australian justice system to turn and decide his immigration centred fate.' to read in full!

Australian government fails in bid to delay Novak Djokovic visa hearingThe nine-time Australian Open winner is waiting for court proceedings to determine his fate.

Novak Djokovic not told 'so-called medical exemption' would be accepted - government court documents claimThe Australian government did not tell Novak Djokovic that his 'so-called medical exemption' would allow him to enter the country to compete in the Australian Open, court documents claim. The reality is he should have not entered Australia. How many people could he have affected back home and in Australia . Just because he is a top class tennis player doesn't give him more rights than the general public. CoruscaKhaya We support him, you can't be forced.

Novak Djokovic: Australia denies tennis star would be given exemptionIn just a few hours time Novak Djokovic faces the latest round in his Australian campaign, not a date at the Rod Laver Arena, but an immigration appeal hearing at Australia's Federal Court. symeonbrown Enough already. He just needs to feck off & forget about it. Until he got Covid,he must've thought he wasn't going to be able to play in it,anyway. He got Covid at just the right time to give him a window of opportunity,but now it's closed again. C'est La Vie. Move on, Novax. symeonbrown This is such an irrelevant story. Why is it getting such a lot of publicity? symeonbrown Oh dear deary me.

Australia fails in bid to delay Novak Djokovic visa hearing | ITV NewsDjokovic’s lawyers have claimed the Serb was granted a vaccine exemption to enter Australia because he contracted Covid-19 last month. | ITV National News Why should people in the UK care about how the Australian government manage their COVID response? It's not like they are better than us or anything... Just deport him - end of.

Novak Djokovic caught Covid days after deadline for vaccine exemptionDjokovic tested positive to Covid-19 on December 16, six days after a deadline was given to apply for a medical exemption from Tennis Australia for the Australian Open at Melbourne Park. 😂😂 so he has caught it twice now and he is still alive 😂😂 Yeah right !!!!!

Novak Djokovic was sleep-deprived and pressured to cancel his visa, court documents claimThe Serbian tennis star's lawyers claim he was interrogated for six hours at Melbourne airport before being allowed to go somewhere to sleep - only to be woken by officials half an hour later and pressured into making a decision on cancelling his visa. Absolute bollocks Yawn. I am not a huge Novak fan, but the Aussie govt and tennis Australia have been ridiculous. What a police state! I wonder why he didn’t just tell them to shove it and leave.