Nottingham bars to give women night off amid spiking reports

Nottingham bars to give female staff night off as part of nightclub boycott amid spiking reports

10/22/2021 1:01:00 PM

Nottingham bars to give female staff night off as part of nightclub boycott amid spiking reports

Bars are giving female staff the night off and closing early to coincide with a nightclub boycott.

Venues are also planning to train their staff about sexual harassment and public protectionBars in a city are giving their female staff a night off as part of a nightclub boycott following multiple reports of spikings by needle.Bunkers Hill and Six Barrel in Hockley, Nottingham, said they would also be closing at 22:00 BST on 27 October.

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This is to coincide with a planned boycott to force nightclubs to take action to tackle the problem.It comes as Nottinghamshire Police said theyof spikings by needle since 2 October.'Solidarity'Officers will be stepping up patrols in the city centre over the weekend, and said there would be more searches at clubs.

Ezra Watson, manager of Six Barrel Drafthouse, said: "Following the sad news, as a group of managers we've decided to show our support to the campaign."We've swapped shifts so all our female members of staff can stay in and show their support.

"It's just solidarity. You can't and shouldn't ignore it."He added venues would also be training staff on sexual harassment and public protection, and have ordered drink covers.Police said the first report of a person being spiked with "something sharp" was made on 2 October.

There have also been 32 reports of people being spiked by having their drink contaminated since 4 September.The majority of reports are being made by young women, particularly students, but there have also been reports of young men being potentially spiked too, the force added.

Image source,Image caption,Sarah Buckle said she had been left feeling "vulnerable" and "violated"Sarah Buckle, 19, collapsed at home and spent 10 hours in hospital after a suspected spiking in a nightclub in the city.She came round in hospital to find a pin prick and bruising in her hand.

She told the BBC: "I'm confused by why this is going on, it's terrifying. You can cover your drinks but how are you going to stop someone stabbing you?" Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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