Norway attack: Killer held in medical custody amid mental health investigation

Norway attack: Killer held in medical custody amid mental health investigation

10/16/2021 5:23:00 AM

Norway attack: Killer held in medical custody amid mental health investigation

Police believe a bow-and-arrow attack that killed five may have been as a result of mental illness.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere visited Kongsberg on FridayA bow-and-arrow attack that killed five people in Norway this week is likely to have been due to the killer's mental illness, police say.Espen Andersen Brathen has admitted going on a killing spree in the small town of Kongsberg on Wednesday.

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It was the worst attack in Norway since far-right extremist Anders Breivik massacred 77 people a decade ago.The suspect, a Danish Muslim convert, is now in custody in a medical facility pending a psychiatric evaluation."The strongest hypothesis after the first days of the investigation is that illness is in the background," said police inspector Per Thomas Omholt.

However, police are investigating a range of motives including "anger, revenge, impulse, jihad, illness and provocation", Mr Omholt said.He added that Brathen had admitted to the killings but did not admit guilt.Norwegian town left asking questions after murders

A full psychiatric evaluation is necessary to determine whether Brathen can be held legally responsible for his actions. This could take several months."This indicates that things are not exactly as they should be," said his lawyer, Fredrik Neumann, referring to his client's mental health.

"A complete judicial assessment will clarify that," he told Norwegian daily VG.The head of Norway's PST intelligence service, Hans Sverre Sjovold, said Brathen had been in and out of Norway's healthcare system "for some time".

Brathan was known to PST, which is in charge of Norway's anti-terrorism efforts, but it is as yet unclear why."There were fears linked to radicalisation previously," police official Ole Bredrup Saeverud told reporters.Image source,Image caption,

Espen Andersen Brathen is undergoing a psychiatric examinationFive people were killed and three others injured, including an off-duty police officer, in Kongsberg, which is about 80km (49 miles) south-west of the capital, Oslo.Police first received a report of a man shooting at people with a bow and arrows at 18:12 local time (16:12 GMT) on Wednesday. Shortly afterwards, officers arrived on the scene.

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The officers were then shot at with arrows before the attacker escaped. Attacks were subsequently reported in different locations.Police have said the victims were most likely killed after officers first confronted the attacker.The suspect was arrested at 18:45 - 35 minutes after the attack began. Warning shots were fired during the arrest, police said.

Norwegian media questioned why it took police more than half an hour to arrest the suspect after the first reports of an attack. Mr Saeverud said it had been a "confusing" situation.Media caption,Norway attack witness: "I heard a distinct thunk sound"

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Espen Andersen Braathen: What we know so far about suspected Norway bow and arrow killerDanish man Espen Andersen Braathen has been charged with the murders and will be assessed by forensic psychiatric experts. Four women and one man were killed in the rampage in Kongsberg, and a police officer was among three others injured. this is terrible news an attacker🤣 I think the attacker might be Espen Andersen Brathen

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Revealed: Norway bow-and-arrow 'terror' suspect was Muslim convert flagged to police after chilling videoOfficers feared 37-year-old suspect arrested over Kongsberg mass murder had been 'radicalised'

Norway attack suspect ‘showed signs of radicalisation’ | First ThingFive people killed and two injured in bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg. Plus, firefighters battle California blaze of course.. every muslim I know goes around at night with a bow and arrows looking for people to hunt.. you just never hear about it.. its a kept secret. Well I never Here's AJEnglish showing how to report on a crime without racialising it and fanning hate against an entire community over the actions of one man. Responses to your post speak volumes. Try to be less crap at your job . it's been👏🏽200 years👏🏽.

Five dead and more injured by man with bow and arrows in NorwayAt least five people have been killed by a man using a bow and arrows to carry out attacks in a Norwegian town, police have said. Norway’s spiked its lutefisk with bath salts?

Danish man charged after five killed in bow and arrow attack in NorwayTwo victims are fighting for life in intensive care