'Normal life' six months away and NHS 'hero' dies

Newspaper headlines: 'Normal life' six months away and NHS 'hero' dies #TomorrowsPapersToday

3/30/2020 1:41:00 AM

Newspaper headlines: 'Normal life' six months away and NHS 'hero' dies TomorrowsPapersToday

The papers cover warnings UK restrictions are set to continue, as a doctor dies with coronavirus.

Close share panelImage captionThe Daily Express leads with a warning from the deputy chief medical officer that it could be six months before the UK returns to"normal", as the country fights the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Jenny Harries said the number of cases will rise in the next few weeks and suggested some form of lockdown will remain in place for half a year, the paper reports.

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Image captionThe Times has the same story on its front page, explaining that Dr Harries said the strict social distancing rules in place at present would have to remain for between two and three months - but it would be a further three months before all the current restrictions were lifted."We must not suddenly revert to our normal way of living. That would be quite dangerous," she is quoted as saying.

Image captionDr Harries' comments came after Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said the lockdown would remain in place for a"signification period" and would last longer if people did not obey the rules on social distancing, the Telegraph reports. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also tweeted what the paper describes as"a slightly croaky" video message thanking essential workers, including NHS staff and pharmacists, after testing positive for the virus earlier this week.

Image captionThe Metro leads with the news that an NHS consultant in Derby has become one of the first senior medics in the UK to die with coronavirus. Amged El-Hawrani, 55, died on Saturday - the same day officers in the city broke up a karaoke part attended by about 25 revellers,"making a mockery of the lockdown", the paper says."He gave his life... they had a party", is its headline.

Image caption"NHS hero's death on the front line", is the headline for the Daily Mirror. Dr El-Hawrani's death came as doctors pleaded for more protective equipment amid growing fears about the safety of staff, the papers says.Image caption

The Guardian also highlights the growing pressure on ministers to accelerate the supply of protective equipment, with another UK doctor dying with coronavirus on Wednesday. Adil El Tayar, a 63-year-old organ transplant specialist, died at West Middlesex University Hospital in London, the paper says. NHS medical director Stephen Powis described Dr El-Hawrani's death as"a stark reminder to the whole country that we all must take this crisis seriously", the paper reports.

Image captionMeanwhile, a new NHS field hospital to treat coronavirus patients should be ready"within days", according to the i. The Nightingale Hospital, which will be based at the ExCel Centre in east London, should be operational this week, the paper says.

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Image captionThe Daily Star's front page brands the UK"a nation of wasters", alongside pictures of bins overflowing with food. The paper says"greedy panic-buyers" have stockpiled £1bn worth of food - much of it fresh items which won't be eaten before their sell-by date.

Image captionIn the US, the Financial Times says the outbreak is on track to cause between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths, according to one of the doctors leading the government's response. The death toll in the US - which is now the country with the highest number of Covid-19 infections - climbed to more than 2,000 over the weekend, the paper reports.

Image caption

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Normal life as we know it will never resume. We may come back to the illusion of normal but eventually the changes that are taking place behind the toilet roll hysteria will become apparent to everyone

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