No other option but to step back, says Harry

Harry and Meghan: No other option but to step back, says duke

1/20/2020 1:49:00 AM

Harry and Meghan: No other option but to step back, says duke

The prince says he wants to make clear he and Meghan are 'not walking away', adding 'the UK is my home'.

Beginning his speech at a reception for Sentebale, a charity he co-founded which helps children living with HIV in southern Africa, he said:"I can only imagine what you may have heard and perhaps read over the past few weeks."So I want you to hear the truth from me as much as I can share, not as a prince or a duke but as Harry."

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The prince said that when he and Meghan were married"we were excited, we were hopeful, and we were here to serve"."The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly," he said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Had enough of the media. Funny how very little, if any of that statement is mentioned in media report headlines. Rubbish . He's turned into a real hypocrite CBSThisMorning RoyalFamily it's hard for people and media in USA to understand how disrespectful & demanding Meghan has been to The Crown and legacy and what it meant to accepting the UK people. Right from start she wants this and that different to tradition . But deal! Megxit

Of course their were options they chose to give up & run away I doubt that. The simple truth is that Meghan is not up to the role she so willingly took on. I wouldn't be surprised at a divorce in the future. Harry may feel the pull of what's in his blood and decide to re-enter the royal family. Very Harry situation

Let them done there only thing. I say GOOD LUCK to them both. Back of media and stop look for stuff to report in them Get back🎸🎤get back to where you once belong🎵 FFS... ALL media groups time to LEAVE THEM ALONE NOW!! 😡 😠 🤬 Good luck Harry and Meghan❤️🇬🇧 Haha the spoilt brat thought he was going to get his own way. He seriously misread his nan. Just because she old don’t make her soft.

Step back and reap the rewards. Most stressful Times Death Marriage Loss of a Job House Move Don't help the media kick em while their down Very disappointing from both of them. Harry has really let himself and the family down imo I think he just wants to sit on his arse all day and play fortnite Love them both! Diana would be proud.

This is tragic both for them and for us. They are a delightful couple whose love for each other shines through. They also traverse cultures with ease and dexterity making royal visits fun. But you have immense prestige which comes at a price which they appear not to want to pay. Well step back then. And shut up about it.

Very poor. The entire scheme was THEIR choice, and the hair brained idea of privately funded Royals was rubbish. To start blabbing his take on private discussions with the Queen is unforgivable. H&M no longer worthy of respect IMHO. How is this news cycle still going? Some people want to quit their irrelevant jobs as royals, to get away from the media apparently. Now the media is stalking them as revenge it seems. This is a massive, non-story.

Remnants of Edward VII! I knew it was coming since the day they were engaged. It was inevitable that Meghan, a lowly actress, would destroy Harry! Weak individual letting that woman dictate he’s lost his family all the perks and still going to the gold diggers demands . He will regret marrying her very soon.

Very sad If you become celebs you will still attract as much press attention I'm with the queen all the way in her decision about these two. They are not bigger than the firm and what meghan wants Meghan maybe shall not have afterall... why are you quoting Duke's opinion? The press, media and so called journalists have a lot to answer for, its time they were reigned in.

Has anyone yet identified a specific racist article in UK press or media direct towards or about MeghanMarkel? Yeah, like things are soooo bad as a royal - not ! The media with their relentless speculation & criticism.Twisting stories to sensationalise even the smallest thing. If H&M do charity work, they’re fake, they go to a premiere they’re materialistic’ they can’t win. There is journalism and there is fiction. Just let them be happy.

Goodbye, your choice, now live with it! Who’s Harry? Let’s hope he doesn’t live to regret all this I’m so proud of you harry your mother must be smiling in havens you do what you want,don’t let any one bully you to do things you don’t want to do,your better off free then living in a gold cage. Why can't we just have the truth that harry isn't Charles's son anyway?

Good luck! How will this help them escape the media problems? Honest question... I don't understand how this makes them safer/more comfortable Yawn I wish them the best. Britain is a sinking ship, the best and the brightest are leaving. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. we know who calls it in that marriage, and it ain't hazza

Royals Harry, the other option was to not marry her.... Don’t they grow up quick! Zzzzzz. Go bugger off then Mean-spirited of Charles & Queen to take away his honorary military titles. He is a veteran & founder of Invictus Games. Queen took away his mom’s HRH and media is so racist to his wife. Yet Andrew keeps HRH & honarary titles as he smiles by Queen today. Harry made right choice!

It’s the likes off bbc and other Media crap holes that have pushed him and his family to this poor things I feel. Sad ☹️ Don’t feel sorry for Prince Henry. He will be free I. A couple of years. Bonnie Greer on Newsday..the 1st sensible opinion on the Prince Harry events. Harrymeghan Newsday He could have got divorced.. 🤣🤣🤣😜😜

Had no choice? There is always a choice. Own the choice instead of making excuses. He chose to leave and follow his wife. Simple. In my opinion, this is just a cover up....Poor Harry is just fed up with the pressure's of being part of the royal family, as realises that he's been lied to about who his real father is...

As least his dad can visit him. Poor Harry thought he could have his cake and eat it too... He is acting like a Millennial. “... the media is a powerful force, and my hope is one day our collective support for each other can be more powerful ...” Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.. Megxit Only the man himself knows what he is going through.

Who cares. This. Is. Not. News Always options! What is he not saying? Of course he shouldn’t have said anything at this event. Insults HM then praises her, he’s leaving but he’s not...more questions than answers. I sorry for you Prince Harry😢😢😢😢 Harry dont let meghan drives the car again 😉😉😂😂😂 And the Harry & Meghan Show goes on .... I am so sick of them ....... grow up Harry & Meghan you spoiled brats...take responsibility for your actions...

Delighted for them both & wishing they all the very best!! Still playing the poor little me card, if he keeps on saying the same thing, over and over again to get sympathy he will turn people off He has no idea what he has done, life outside the RF will be lucrative but reality will really bight soon.

It’s so sad Why are you wasting so much time on this story of multi millionaires! It must be such a worry to have to pay back 2.1 million. Well at least they didn't have to buy the house in the first place. We are proud of you and I am making decision too. Seems that a lot has gone on behind the scenes. He/she/they clearly wanted something that the Queen wasn’t prepared to give them. So they said ‘fine, we’re off’.

JOB OFFER !! Part time Royal Prince wanted, to start in early Spring....apply with updated CV to: Buckingham Palace .... He’ll step back and will end in tears.Meghan is not happy and he’s trying to compromise and the Palace are publicly managing it.He is the son of the future King and brother to the heir and inseparable form that role.She is the problem, there will be more twists and turns to come.

Better really for him and us if his head (quite rightly), is screwed up. The era of 'stiff upper lip' & man up have gone. The Snowflake era is here. Omg I'm sick to death of seeing this shite in the news now. I think nearly 3 weeks is quite enough. If they are stepping back just get on with it and report on worthy news fgs.

Blah blah blah quitters and complainers boo hoo 😢 get a life grow some balls and leave us alone PHarry_Meghan we don’t care about your so called media treatment but hey you’re in the move to the US back in LA in no time and I bet the real media adoration will start for Meghan The part of Harry’s statement BBC omits from it’s report. ‘the media is a powerful force, and my hope is one day our collective support for each other can be more powerful because this is so much bigger than just us‘. Biased BBC . DCMS julianknight15 NickyMorgan01 bbcpress

My cousin was born Harry!U Harry were born HRH!U have George III blood lines running through your veins,u were born with all the luxuries,benefits, opportunities only one could imagine!U chucked all away”for the woman I love”like your great,great uncle!He died a miserable old man But it’s still HRH Andrew right?

Do not worry people, in Canada the media will pamper them 24/7 and will run out of superlatives. And yes they will be in the media in North America a LOT....mark my words. If he'd hung around with Epstein he could have 'retired' keeping HRH and all perks without the spotlight?!!! Awe Harry and Meghans plan of having their cake and eating it as been stopped by the Queen, he did have multiple options like continuing as they were but without being hypocrites but they wanted to earn money on the back of their titles and be supported by the taxpayer still

Yeah, the Duke of Earl. Cheerifuckingo How come Harry loses his HRH status but Andrew the nice guy who hasn't done anything wrong honestly, keeps his. Maybe as well as the media bad press Megan recieved, she didn't want to be in a family that protected a man like Prince Andrew. Will Harry beome known as the Dunce of Sussex?

I say good Ridens they only wanted to keep the title the money and the privilege without having the scrutiny. They are bound yo say that arent they? She'll divorce him in 5 years. If he's lucky, he can come back and do a few jobs on DIY SOS Option 1, Suck it up, sunshine. Option 2, Behave like a spoilt brat.

Sorry sounds like a cop out!! Simple as that! Pay for your own securityt then! Stop taking a penny from us Brits! Of course now they are a business they can sue individuals for defamation causing loss to that. Popcorn on standby. I'm sick of hearing them complain! Get gone already! He's trying to suggest that she was hounded like Diana! That's just not true!

Massive extended family of parasites that serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to ponce off taxpayers. Good riddance, and take the rest of them with you, please. Heroes, the both of them. Doing the right thing despite being attacked on every side. Paying back money to the taxpayer, revoking titles, doing their best.

Future is always BRIGHT for a willing mind. Good Luck! Good riddance - you will regret this harry This speech was very unroyal.The talks have obviously not gone as smoothly as one would like. Time to stop whinging Harry, get on with it! New section. OhCanada. Mentioning photo licensing selling rights to photos of Meghan recently taken in Canada. Also Buynow buttons for merch worn in Canada by Meghan. Who will profit ? Visitors. Income?

Did you ever hear the story about a prince who dreamed of becoming a frog and then became one , apart from the start and a few other changes this stories the same one . They keep contacting the media. just go away You worry about taking care of Harry and Meghan. Don’t hear you complain about taking care of the rest family. You are only mad at Harry because he choose love and more of a man than his Dad.

Shut up Harry. Stop the drama Whatever his reasons the lad still looks bloody miserable.... You have a video on the red button of the odious Thomas Markle bemoaning how Harry and Meghan, his own daughter, is 'cheapening the Royal Family'. I didn't watch the video as the title said it all. Why are you giving this vile attention junkie airtime? Gutter journalism.

This makes no sense/ The press coverage will probably be far worse now they aren’t protected disgusting racist people, they think themselves are privileged, but they are just thieves who stole other countries. Fuck him, he can do as he pleases but not at our expense. Remember, these two rats registered a Royal name and then told the Queen, their evil plan to take over the world 'Danger mouse' has back fired. Great!

Meghan gave up her life to be with Prince Harry and it didn't work out. Now he is giving up so much for her and Archie. This is something neither William or Charles would do for the mother of their children. They had another option, but they themselves choose another path. The most conviniant. But I am pretty sure that in a short periode they find out:OMG, what have we done. No money tree, no respect, a lot of neg. Paparazzi. I hope the gate remains closed to become royal again

He's lying btw - he's kicking UK into touch - we'll hardly see him 😄🙄 Just concentrate on the kiddie fiddling Randy Andy. He needs to be on the news every hour until he's behind bars. Do they not know how to shut up? 🤮 Just go be private and stop talking to the press that you so hate and accuse of being racist. Enough

Media is filth They're in the media more now than they were before they wanted to stay away from the media 🤦‍♀️ And cue..... Piers Morgan I feel sorry for them. Hounded by the media and journalists that whip up sensationalist stories about a couple they do not know, and mouth-foaming tabloid consumers eat it up 'cause they can't think critically. I hope they find peace and happiness away from the gutter press.

It’s was trial and conviction of Prince Andrew. Who wrote the speech, Obama or Blair? Blame the for their head hunt on prince Andrew for being pro democracy and pro brexit. Final straw for Harry. Leave them alone ffs. You lot killed his mum, what more do you want

Meghan Markle expected to return to UK for royal duties with Harry before springMeghan Markle and Prince Harry will stop carrying out royal duties from the spring and settle in Canada, where the former Suits actress has been staying for most of the past couple of months with baby Archie DON’T WANT HER....STAY AWAY....YOU SCHEMING MADAM ... and her public floggings will continue until one day she refuses to return. Dont bother I thought you were no longer royal

Netflix boss declares interest in deal with Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleTed Sarandos has set his sights on working with the pair Stranger Things: Royal Edition. they could do a reboot of a classic Bruce Forsyth game show ‘play your race cards right’ Just like they showed in Rick and Morty. ANYBODY CAN GET A NETFLIX DEAL.

Harry and Meghan drop royal duties and HRH titles'They want to step out of the limelight' Harry and Meghan will no longer use their HRH titles and will not receive public funds for royal duties The BBC's royal correspondent Daniela Relph explains FLASH POLL 👇 Did the Queen do the right kind of break? HarryandMeghan marr We'll see I expect the bright lights of Hollywood await

Meghan Markle warning: Why Duchess and Harry will NEVER achieve aimMEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry will never be able to live private, ordinary lives even if they decide to move to North America full time, a royal expert has warned. Live like a monk is not so bad

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to feature in documentary exposing royal secretsHistorians, eyewitnesses, and royal insiders will offer expert knowledge on the couple’s marriage The only people who have 'expert knowledge' of a couple's marriage are... the couple Why? It’s people’s opinions about a marriage.. they are not in the marriage. Unless one is a qualified marriage counselor working with a couple, one mustn’t comment. Leave it alone; nobody’s business.

When did criticism of Meghan and Harry become racism?Did Meghan Markle appear via video link at today’s Sandringham showdown? Duh.....since you targeted her? Celia the racism expert...i'll pass