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Prınce Phılıp, Prıncess Anne

'No good trying to copy' Royal newcomers say Prince Philip helped them find their feet

'No good trying to copy' Royal newcomers say Prince Philip helped them find their feet -

9/23/2021 8:30:00 AM

'No good trying to copy' Royal newcomers say Prince Philip helped them find their feet -

ROYAL NEWCOMERS have suggested the late Duke of Edinburgh taught them early lessons after marrying into the Firm.

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Camilla Parker-Bowles, 74, and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, 66, revealed the covert role of Prince Philip during last night's BBC documentary. Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers was initially commissioned to mark the Duke's 100th birthday.

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While this included the Duke's children and grandchildren, it also included two of his in-laws, who shared Prince Philip helped them find their place in the Firm.The Duchess of Cornwall said:"I saw the way he supported the Queen, you know, not in a flashy sort of way but just by doing it quietly, following along behind."

(Image: Getty)"It's something that I've learnt by watching him," she added.And this was echoed by Princess Royal's second husband.Sir Laurence, who tied the knot with Princess Anne in 1992, said:"When he [Prince Philip] married Princess Elizabeth as she was then, he wondered what the template was for the husband of a Queen.

"Of course there wasn't one. Read more: Daily Express »

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