'No excuses for not cutting crime', police told

'No excuses' for not cutting crime, Home Secretary Priti Patel tells police


'No excuses' for not cutting crime, Home Secretary Priti Patel tells police

The home secretary signals the return of crime targets, saying 'outcomes' in key areas will be measured.

Have police numbers dropped? Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to recruit 20,000 new police officers in England and Wales within three years - almost reversing the reduction in numbers since the Conservatives came to power in 2010. Speaking at the the National Police Chiefs' Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners summit in Westminster, Ms Patel said she expected people to be able to see a difference when the new officers were in post, such as less crime and safer streets. She said success would be measured against a set of national policing outcomes, with priorities including reducing murders, serious violence and neighbourhood crime. Ms Patel said she was"unequivocal" in her support for officers, but added:"We need to pull out all the stops to deliver the decline in crime that people want to see. There must be no weak spots. "These outcomes will be non-negotiable and I will be unapologetic about holding you to account." Priti Patel's message to the police was blunt: we're investing in you, now you must deliver. This will have come as little surprise to the chief constables gathered at the conference - a government which has made law and order a priority expects results. But the means by which ministers will gauge success - national"outcomes", or targets in all but name - are likely to cause concern. The last time national crime indicators were brought in, under Tony Blair's Labour administration, they had a series of unintended consequences, as certain serious offences, which were not being measured, weren't given the attention they should have been. The three-year deadline for reductions in crime set by the home secretary is also hugely ambitious. But the clear goal she has set is likely to be welcomed by the public, which, as she acknowledged in her speech, has lost confidence in the criminal justice system. Ms Patel's speech came as ministers continued to dismiss allegations of bullying in the Home Office after claims she clashed with senior officials, belittled colleagues and is distrusted by intelligence chiefs. Ms Patel and permanent secretary Sir Philip Rutnam released a joint statement denying reports of a deep rift at the top of the department, while allies described her as a"demanding" boss but not a bully. Earlier, police minister Kit Malthouse insisted there was"glutinous harmony" in the department and he had not witnessed bullying by his boss. The reports of feuding prompted the head of the Civil Service, Sir Mark Sedwill, to order an end to media leaks in a missive to government staff. Image copyright Image caption Ministers have continued to dismiss allegations Ms Patel bullied her staff Also in her speech, Ms Patel announced £41.5m of funding for forces in 18 areas worst affected by serious violence, and launched an eight-week consultation on plans to enshrine a police covenant in law. The plan, first mooted in the Conservative Party's general election manifesto, pledges to back the rights of serving or ex-police officers, staff and their families, recognise the responsibility and risks officers take, and introduce a code of ethics. The Police Federation of England and Wales welcomed the plans. National chairman John Apter said:"Policing is a dangerous and unpredictable job and it's essential that there is something in place that ensures that police officers, staff, retired colleagues and their families receive the support they deserve. "This consultation is an opportunity to help shape what a police covenant will look like. This is something I feel extremely passionate about and it's great to see this taking a step closer to becoming a reality." Read more: BBC News (UK)

Yes it is. When a dictator want to take over a country the first thing they do is to weakness the safety toward the populations. Transform the country in totally chaos. Recently example Caracas...the most dangerous capital in the world. I like her, but no matter what they say, ya cant arrest the 5 thousand criminals with 5 police officers and 2 prisons

Takes 3 years to train new Police Officers... Unless th police numbers are increased there is no way they can cut crime figures. The Home Secretary needs to get real. I’m sure the police force will have something to say about that. I personally respect what they have to say, far more than Priti Patel! So in three years they get extra officers but mean time they need to reduce crime 🤔 how does an under resources cut the crime meantime... oh it’s another story sounding tough on crime but no answers

Great another delusional out of touch politician! BBCWorld no police officers ,too much red tape and mouse of the crime are in Westr patel4witham all monsters are human. Yeah there is. The 20,000 lost police officers The police don't need excuses, there's blatantly obvious reasons. Police officers are needed to fight crime, get rid of them and it can't be done. Priti simple really!

Priti Patel: Police have 'no excuses' for failing to tackle crimePriti Patel has told police chiefs there will be "no excuses" if they fail to reduce crime and make streets safer after the Government’s pledge to fund 20,000 extra officers.

BBCPolitics This woman is obviously 'off her trolley'. Is she really so removed from reality? I can think of lots of excuses like lack of resources for a start How about 20.000 ! Oh here we go keep up the great work priti BBC bias once again She’s great, need a tough person in that role And the consequences?

Blame game, as the government renege on employing extra police. Lies lies and more lies Another useless home office minister No good. Get rid NOW That’s because there’s more scum on the streets and when caught they’re given suspended sentences. Perhaps the only real impact of this will be shrewd recording of data to falsely indicate reductions. Wouldn't be the first time if so. Due to the implications organisations then become consumed with numbers

Deontay Wilder's attempt to blame defeat on 40lb costume carries little weight | Marina HydeThe heavyweight’s comments after his loss to Tyson Fury are best euphemised as misjudged – but he is not the first boxer to be pilloried for offering up a bizarre excuse

How many extra Police officers since Johnson became PM This happens when you cut numbers down to the bone in law enforcement They could have 50000 more officers. They would still be useless! I've dealt with the police several times over the past year. They caught my burglar in my house and let him! As he said he didnt force his way in. Of course I must have smashed my own window!🤦🏽‍♂️ They are feckin useless!!!😡

They’re at award ceremonies picking up awards while violent crime skyrockets. Or having PTSD from complaints but not from actual crime. They’re beyond a bad joke. billoislove metpoliceuk officer in an unmarked Hyundai stopping a suspicious car on Houston Road tonight, very fast and professional! 👍 Sentences are not acting as a deterrent... Need longer jail terms

Stupid woman This is the Boris standard he set while Mayor in blaming someone else the failures he was responsible for, in this case he wasn’t personally responsible but happy to sit back silent and watch Police numbers by cut by 1000’s without saying a word, crime up is now Polices fault

Slavery is not a crime in almost half of the world – here’s whyIn 94 countries, a person cannot be prosecuted for enslaving another human being, new research shows Please God bless you with me and you canter for care of never get sick of it all out for good Slavery is racist, I've heard people on the Left say it so it must be true. So, which of the African, Middle-Eastern or South American nations are you going to call racist then? Or are you just going to highlight Canada and the European nations without anti-slavery provisions? It should be a crime worldwide.

Tell them girl 👏👏👏👏 No excuses you Police. I've got all mine ready and waiting! Truth Talker. Maybe the police should stop dancing at gay prides, investigating people for mean tweets and policing freedom of speech in general? That should give them time to work on cutting actual crime. Classic bully tactics by patel4witham which highlights her incompetence and lack of leadership skills.

Arrest Boris then. It's not just cuts to police numbers. Budget cuts mean less resources overall. Cuts to probation, Social Services, youth services. Poor sentencing. The whole system is broken. Oh and the Criminal Protection Service She is to police what Gove was to educators BBCPolitics The 20k is just replacing police the Tories cut So improvements show the harm the Tories have caused to the rest of us

BBCPolitics Police have no control over sentencing & police dont release terrorists early. The sentence must fit the crime and be served in full. Maybe itll deter some!

Tesco is cutting 1,800 UK jobsSupermarket chain cuts back on baking as cost-cutting drive continues All those immigrant bakeries fucking up the real jobs in profit conscious corporations like Tesco. Viva Brexit !!!

So they are somehow meant to work as effectively as they did a decade ago but with severely reduced numbers? Shes one to talk about there being no excuses for ones actions. Hypocrite. Their expenses = how many officers. I do wonder. Tory cut by 20,000 that didn't help. She is going about it in the wrong way. You can't bully people who put their life at risk daily.

Cutting 20,000 officers from the metpoliceuk was bound to have an affect patel4witham. Can you tell SadiqKhan too please? Also reads as : 'Not so much actually cutting crime itself, but carry on administering the law so that 'lesser' crimes need not be reported to the Home Office. You haven't told me, right?' How is it that they're still riding on a Blair horse? If at first you don't succeed, cheat!

So when these tory morons cut 20k officers they said it had nothing to do with rise in criminality, but now they want to add a few more they want it to lead to a reduction in crime. Fcks sake where are the journo's holding them to task for this type of bollox? The police catch them, the CPS and the courts let them go straight back on the streets.

Let’s ignore the last 10 years of Tory benevolence

Boris Johnson faces angry backlash from farmers after dismissing post-Brexit food fears as ‘mumbo jumbo’Prime minister told that allowing in ‘food which would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane’ Boris won't admit it, but he's seen me naked and I gave him a rear choke to an R Kelly record If only someone has mentioned that British farmers were going to be at a greater disadvantage when we start negotiating new trade deals with the world. If only our newspapers had covered this subject a few years ago! Well they voted for him ...and ignored the warnings that he is a liar and ignores opposing views

Robert Peel will be turning in his grave What a vile human being she is.....👊 No excuses for being a shit politician either What she going to do sack them if they don’t . Stupid statement. BBCPolitics Erm...could be lack of staff She really isn’t the sharpest tool. They're too busy interfering in domestic arguments and non criminal acts. Mind you try getting a copper to stop an abusing family member from screwing your mum over. No help. Brit police are now a joke. Sadly.

Closing local police stations all over the country ,losing 21.000 police officers and massive budget cuts not an excuse then , My local tory counciller bought out local police staion and turned into private car parking spaces he rents out , She's absolutely correct. Just tell people it will be their fault, that you have done everything to enable them to succeed; so if they fall short it’s not your fault, that you are not all in it together as they are the ones accountable not you. Then smirk in a mirror, tell yourself you are tough and fail.

Coronavirus: WHO says more new cases outside China every day than inside - live updatesMore than 80,000 cases worldwide as impact on financial markets continues and UK schools told not to shut over infection fears. Follow live news CCP is lying, so does its puppet. really? do you believe in communist government? WHO’s on first:

She is utterly beyond contempt. Not even 20k less police officers? I don’t usually like single politicians but I am really beginning to like this woman ... maybe we should be sending her to the front line to sort out our deal with the E U How anyone is being fooled by this sham god only knows. Cut 21,000 police officers ...give back 20,000 then blame the police for the rise in crime. Go figure 🙄

Other than lack of investment in cutting crime... but measuring it then downgrading the crimes to create fake improvements should be enough... If by 'cutting crime', she means making arrests, the police can aim for that (although still stretching an already weak workforce). However, if she means cutting crime by actually indicting, it's out of police control, MoJ is dying, court cases waiting for years. Unreasonable

she will blame immigrants and EU next! Don't they have about 20,000 reasons for not hitting targets? Bless. She just wants the posh boys to like her. Money? Staff?

DO A BETTER JOB WITH FEWER RESOURCES OR YOU'RE OUT! The trouble with targets is that it just leads to police prioritising 'easier' to solve cases at the expense of more complex and serious but less likely to be solved ones. Police aren't like a sales team, you can't just give them a number to hit. Has to be a better way.

Other than the severe lack of resources and the increase on stop and search which has already been proven to be completely in affective.... Apart from government cuts to police resources perhaps ? Oh, and lack of EU joint working on criminal intelligence? patel4witham BBCPolitics No excuses for cutting police, people of Britain tell failing Home Secretary and renowned bully Patel

I mean, apart from the last ten years of having their budgets raped by *checks notes* your government, no excuse at all. I can think of 20,000. I reeeeally try to be positive on things like this, but returning to a system that has been demonstrated to be worse than ineffective just hints at someone with no idea what they're doing.

This is utter hypocrisy. Tories have slashed 20k police jobs, they’ve not recruited these jobs back, however ‘no excuses’’ for not cutting crime. So, what miraculous strategy will be applied to achieve that? The Think you’ll find there is me old love. Police cutbacks for a start. Secondly they have to watch which sections of society they ‘offend’ whilst trying to police...

“No excuses” said the bully This is utter hypocrisy. Tories have slashed 20k police jobs, they’ve not recruited these jobs back, however ‘no excuses’’ for not cutting crime. So, what miraculous strategy will be applied to achieve that? Go on them patel4witham let’s see you do a month on a beat in a really tough area and then you can show everybody how it’s done. Otherwise learn some wisdom

putting back 20,000 police officers after removing 21,000, the outlook looks bleak. BBCPolitics I can think of 20,000 reasons not excuses. The Police are constantly asked to do more & more with less and less, cut after cut. How many police stations closed? patel4witham 40 million is pathetic. Billions available to piss away on HS2 but only a few million to fight crime and protect people.

Spread the wealth then. No surprise there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime. KnowYourRights No excuses for cutting police numbers. Man shouts back! Well the police will never tackle all of this crime unless the government give more police and put them back on the beat . U can't blame the police for all of this their hands are tied totally . Get ur act together once and for all BorisJohnson Actions needed not words .

BBCPolitics Isn’t, continued Tory austerity means there are still fewer police than there were in 2010, a good excuse?

How about there being fewer Police with which to cut crime? Oh I don’t know …I can think of 20,000 Seriously, she looks like US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. I’ve got an excuse and it involves your political parties decade worth of cuts and attacks on the police. Even with your proposed increases we won’t return to the numbers we had before your sustained attack on us. Take some of that blame and show that YOU are accountable

So, apart from the lack of officers, the huge budget cuts, the tension created by their austerity policies and a massive rise in racially motivated hate crimes, what has the Home Secretary done for us? BBCPolitics So she has no excuses. She better resign now then. patel4witham there is an excuse it's called u scummy tories. I bet if u needed the police it would be a different story. U lot dismissed 20,000 officers u wreck our country noone else. Take some damn responsibility for a change. We have an amazing PF in the UK no thanks to u lot

Oh lady... of course there is. Over ten years of Tory underfunding and cuts... let’s start there Hard faced as they come. Of course they won't have excuses. What they will have is reasons, chief among them being the savage cuts to the police carried out by this Tory government.

BBCPolitics Is funding an excuse? Labour, previous Tory leadership, Police, the public, immigrants, the poor... sooner or later the scapegoats are going to run out Just bought a ton of food im not panicking If she funded them... I love her!😊🤗🤗😊😊

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