No 10 rejects Nigel Farage election pact proposal

Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10


Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10

The Brexit Party leader is calling on the Tories to make a deal to help 'secure a big Brexit majority'.

Why it’s proving hard to nail an election date Mr Farage has offered a"non-aggression pact" between his party and the Conservatives, on the condition that Mr Johnson sign up for"a clean-break Brexit" - in other words, no deal. The aim is try to see off the threat from a"Remain alliance" of opposition parties who oppose Brexit and could depose the Tories. Mr Farage says he will not field candidates in any of the Conservatives' existing seats and targets if, in return, the Tories stand aside in more than 80 Leave-voting constituencies where they are unlikely to win. He made the offer in a full-page advert in the Sun and a wraparound advert in the Daily Express on Wednesday. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Nigel Farage: A Brexit Party-Tory pact"would be unstoppable" At the weekend, The Brexit Party leader said the offer was"100% sincere" and would help return Mr Johnson to Downing Street. He wrote in the Sunday Telegraph :"Johnson should cast his mind back to the European elections in May, in which his party came fifth, and ask himself: does he want the Tories to find themselves in a similarly disastrous position when the results of the next general election come in, or does he want to sign a non-aggression pact with me and return to Downing Street?" When asked about a potential alliance on the Andrew Marr Show, Chancellor Sajid Javid said:"We don't need an electoral alliance with anyone. We can stand on our own two feet, put our message across." Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

This man is worse than Johnson imagine them two horrendous, but it shows where the nasty right wing are, we as a nation are not functioning as a nation because of the tories and facist elements within and around them. They have got to go He can't support it *publicly* he'd have to come right out and say he wanted no deal. It'll happen when it's October 19th and there really is no deal.

Farage is a menace. When you help bae become Prime Minister with your extremist rhetoric and onnoxious stunts but bae still rejects you. 😭 😜 Remember how Dodgy Dave thought that the Torie’s were above the Brexit party vote? Good luck with that one Boris.......... at least they have some morals then the divisive, manipulative, selfish, self centred man has ruined this great country, please no more farage

😂 Well the gloves are really off now, so a choice between a possible terrible treaty minus the backstop with Boris (unless he has a trick up his sleeve), a Marxist Labour or the pure new brilliance of the Brexit Party. Erm! No contest! The only way I'd have a bigger smile on my face is if you'd cut my throat ear to ear. 😊

Leaver Tories must join forces with Nigel Farage...or they'll wreck BrexitPlans for Nigel IF the Brexit Party poses a mortal threat to Boris Johnson’s Tories, it is time Nigel Farage ensured it did not. Consider what is at stake. Both men want Brexit “come what may, do o… With No Deal illegal by Act Of Parliament, the Tories no longer need the support of the Brexit Party. the should be spending more time calling for the un suppressing of a full brexit criminal investigation than promoting it own media interest ? El breixit si,no inglaterra reconstruye la commonwealth sera un error estoico ....e historico otra opcion es un breixit donde inglaterra con peculiaridades no sale de europa

No quote as to who said it then? Just hearsay.... FakeNews FakeNewsMedia Divide and rule. These pair really need to team up or we’ll end up stuck in the EU and being governed by that vacuous bint Swinson. Biggest mistake to make boris Rejected again. Just like his whole life, really Desperate man trying desperate measures.

Can you fly a bit closer to the sun, Icarus? An old lady down the post office told me Tescos have recalled parliament due to a faulty government vicderbyshire Phewww...🙄 vicderbyshire Blimey! I agree with Boris. Boris will gamble on winning outright, because no matter what they say during the election campaign (and we know to take that with a pinch of salt!) they will do a deal after and form a coalition.

Nigel Farage said that people want a clean Brexit break but there is a huge problemNigel Farage has claimed that the British people 'overwhelmingly' support a no-deal, clean break from the European Union but people are pointing out something very obvious to the Brexit Party leader. Farage’s motto, “I, the people ...” I’m no Farage/Boris fan, but your newspaper is just obnoxiously partisan... Which is he’s full of shit

“Non-aggression pact”? Further proof that Farage’s historical irony bypass operation was a complete success. BorisJohnson flip flop remainer it would seem gambling on a majority in the next GE Katie Hopkins you’re up next. Good dangerous “man” 1) The courts run our parliament now 2) No point voting the courts decide now not our elected MPs 3) Minority rules if you lose the vote it doesn’t matter just go to court to get the result overturned 4) 17.4 million people don’t count

At last Boris has done something sensible. A major mistake by Boris , unless he has some secret up his sleeve he will need BP help . Thank goodness there is still some sanity left in No 10 and this country. So that will split the Tory vote, allowing Labour the Liberals & the SNP to form a coalition government & then they'll bin Brexit . Hmm makes sense. 🤔🤔

Its ok, rejected is Farage's middle name.

Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson warned his latest Brexit plan will lose Rees-Mogg's supportBORIS JOHNSON has had to go back to the drawing board after he was defeated in several crunch Brexit votes. The Prime Minister hopes to renegotiated a Brexit deal, but Jacob Rees-Mogg’s group ERG have warned they might not back a renegotiated deal. You mean Mays 'treaty' Hilarious, he can’t even keep the minority hard-right of his party happy. BorisJohnson could well spell the glorious end of the Conservatives. Well Rees Mogg wants to keep his billions or what ever he has.

vicderbyshire Hmm, I'd hold a bit before believing anything that is coming out of Number 10 atm. But that means they’ll do it, doesn’t it?🤔 RIPTories Conservatives ....don’t blame Nigel_Farage if you get a bloody good kicking in the elections vicderbyshire That will decimate Labor in the election vicderbyshire What is it with Farage and general elections?

It will be a very sad day in British History if Nigel Farage gets anywhere near the house of Parliament vicderbyshire The Brexit party should come out with a radical policies like universal payment of 100 pounds a week for the unemployed and everyone who earns less than 50,000 a year will cost 3,4 billion Which can come from 6 billion in vat Britain keeps when we leave the eu 😂😂

'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again' Johnson / Farage Noting how Johnson continually lies, I expect a pact tomorrow...

Theresa May accused of 'rewarding failure' with honours for Brexit aide Olly Robbins and Number 10 staffTheresa May was last night accused of “rewarding failure” by handing out honours to her chief Brexit negotiator and Downing Street aides. I expected nothing less from the worst PM ever. These honours are another example of how unfair and flawed the political system is in our country. Nothing decent about Theresa May. So a trial is a must no!?😏 To be fair she is simply reflecting her own abilities, achievements and interests. Meanwhile everyone else is, and will be clearing up in the wake of her disastrous term for the foseeable future.

Good. One tosspot in number 10 is enough Pots and kettles spring to mind. Did number 10 just make a correct decision...? Surely not.....?!?! Good Haha, todays getting better by the minute 😃 The same Joker that was beaten by a pantomime dolphin? Hilarious. Of course not. They at least want someone who they can make look like they're doing a job even when they're not. Farage is proven lazy.

Mr_JSheffield I'm not surprised, no one could rest for moment not knowing who was going to stab who in the back first. Hahahaha bet he’s absolutely gutted ingridmileyRTE At this stage, Jay Aston's poor old panto understudy probably doesn't know whether she's coming or going.

Brexit latest news: Boris Johnson’s second bid to call General Election fails as parliament proroguedBoris Johnson’s last-ditch attempt to force a general election in Parliament in the hours before it was suspended has failed. But... putting the same thing before parliament over and over worked out so well for his predecessor

I'm surprised that it's not the Tories clambering to seek favour with the Brexit Party which has a better chance of winning the next election. His destiny is then clear 😂 Keep on dreaming farage *publicly. ... until Johnson paints himself still further into his desperate electoral corner. Then we'll see.

One big blow to Führage's bank balance.🙂 There are currently no sitting members of UK parliament belonging to the Brexit Party, what makes them think they will win seats in a general election for the British parliament, just because they gained seats in the European parliament? Farage has never been elected as an MP 🤣

Brexit: chants of 'shame' as suspension of parliament descends into chaosFive-week suspension begins with shouts, singing and signs reading ‘silenced’ The remainiacs have made our parliament a laughing stock. All should be ashamed The vast majority of the people in this country couldn’t give a flying flamingo as to what Bercow and his treasonous Remain MPs think. Good riddance.

Logic would suggest, no party would want to suggest that they will need a coalition before GE results, but Brexit MPs could replace DUP and provide a huge majority to get Brexit delivered, goodbye to Corbyn or will it be Watson ? The most dangerous man in any political arena. He's an agitator, a button pusher & he's good at it. He may even believe in part of his arguments but the main thing he wants is to agitate and to be know for it. Nothing else, no end plan just notoriety.

Not a good idea

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